What Are The Easiest Degrees To Get Out There?

what are the easiest degrees to get

Baby Boomers supported entire families of four on one factory salary. Unfortunately, we no longer live in that cushy world where one-income households can live a comfortable life. Today, higher education is essential. That’s why the question on most highschool seniors’ minds is What are the easiest degrees to get?

Global financial and labor markets are always changing. What’s more, they are getting increasingly unstable. That is worrisome for many reasons. Getting a job is no longer as easy as pie.

That’s why everyone is rushing to pick a major or a college that will be the optimal choice. In other words, everyone is looking for a major that isn’t too difficult but has a solid return on investment. And who can blame them? Higher education is by no means a cheap adventure, and it’s time-consuming. So, it’s no wonder that many high schoolers are looking into easy degrees.

Sure, that might seem like a cop-out to those with passions they’ve been honing since they were little. But not everyone has that.

Some people have dreamed about becoming surgeons their entire lives. Others wanted to be civil engineers since they got their first Lego set. But what are you supposed to do if you don’t know what you want to do when you enter the adult world? Well, find something easy and profitable! In that case, considering the easiest degrees is logical and valid.

What Are the Easiest Degrees to Get in 2020?

The answers to the question What are the easiest degrees to get? vary depending on the university and type of study. Yet, some degrees are universally easy.

Of course, keep in mind that, no matter which degree you opt to pursue, it won’t be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. There’s no such thing as breezing through your higher education without putting any effort into it. College is hard, but some majors are easier than others.

What Are the Easiest Degrees to Get If I’m Interested in Humanities and Social Studies?

1. Education

There are various degrees related to education out there. That means you’ll have to pick an age group that you want to focus on. Sharing the gift of knowledge is no easy task. Yet, getting a degree in Education isn’t really that difficult. It doesn’t matter which age group you choose — even Special Education isn’t a challenging degree to get.

So what does this degree entail? All courses teach the students the necessary techniques for conveying knowledge. They also teach them how to manage a classroom. Furthermore, an Education degree also comes with a few classes in:

• educational psychology
• childhood and adolescent development
• instructional strategies

So you’ll learn how to teach stuff like math, language, and sciences. But keep in mind that you’ll actually have to show what you’ve learned. Any Education degree requires hands-on experience in the classroom.

That means you’ll go into a classroom for a specific period. You’ll be supervised, of course. But, you’ll do that for a grade (which also means for free).

What Makes It Easy?

Although there’s a lot to learn, the curriculum isn’t as challenging as it is with some other majors. Classes like Learning Through Play or Music make it easier for Education students to get high grades. That’s why Education majors have quite high GPAs.

What Makes It a Good Choice?

Although the market has some potential to get oversaturated, that’s not likely to happen. In other words, you’ll always have somewhere to apply for a job.

2. Sociology

Sociology is one of the most common answers to the question What are the easiest degrees to get? When people hear that someone is a sociology major, they think, “Ah! That must be easy!”

They are both right and wrong. Studying the basics of human society means figuring out what makes us human and what makes us civilized. You’ll explore all relationships and connections that humans make with each other. That means you’ll analyze the inner workings of every group of people. You’ll learn about the interpersonal relations of:

• families
• communities
• nations
• races
• society as a whole

Sociology isn’t a general degree. Still, you’ll have to fulfill the general education requirements — general and liberal arts classes. That is one of the contributing factors that result in Sociology being an easy degree.

Social sciences might be easier than physical or life sciences, but you’ll find yourself studying:

• social change
• racial and ethnic issues
• cultural differences
• the sociology of education and family
• class social theory, etc.

Combined with general knowledge classes, you’ll end up with a fairly demanding curriculum and a well-rounded education.

What Makes It Easy?

There are quite a few liberal arts required classes that aren’t that difficult or time-consuming. They are also moderately easy to pass. There’s quite a bit of research you’ll need to do before you get your Sociology degree. But the nature of it is qualitative, which makes it less demanding.

What Makes It a Good Choice?

Unfortunately, sociology is one of the easy degrees that don’t offer such a broad spectrum of opportunities after college. But that doesn’t mean there are none. You can work as a researcher, social worker, in administration, or as a sociologist.

3. Anthropology

Are you interested in exploring other cultures? Do you want to learn how they work, and what makes them different from ours? Well, then you’ll find Anthropology to be a near-perfect choice of a major.

Anthropology isn’t often an answer to the question What are the easiest degrees to get? This particular field is not only intriguing but also useful to society as a whole. However, it’s not really that popular. Some might think that makes it difficult. It doesn’t. Obtaining an Anthropology degree isn’t as challenging as people believe.

Anthropology is an all-encompassing field of study. It will give you an insight into biology, sociology, and linguistics. It will also teach you about different religions, social sciences, languages, and cultures.

Similarly to Sociology, an Anthropology degree will require qualitative research on various topics. You can also pick a specific subcategory of anthropology as a major, which will narrow your field of research and study.

What Makes It Easy?

Anthropology isn’t career-driven, which some might see as a significant downfall. Yet it is a quality that makes this degree easy to get. The focus is on general knowledge and qualitative research of humanity and society.

What Makes It a Good Choice?

Do you think the main topics of anthropology are interesting? Are they something you see yourself studying and analyzing for the rest of your life? Then an Anthropology degree is an excellent choice for you.

It’s also a good opportunity! You can work for the government as a research assistant. You can also become a historic preservationist or a museum curator. Finally, you can try your hand in the civil rights, media, and publishing field.

4. Liberal Arts

The number one answer to the question What are the easiest degrees to get is definitely liberal arts. This degree has a bad rap of being useless, but that’s not true. A Liberal Arts degree means you’ve accumulated quite a bit of general knowledge. That makes it a great stepping stone when it comes to the labor market.

This degree has plenty of interdisciplinary courses. But the catch is that they are neither hard nor in-depth. You’ll find yourself studying the basics of various sciences (like social, life, or physical science). What’s more, you’ll also familiarize yourself with history, communication, and composition.

What Makes It Easy?

There’s no specialized focus that would require in-depth research and study. This degree is fairly generalist.

What Makes It a Good Choice?

At its core, Liberal Arts are interdisciplinary. That makes them as versatile as they come. That means you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to finding employment after college. Being an artist is just one of many! You can also work as a librarian, a researcher, a historian, etc.

5. English Literature

Another popular answer to the question What are the easiest degrees to get? is English Literature. Most people think that all you have to do to get an English Literature degree is read books. And, although that is a big part of it, there’s a bit more to it.

Besides reading, you’ll have to analyze literary works, study literature theory, and write. You’ll also have to complete an assortment of general and liberal arts classes to fulfill the general education requirements.

That being said, English Literature is still easier than, say, studying to become a doctor. Being an English Major means having a lot of time-consuming tasks and classes. By its nature, reading takes quite a bit of time. And when you have to focus on all the nuances, analyze and critique the works you’re reading, then it takes even more.

What Makes It Easy?

As a native English speaker, you have a good head start and an excellent base for an English Literature degree. Furthermore, English Literature majors usually have high grades (despite the intensive curriculum).

What Makes It a Good Choice?

Again, although it’s an easy degree, that doesn’t mean it’s pointless. There are quite a few career opportunities for English Literature majors. What’s more, the possibilities are rather versatile. You can be an author, a PR specialist, a copywriter, a teacher, work in publishing or marketing, etc.

6. Creative Writing

Are you interested in the English language? Do you not want the hassle of reading a ton of literature? Well, then consider getting a Creative Writing degree. It has all the advantages of an English Literature degree, without the downfalls.

During your pursuit of a Creative Writing degree, you’ll study:

• drama
• fiction
• poetry
• non-fiction writing

You’ll also learn how to analyze, adopt, and adapt various writing techniques. But, don’t think that a Creative Writing degree will only teach you how to write flowery poetry.

Nowadays, writing is a marketable skill. That means that most Creative Writing courses will teach you how to write profitably. Writing is a skill you’ll get to use in marketing, PR, content creation, and various other fields.

What Makes It Easy?

Because it’s a creative field, writing generally allows for more freedom. The curriculum is flexible, and there are plenty of general education required classes that are easy to pass. What’s more, writing is fun! If you’re passionate about it, you’ll have no trouble getting the degree. You also won’t have any trouble making a profit out of it.

What Makes It a Good Choice?

The curriculum is flexible, but it’s also extensive. Each class you take will teach you a skill that you can monetize. With a Creative Writing degree, you can work as an author, content writer, technical writer, copywriter, or any type of writer! Furthermore, you can also get a job in marketing, journalism, and advertising.

What Are the Easiest Degrees to Get If I’m Interested in Business?

1. Communications

A Communications degree has a high enrolment rate. It’s not difficult to guess why. It’s one of the easiest degrees to get.

Its high popularity is a direct result of a lack of classes that most people deem problematic. You don’t have to bother with math and sciences. You also don’t need any hands-on knowledge or experience to get this degree. That’s why many high schoolers opt to pursue it.

Communications majors study:

• critical thinking
• intercultural communication
• media writing
• organizational communication

That leaves them with a useful set of skills that open doors in journalism, marketing, publishing, and media.

Being a communications major means acquiring broad knowledge in quite a few topics. That makes the program generalist, and it also means that you won’t have to take classes that require a lot of in-depth research and analysis.

What Makes It Easy?

Because there are no required classes that aren’t directly related to general knowledge, the curriculum is flexible. What’s more, the lack of hands-on experience requirements also means a lighter workload for the students.

What Makes It a Good Choice?

Some may see Communications as an impractical degree due to its general nature. But it can open many doors. You can get a job as a writer, author, journalist, technical writer, or researcher, and you can also work in PR, media, and marketing. Overall, not a bad set of options for an “easy” degree.

2. General Business

Don’t know what to do after college? Get a General Business degree. It’s versatile and practical. If you opt for this degree, you’ll find yourself studying the basics of accounting, finance, marketing, administration, etc.

What’s more, despite its name, general business can be as broad or as specific as you like. Of course, specialized degrees are a bit more challenging to complete than a General Business one. They have more in-depth classes that some might find challenging.

Still, it’s an excellent option to have, just in case you figure out what exactly you want to do two years into your higher education.

What Makes It Easy?

It’s a multidisciplinary curriculum that doesn’t have difficult, in-depth classes such as math or sciences.

What Makes It a Good Choice?

Employers are keen on hiring Business Administration majors because of the versatility of the program. You can end up with a job as an HR manager, an auditor, an accountant, a financial analyst, etc.

3. Business Leadership and Management

Do you think business is the only way to go when it comes to higher education? But you don’t want a general Business degree? You aren’t too keen on specializing in a particular business field? Then consider getting a Business Leadership and Management degree.

With this degree, you’ll learn how to:

• communicate in a business setting
• organize and manage people, so they function at an optimal level
• and mediate conflict, among other things

The degree will leave you with the necessary skill set to plan, organize, lead, and manage decision-making. You can do it on behalf of companies and organizations.

The significant advantage of this degree is that it doesn’t focus on the problematic fields of business. So, finance, economics, and anything math-related are put on the backburner. That means that the degree is general. By now, you’ve surely figured out that a general degree means general education classes. Those are easy to pass with high grades.

What Makes It Easy?

Do you have the necessary leadership and decision-making skills that simply need honing? Then you’ll take to this major like fish to water. Don’t have the skill set that makes a leader? Don’t worry, you’ll get it during this course. The program is general enough to be easy. But it’s also specific enough to build or hone leadership skills and prepare you for the job market.

What Makes It a Good Choice?

Employers look for competent people who can see the bigger picture and organize projects, people, and teams according to it. That’s precisely what the Business Leadership and management degree will leave you with. You’ll be able to get a job in sales, HR, marketing, and hold any management position without a problem.

4. Marketing

Wondering What are the easiest degrees to get that will turn profitable? Well, look no further than marketing. With a Marketing degree, you’ll know why customers buy the things they do and how to make them want your product. In the world driven by consumerism, that is a neat skill to have.

That’s why there’s always room on the market for another marketing expert. The field is easily accessible, and there are available jobs everywhere. That’s what makes this degree particularly alluring to high schoolers. Still, it’s also an easy degree to get.

If you choose to study marketing, you’ll attend classes about:

• customer behavior
• sales
• consumer research
• advertising
• economics

You’ll also have to learn about business law and accounting. This might sound dull, but it’s actually not that bad.

Marketing also allows you to specialize further. E-commerce, for example, is the future of sales. So why not jump on the bandwagon right now and learn everything there is about the topic? You can also specialize in social media marketing or PR.

What Makes It Easy?

Marketing doesn’t require any science classes, and it has little to do with math. So those of you who have always been bad at these subjects can rest easy. This degree also has a general business focus. That means you can branch out, if necessary.

What Makes It a Good Choice?

Every company has a marketing department. That means jobs in this field aren’t that difficult to find. What’s more, you can also work as a manager, or try your hand in advertising, sales, and PR. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can be a field researcher!

A Few Parting Words

There you have it! These are the answers to the ever-present question — What are the easiest degrees to get? But don’t be fooled by the reputation of each of these programs. As mentioned, higher education is no joke. No matter how simple a major is, you’ll still have to put in some effort.

Are you left wondering What are the easiest degrees to get that you haven’t mentioned here? Well, here’s a list of other degrees worth looking into:

• History
• Religious Studies
• Philosophy
• Social Work
• Marketing
• Interior Design
• Health Science or Administration
• Foreign Language
• Music
• Ministry
• Political Science
• Theatre Arts
• Sports Management

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