Useful Guidelines On How To Take Good Care Of Your Skin

take good care of your skin

In case you weren’t aware your skin is actually the largest organ in your body. This organ plays a major role in protecting your body from harmful external elements. Things like bacteria, UV radiation, and pollutants. You want to take good care of your skin in order to help maintain its appearance and its health.

We have put together a short guide below to share our top tips on how to take good care of your skin. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of caring for your beautiful skin.

Become Familiar With Your Skin Type

One of the first things you want to do is learn what type of skin you have so that you can choose your products wisely. The most common types of skin include dry, sensitive, oily, and combination. A test you can do at home is to press tissue paper on your face for a few seconds and see if the paper picks up oil or sticks. 

If the paper does, then you have oily skin. If the paper falls off then you have dry skin. If the paper only sticks on your T-zone area then you have combination skin. 


Establishing a skincare routine is a must when you want to have healthy skin. We recommend reputable products like Neogen skincare products because they will work without having to deal with harsh ingredients. You want to make sure you cleanse, tone, and also moisturize in the morning and before bed. 

Even if you have oily skin you want to moisturize your skin. If your skin is really oily, just choose an appropriate moisturizer to avoid clogging up pores. 

Make sure when you wash your skin you avoid using hot water because this will strip your skin of its natural oils. It is best to use lukewarm water instead. For those that have oily skin, you want to help control the excess oil by using an oil-free cleanser. 


Even if you plan on being indoors all day long, you want to apply some sunscreen before leaving your home. This will help protect your skin from harmful UV radiation effects even while you are driving to and from work. UV radiation can do a lot of harm to your skin which is why you want to protect your skin from UV rays.

UV rays can cause premature aging, it can cause skin damage, and it can also lead to skin cancer. If you are outside all day long, then you need to make sure you reapply your sunscreen every two hours.


Without the right amount of sleep you will deal with skin damage, dark circles, and wrinkles. We recommend sleeping at least seven to eight hours every single night. The more sleep you have the more time you will give your skin to repair itself.

Stay Hydrated

You need to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated if you want healthy skin. Drink enough water throughout the day to ensure that your skin doesn’t look dry and dull. The average number of glasses you need per day is eight glasses. 

The best way to figure out how many glasses of water you need is by taking your weight and diving it in half and then dividing that number by 8, and that is the number of glasses you need to drink for your weight. 

Visit a Dermatologist

You can figure out if you have any skin problems during their early stages if you make regular visits to a skin doctor also known as a dermatologist. A dermatologist can also recommend the best treatments that are best for your specific skin type. This is a huge bonus because not everyone does well with the same treatment. 

Quit Smoking

If you have a bad habit of smoking, it is time to quit or at least slowly wean off smoking. Smoking damages your skin and causes premature aging. The sooner you stop the faster you will improve your skin’s appearance and prevent further damage.   

Healthy Diet

Healthy skin stems from the inside, so you want to be conscious of what you are eating. Having a healthy diet is a must if you want healthy skin. You want to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants like veggies and fruits. 

Eat lean protein and whole grains as well. Also, stay away from processed and sugary foods. Over-sugary and processed foods will lead to inflammation and they will damage your skin. 

Manage Stress

Unfortunately, stress does our bodies plenty of harm. This is why you want to learn how to manage your own stress levels. Learning how to manage stress will prevent dealing with skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. 

If you lead a very stressful lifestyle try taking up techniques to help like deep breathing exercises, meditation, pilates, and yoga. All of these can help reduce stress levels and, in turn, promote healthy skin.


If you weren’t aware exercise increases blood flow which helps nourish all of your skin cells and keeps them healthy. Exercise as an added bonus also leads to improving skin problems like eczema and acne. Plus exercise will reduce stress which can lead to premature aging if you are consistently stressed out.

Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol

You might not realize that drinking alcohol dehydrates your body. This is why drinking alcohol excessively will lead to dull-looking skin and dry skin. Try to limit your alcohol intake so that you don’t have to deal with extra dry and premature aging.

Ready to Level Up How Your Skin Looks?

As you can see if you want to maintain the healthiest skin appearance, there are a few things you can do in your daily life. Make sure you establish a consistent skincare routine, use sunscreen every day, get enough sleep, stop smoking, eat a healthy diet, manage your stress, exercise, and avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Try your hardest to take care of this first line of defense against the outside elements. Follow our tips above and say hello to fabulous skin in no time. If you found our blog post helpful, make sure you keep reading this section for our latest tips. 

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