The Best Tools for Remote Work in 2022

tools for remote work

After the breakdown of the Covid19 pandemic, the world will never be the same again. Whether voluntarily or mandatorily, people started working from home. This gave a strong push to the development of all sorts of software to provide managers and employees with quality communication, time management, and organizational tools. 

The variety of online and downloadable software for remote workers may put you at a loss choosing the tools meeting your needs best. To avoid this, make up a list of features the tools should possess to come in handy for your job and your workplace online safety training. Once you are ready with that, have a look at our list of the best tools to organize remote working in 2022.

Slack for Communication

Effective remote teamwork is impossible without proper communication. Slack is one of the best tools you can use to share your ideas with the team and receive feedback instantly. The tool allows organizing the working process by creating separate channels for each project. This helps every member of the team keep up with the progress and have access to all files related to the job.

The tool can also be used for exchanging group messages, video, and voice calls. You can synchronize Slack with Google Drive, Office 365, and hundreds of other programs to simplify the workflow. These are only some of the features offered in Slack. Though it is a paid service, it costs every cent you spend on it.

Basecamp – an All-in-One Tool for Remote Work Management

An all-in-one toolkit is what Basecamp is. This tool was created to make remote work effective and organized. Basecamp has many features allowing managers not only to give tasks to their team members but also to keep track of their progress. By signing in with this software, you can:

  • wright messages in group chat;
  • create working schedules;
  • make to-do lists;
  • control check-ins of your team members;
  • have common access to files and documents;
  • follow project activity and many more.

Basecamp should be paid for, but it also offers 30-day free access to make sure this tool is what you need.

Zoom for Online Video Conferences

Currently, Zoom is a top choice for online video conferences. The tool is easy to use and offers a long-term free version. The program allows holding meetings and video calls from any point in the world where there is an Internet connection. 

Zoom is a great choice if the communication goes between people speaking different languages. For instance, your foreign business partners. Why? By enabling the Language Interpretation feature, the host can provide separate audio channels for each of the interpreters (maximum 20) taking part in the meeting. The attendees can therefore choose the channel with their language of choice and mute the original audio not to get distracted. 

Movavi for Screen Recording and Video Editing

A big part of remote work is related to online group meetings, training, and webinars. If you are a manager, it’s hard to carry out all these live. It’s much easier to record video material to share with your staff. Movavi screen recorder allows capturing all your manipulations on the computer screen while commenting on all your actions. Such video tutorials work much better than regular messages as they allow watching the entire process step-by-step.

You can also use this tool to record live conferences, meetings, and webinars to watch them later. If your video requires editing, you can use Movavi video editing software for this purpose. It combines lots of advanced features within a user-friendly interface.

Shotcut – the Best Open-Source Video Editor

If your job is somehow connected with video, then quality video editing software should be one of the essential tools on your top list of tools for remote working. Shotcut is an open-source tool with a plethora of video editing features. It allows recording your webcam video and voice to address your co-workers as well as editing videos to adapt them to your needs. By the way, you can also use Shotcut to encode and decode videos to multiple video formats for easy online sharing.  

Looking for more advanced professional-grade video editing software? Check out the paid versions of LWKS and FXhome products.

Forest – a Motivation App

One of the most common problems with working from home is a lack of motivation. It’s really hard to make yourself work when you are all surrounded by numerous attention distractors. How can you cope with the seduction to surf Facebook newsfeed or watch a new Netflix series? Download a Forest app to your device. 

It’s a productivity app that encourages you to stay focused and complete tasks without distracting for other things. How does it work? Every time you start a new task, you plant an imaginary tree in the app. While you are working on the goal, it is growing, stimulating you to continue. But if you leave the job unfinished, the tree will die. The app developers went further and now offer you to donate tokens for growing real trees.

Toggl for Productivity Control

If self-control is not your strong point, then Toggl is the tool that will do it for you. This software is intended to plan your and your employees’ work. It also allows tracking the time spent on each task to monitor the productivity of remote workers, allowing you to increase the profitability of a business. 

Chrome extensions and more than a hundred integrations help to adapt the tool to the existing workflow. Toggl is aimed not only for productivity control and enhancement but also for the psychological comfort of the employees. Why? It helps to allocate the working time wisely and avoid burnout, which is common among remote workers.

Summing up

Prognoses for the future of remote work are rather optimistic. The number of people choosing this type of employment is growing every year and is estimated to double by the year 2025. The development of numerous tools for workers from home enhances this process. Special software helps you become more productive and more organized just find the one right for you.

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