Pet Guide: 35 Common White Dog Names

white dog names

Dogs are known to be man’s true and loyal companions. If you keep a dog as a pet, you’ll need to choose the right name for it, just like you do with your children. Fortunately, there are many dog names that you can choose for your canine friend.

In this article, you’ll learn the 35 common white dog names that you can choose for your dog.

35 Common White Dog Names

Names for White Male Dogs

Male Dogs

If your white dog is a boy, here are some of the most unique names you can choose for him. They’ll give him a perfect combination of masculinity and cuteness.

1. Dwight: This is a German word for “blonde” or “white”. It became popular after the famous American TV show “The Office”.

2. Finn: Finn is an Irish word for “white” or “fair”. It’s also a common name for men. It’ll be a perfect name for your male puppy.

3. Fog: This is an English word for cold, misty weather. Since the fog is white, the name will perfectly suit your white male dog, especially if he loves spending time outdoors.

4. Walker: This is a popular name for male dogs, especially those with a white coat. It was made popular by the popular HBO TV show “Game of Thrones”. If you are a big fan of the TV series, you should give your male canine friend this name so that he can keep the thrilling memories of the terrifying White Walkers that roamed the North alive.

5. Flash: Flash is an English word for a bright, white light produced by a camera when taking photos. It’s a perfect name for a male white dog that runs fast.

6. Wolf: This is a popular boy’s name, especially in German. It’s a good name for a white male dog that is as fierce as a white wolf.

7. Snowcap: This is an English word for a cap of snow covering the peak of a mountain. It is a cute name for your white male dog.

8. Bolt: This is a common male name. It became popular when the Jamaican 100 and 200-meter race world record holder “Lightning” Usain Bolt became the world champion. If your white male puppy is as fast as Usain Bolt, call him Bolt.

9. Wynn: This is a popular boy’s name that originated from the old English word “Wynn”, which means “friend”.

10. Blizzard: This is an English word for a severe snowstorm. It’s a perfect name for your white male dog who always portrays aggressive behavior.

11. Boo: This is another popular boy’s name that started as the nickname for a popular male character Arthur Boo Radley in “To Kill A Mockingbird”.

12. Tofu: Tofu is a Japanese word for bean curd or bean ferment, which is white. It’s a cute name for a white male dog.

13. Chalk: Chalk is an English word for a white, permeable muddy carbonate rock. It’s a good name for a white male puppy.

14. Linen: This name is mainly gender-neutral. So, it’s perfect for your white male puppy, especially if his white fur is as soft as linen.

Names for White Female Dogs

White Female Dogs

Your gorgeous white female dog deserves a cute name that corresponds to her beauty and charm. Here are the most unique names for white female dogs.

1. Bianca: This is an Italian word for “white” and it’s perfect for a female dog with a white coat. It brings an element of elegance and playfulness.

2. Pearl: Authentic pearls are milky white, which makes them stand out. Therefore, the name Pearl is perfect for your adorable female puppy with soft, silky white fur.

3. Lily: This refers to the white lily flower, which blooms in spring. If you believe your female puppy is like a white lily, then this is a good name for her.

4. Lacey: This cute white female dog’s name is inspired by the intricate workings of lace. It brings an element of freshness without eliminating the vintage flair.

5. Daisy: This is a common girl’s name. it’s inspired by the white daisy flower. It brings an element of sweetness and grace. This name became popular in the 1920s after the publication of the popular novel “The Great Gatsby” by the famous American Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald.

6. Sugar: This is a fancy female dog name that brings an element of sweetness. If you love your white female puppy because of her sweetness, call her sugar.

7. Crystal: The name Crystal represents compassion, rationale, youthfulness, splendor, treasure, and admiration.

8. Ivory: This is an English word for an elephant tusk. It’s a gender-neutral name. Although the color ivory is pale white, it’s a good name for a white female puppy.

9. Aspen: This name means a pioneering spirit. Therefore, if your white female dog is naturally focused and determined to achieve great things, you should call her Aspen.

10. Jasmine: Jasmine is an English name for a delicate, white flower with a very sweet aroma. It also means “gift from God” in Persian. It is a perfect name for your sweet white female puppy.

11. Angel: In every movie, TV show, documentary, and music video angels appear in shiny white colors. Therefore, it’s a good name for a white female puppy.

12. Albina: This name implies a gift of chitchat. It’s a perfect name for a female dog that’s always cheerful and charming.

Names for Black and White Dogs

Black and White Dogs

If your puppy is a blend of black and white, there are many cute names that you can choose. Here are some beautiful names for black and white dogs.

1. Millie: This is short for Millicent or Mildred and it has a German origin. It means gentle strength. That’s why it’s the perfect name for your female back and white puppy.

2. Coco: This is a very popular dog name, especially for female dogs. It became popular after the release of the 2017 Disney-Pixar film “Coco” which celebrates Mexican culture.

3. Dottie: If your dog has a strong will and it’s good-natured, you should call it Dottie. It’s a feminine name that also implies companionship.

4. Domino: This name means “master” or “lord”. So, if your male black and white puppy behaves as if he’s the master, call him Domino.

5. Charlie: This is short for Charles, and it implies “free”. It’s a perfect name for your happy, friendly, and free-spirited black and white male puppy.

Cute Names for White Dogs


Don’t give your lovely puppy just an ordinary name that doesn’t generate an “aw” reaction when you call it out in front of people. Here are some cute names for white dogs you can consider.

1. Marshmallow: Everyone wants to taste them at the campfire. So, it’s a great name for your adorable white dog.

2. Coconut: Coconut is a nutritious fruit and a common ingredient for many recipes. It’s a cute and playful name for your white pup.

3. Puff: This dog name is suggestive of cloud snow or a powder puff.  It may appear short and modest but it brings honor to a small, fluffy dog.

4. Popcorn: This is an English word for corn kernel which swells and pops up when heated. If your dog likes to play by jumping around or popping into the air, you should name it Popcorn.

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