Why Do Some Women Love to Be Submissive in Bed? Tattoo Model Shares Some Ideas

Women Love to Be Submissive in Bed

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know that there are many different ways to express your sexuality. But why do some women love to be submissive during sex talk especially on chat sites like Arousr? To get some insight into this topic, we spoke with Tattoo model Kris, about her ideas on the subject. Here’s what she had to say. 

A Power Exchange 

According to Kris, one of the primary reasons why a few women enjoy being submissive is that it allows them to give up their power and control in the bedroom. This can be incredibly freeing for them.

Instead of having to take charge or make decisions regarding sex, they can just let go and let their partner take over. That sense of freedom and liberation can be incredibly satisfying for them as it allows them to explore new aspects of their sexuality that they may not have discovered otherwise. 

Yielding Control and Relaxing into Pleasure 

Another reason why some women love being submissive is that it allows them to relax into pleasure without having any pressure or expectations placed upon them. When they’re in a submissive role, all the responsibility lies on the dominant partner.

That means that the woman is free to just enjoy herself without worrying about performance or outcome. This can be incredibly liberating for her as she can just focus on her own pleasure instead of worrying about pleasing her partner or making sure that everything is going “right” according to her standards or expectations. 

While some women love taking a more submissive role in the bedroom, foreplay is a great way to spice things up regardless. Studies have found that foreplay can increase stimulation, resulting in better orgasms for both partners involved.

Furthermore, foreplay can help create an intimate connection between partners and foster trust. Taking time to engage in stimulating foreplay can help you craft those types of relationships while still engaging in activities that follow your desires as well. In this way, foreplay unlocks different ways to make being submissive even more enjoyable.

Exploring Fantasies and Roleplay 

Lastly, being submissive gives women an opportunity to explore fantasies and roleplay that they may not usually feel comfortable exploring outside of the bedroom or even within it. By giving up control and allowing their partner to take charge, they are able to safely explore these fantasies without feeling any judgment or shame associated with them.

It also allows them an outlet for expressing themselves sexually in ways that may not come naturally or easily outside of a romantic relationship. Additionally, it can help strengthen the bond between partners as well as increase intimacy and connection between them.  


These are just some of the reasons why women love being submissive during sex. There are many others out there as well. Ultimately though, we should all remember that every person is different when it comes to expressing their sexual desires.

So if you’re someone who loves being submissive during sex don’t feel like you need to justify your desires or explain yourself. Just embrace what feels good for you. And if you want more insights into this topic, make sure you check out sources attributed to this topic today.

Leah J. Hawk
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