Great Ways To Use Digital Signage In Your Business

use digital signage in your business

There are no “Great” ways to use digital signage in your business; just like there are no “Great” ways to use your checkout or your air conditioner or your security system. A digital sign is a tool. The only difference between a digital sign and your fire alarm is that digital signs have a creative and flexible quality that allows you to use them for a variety of different things within your business.

Here is a little advice on how you should be “Experimenting” with your digital signs.

Replace Your Poster Advertisements

On a very basic level, you should look at all the places where you have poster ads, perhaps posters showing promotions, and replace those posters with digital signs. Don’t even change the content. Keep putting posters on your signs but have them rotate. So, instead of putting up new posters every few weeks, you just change the content of your posters on your digital signs. 

Also, remember to alter your digital sign content depending on when people are entering and when they are leaving. When people are leaving, you have to assume that people have bought something or that they may buy something in the future. This is different from when people enter their store and they are ready to buy. 

Posters In Your Windows

If you have any degree of success with your posters being replaced with digital signs, then consider changing the posters in your windows with digital signs. This will be more expensive, and there are far more customization to make because you need to be sure the light isn’t hitting them in a way that makes them less bright. You need to be sure that the images on the other side of the glass window are easily seen.

Nevertheless, if you have had some degree of success with your digital signs and posters, or even if you find them more convenient, then change things up in your windows.

Demonstrate Your Stuff

Companies have been doing this sort of thing for years and it is odd as to why it has never taken off or become more popular. Why are people expected to know what your lawn mower does, or how it operates, or what its limitations are? Why are new gadgets the only things we see being demonstrated on digital signs in stores?

One reason why digital sign demonstrations are not so common is that they require people to stand around in your store watching TV, which is not desirable by short-term thinkers. The second reason is that the content being created needs to be top-shelf brilliant, and most stores don’t have the ability or resources required to create brilliant video demonstrations of their stuff.

Direct People Around Your Business

You can use something like to control tens, if not hundreds, of different signs around your business. You can lead people from the start of your store to the car park at the end. You can show people everything from where your toilets are to where they can pay.

In most cases, you see this sort of thing more at events where they tell you where to go at the start, and then the signs change in the middle of the event to show you where the bars/food stalls are, and at the end of the night, the signs show people where the car parks are and where the taxi spots are.

Yet, there are plenty of ways these principles could be applied to all sorts of businesses, from retail stores and garden centers to office buildings and theme parks.

Look at all the places where your staff is held up by customers because customers want to know where things are located. Remove these issues, remove these occurrences, and free up some staff time by having digital signs tell people where things are, where they should go, and what they should be doing.

Nicole Middleton
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