Dressing Well: What Color Pants Go With Gray Shirts?

what color pants go with gray shirts

For some, gray can seem like the most boring color in the world. However, neutral colors like gray are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. And while gray is often left behind in favor of more beloved neutrals such as white and black, it can be a perfect partner for colored shorts and pants.

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But with so many options available, it can seem extremely hard to figure out what color pants go with gray shirts. Fortunately, this article’s here to help!

Gray Shirt and Pants Color Combinations

Gray is pretty versatile, meaning that you can match it with any color. Even so, you should remember that you can’t just randomly mix and match clothes and hope that they work.

In fact, you’ll have to carefully plan your outfit if you want to get other people’s attention the right way. So, without further ado, here are a couple of colors that you can pair with your favorite gray shirt!

1. White Pants

White Pants

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Matching a neutral color with another one is a no-brainer. And even though there isn’t too much contrast in an outfit that features white pants and a gray shirt, the former can make the outfit seem much more sophisticated.

2. Beige Pants

Beige Pants

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Are you going for a laid-back style but still want to impress your peers? Then you can opt to combine your gray shirt with a pair of beige pants. That way, you can take advantage of two of the most common pieces of clothing in order to create a reliable and trendy outfit.

3. Blue Pants

Blue Pants

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What do you get when you combine a pair of blue pants, such as jeans, with a gray shirt? A practical and comfortable yet casual and cool outfit that will surely attract anyone’s attention. So, if you want to keep it low-key and trendy, don’t ignore the potential of your blue pants.

4. Black Pants

Black Pants

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Let’s be honest — everybody has at least one pair of black pants in their wardrobe. Why are we so sure? Because black pants are a staple that can make any outfit shine, including one that features a gray shirt.

As a matter of fact, by combining black pants with a gray shirt, you can create a minimalist yet extremely appealing outfit. And if you want to take this look to the next level, you can add a pair of black sneakers for that casual touch.

5. Gray Pants

Gray Pants

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At first glance, pairing a gray shirt with gray pants can look like a bad idea. However, mixing two identical neutral colors is a great way to give yourself that polished look. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about wasting time, as this outfit is extremely easy to put together.

6. Charcoal-Colored Chinos

Charcoal-Colored Chinos

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If comfort is a deciding factor for your outfits, then charcoal-colored chinos are perfect for you. By mixing them with your favorite gray shirt, you effectively create one of the most simple yet good-looking outfits out there. You can even enhance its appeal by adding a pair of classy black leather shoes.

7. White Jeans

White Jeans

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A pair of white jeans and a gray shirt are all you need to create a trendy outfit suitable for any occasion. And, if this outfit sounds too bland, you can always enhance it with your favorite charcoal leather boots.

8. White Suits

White Suits

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You would think that a gray shirt is not a great choice for a formal event like a wedding or corporate meeting. However, you can use it to complement your white suit by matching it with your gray shirt.

That way, you can look trendy and sophisticated at the same time without feeling out of place. Just remember to add some spice to this unique outfit by wearing a pair of brown leather tassel loafers.

9. Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans

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If you are a huge fan of casual outfits, you can pull off a gray shirt and ripped jeans combination. This outfit will make you look stylish and ready for everything, no matter what kind of event you are preparing for.

Not only that, but you won’t waste hours searching through your wardrobe, as this outfit is easy and reliable. And don’t forget to wear your white canvas low-top sneakers for extra fashion points.

10. Navy Blue Pants

Navy Blue Pants

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Since formal looks are becoming more and more popular, you’re most likely going to need such an outfit yourself. So, it’s time to pair your navy blue trousers or dress pants with a gray shirt to create the ideal outfit. And, by matching it with suede monks, you’ll be able to look hotter and smarter at the same time.

11. Khaki Chinos

Khaki Chinos

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For a casual yet stylish look, you can pair your gray shirt with a khaki chino. In fact, this outfit is ideal if you are going for that laid-back vibe. You can even amp this outfit up by wearing your brown suede shoes and your favorite sunglasses.

12. Brown Chinos

Brown Chinos

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Do you want to put together an out-of-duty outfit but are not sure where to start? Then why not give your brown chinos and gray shirt a try? And while this outfit is very trendy as it is, you can add a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers for some bonus elegance.

13. Dark Green Shorts

Dark Green Shorts

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Nowadays, everybody wants to look elegant and trendy at the same time. Luckily, some dark green shorts and a gray shirt are more than enough to pull it off! Still not convinced? Then add a pair of white canvas high-top sneakers to ramp up the classy feeling of this unique outfit.

Must-Have Gray Clothing

It’s always a great idea to have a couple of gray shirts in your wardrobe, especially since you can style them in a variety of ways. However, there are other gray pieces of clothing that can improve your outfits with ease.

• Gray Coat: Although white or black coats are more popular, gray ones are also a great choice. Not only can you mix and match them with almost any pair of pants, but you can also combine them with your gray shirts for the perfect casual outfit.

• Gray Flannel Trouser: A pair of gray flannel trousers can complement any outfit you might have planned. Just keep in mind that gray flannel trousers work best with blue and white shirts.

• Gray Jeans: When it comes to pants, black, white, and blue are the go-to options for most people. Yet, gray is a flexible choice that can be paired with most, if not all, tops.

• Gray Wool Jacket: Last but not least, gray wool jackets are a perfect alternative to their black leather counterparts. That’s because gray can blend with even the most vibrant pants or shirts, making it perfect for any occasion.

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