How To Take Your Love Of Bikes To The Next Level

take love of bikes to next level

When you are passionate about one of your hobbies, you may feel a yearning to explore every facet of it. There is always another step forward to take.

Still, the path forward is not always too clear. Those who love bicycles may find themselves wondering what they should do next once they have mastered riding and handling their bike. Do they ride around in circles, or do they move on to a different pastime altogether?

The good news is that there is plenty more to enjoy about bicycles. You can advance your interest through new techniques and challenges, and ultimately, take your love of bikes to the next level.

Below you will find a few suggestions to help you meet these objectives.

Undertake Different Activities

Serious cyclists rarely just cycle. Instead, they will put their bodies through a variety of different exercises to get the most out of their bikes.

Many exercises can prepare bike riders for the workout ahead, so put those into practice regularly. Be sure to select activities that vary in intensity also. The trick to good exercise is not relentlessly punishing your body but rather putting it through its paces with suitable intervals. A repetitive exercise regimen may also risk different areas of your body receiving an uneven amount of attention.

Not many people like monotonous schedules in any context, so mix things up a bit to keep your mind stimulated as well as your body. After that, your interest in your bike should be well maintained through the years, and you should have a good deal more fun also. At the end of all your pedaling, you should be far less achy and tired too.

Consider Mountain Biking

Make sure every part of yourself is fighting fit, and you will be better able to handle tougher biking terrain for longer. Opportunities such as mountain biking may then seem more viable to you.

Mountain biking is a great way to push your affinity for biking. You will push your body’s limits over more challenging terrain, and you may also feel a greater sense of accomplishment in completing your workout. It is a great way to develop your pastime and provide plenty of unique bonding experiences should you bring any friends and family in tow.

Think about exploring new destinations to make your mountain biking more interesting. For example, consider Croatia, which has become a popular destination for cyclists in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Croatia’s cycling holidays will delight any biker as it has a diverse landscape that includes everything from rugged mountains to gentle hills, and there are plenty of trails to suit all levels of experience.

So if you’re planning your next cycling adventure, be sure to add Croatia to your list of potential destinations. You won’t be disappointed.

Additionally, mountain biking alone does not need to be an endpoint either. You can learn how to get into endurance mountain biking here for an informative introduction to this heightened sporting effort. Velosurance will keep you informed so that you are well prepared and safe in these pursuits, and they will instruct you on all the proper equipment you will need. From optimum bike types to suspension considerations, it is all covered by them.

Study Other’s Achievements

Mountain biking may seem like a step too far, but it could be that the accomplishments of others can suitably motivate you.

After all, 22-year-old Hayley Batten recently qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, making her one of the youngest riders ever to make the cut. While you should not pressure yourself to mimic the same achievement (unless that is your honest goal), you can use her display of courage and determination to inspire you. How has she broken down barriers? What tools helped her hone her skills and stay motivated?

It is also good to stay updated with the national conversation around mountain biking and cycling in general. Whether new innovative products get released, or well-known figures publicize their philosophical take on the sports, you can draw on all of it in some capacity. There is always more to learn.

Visit Scenic Places

Whilst some bike riders constrict themselves to the same local areas, true enthusiasts go the extra mile – or even a good many more!

After all, adrenaline junkies will purposefully seek out beautifully scenic routes in their travels, many of which have been carefully tailored to cyclists. Why not marry your hobby with a stunning setting? From secluded woodland trails to mountainous regions with glorious views, there is no end to the range of spectacular experiences you can be subject to here.

Treat your hobby as an endless opportunity for some adventure. The next time you go on holiday, be sure to take your bike with you and do some exploring. Instead of sitting on a beach or staying with an urban area the entire time, you could instead explore the seldom-seen places of a country and tally up some delightful photo opportunities. Be optimistic and proactive, and unforgettable experiences will come your way.


So long as you are willing to try something new, there are many chances to keep your love of bikes alive. Prepare well, do some wider reading, and use your bike as an outlet for expression. They can also serve as an extension to other passions in your life, such as extensive fitness and travel. Keep all of this in mind, and you will never fall out of love with your favorite pastime.

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