Popular Business Ideas To Start Your Side Hustle Journey

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You want to start your own business, but you don’t know where to begin? It can seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are plenty of side hustles that are easy and quick to get into. To help you find the perfect one for you, I’ve created a list of popular ideas below.

Dog Walking

If you love dogs, this is the perfect side hustle for you. You can make anywhere from $10-$30 an hour depending on how many hours per week it requires. This might be best suited if your dog friend lives close by because then they will need less care than those who live far away or have other time commitments like work or school.

Keep in mind though that this type of business carries a lot of responsibility and potentially equal liability. Be sure to protect yourself by officially setting up a business entity (like an LLC, which is most popular for entrepreneurs) for your dog walking business.

Handmade Clothing

If you love making your own clothes, but don’t want to do that full time, this is a great option for you too. People always need new clothes and handmade items are always in demand. The trick here is to use high-quality material to increase clients’ trust in your brand. Linen for example is a really popular and well-known clothing material. But linen can also be expensive for high-volume productions, so buying linen wholesale is a good idea to keep the cost down while selling up. 

Also make sure to use it for popular pieces such as making a button-down shirt, skirts, or linen dress that will surely be a timeless piece and will not lose their popularity. With the right color combination and good fit, those kinds of clothing will sell for itself.

House Cleaning

If someone else having their house cleaned appeals to you more than cleaning your own, this is for you. House cleaners make anywhere from $10-$40+ an hour. If you like organizing, this might be a great side hustle for you too because it allows you to help people declutter and organize the space they live in.

Postcard Selling

I’m sure most of us have received or sent picture postcards to family or friends. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make money. You can sell them online, at an art show, through your personal website and more. Depending on how many you sell and the price point they are, this side hustle can be as lucrative as you want it to be.

Career Coaching

The job market may have been tough for a while now, but that doesn’t mean anyone should feel defeated by not being able to find the right job for them. If you love career guidance and helping others through their search, this is a great side hustle for you. You can offer 1-on-1 coaching or work with a company.

If you love working behind the scenes, this might be another great option for you because it allows you to stay in touch with your social media channels, but not have to deal with the general public all the time.

Handmade Jewelry Selling

If you love making jewelry, this is great for you. You can sell it online through Etsy or other marketplaces. Depending on how much time you want to spend making things and how much inventory you have, this side hustle could be more of a hobby than an actual business, but that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s just about having something to do and enjoying the time you spend doing it.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re skilled in Microsoft Office and can handle other people’s administrative tasks, this would be a great side hustle for you. You can set your own rates and prices if working independently is appealing to you.

Aquarium Service

This is another great option if you love animals, but can’t have them in your home full time. You can offer to buy houses with pets or people who are away at work all day. People often underestimate how much work it is to care for a fish tank so this side hustle allows you to offer a service they may not have thought of.

Building Or Fixing Websites

Sites like Upwork allow you to find people who need their website made, but if you know how to code in HTML and different languages, you can also do that yourself. If you’re good with branding, this might be another great side hustle for you.

Telephone Psychic

Some people feel more comfortable with a phone reading because there is no judgment from the reader as to their appearance or how they live their life. If this sounds appealing, you can offer phone readings as a side hustle. Depending on how many hours per day you want to put into your new business and how much you want to make, this side hustle can be as lucrative as you make it.

Handmade Soap Selling

If you love making soap and bath goodies, this is a great side hustle for you. Not only will it allow you to be your own boss and set your own rates and prices, but since more people are always looking for handmade goods, this is a great business idea to get into.

Picking a side hustle can be tricky because it often requires some initial investment of time and money. While we’ve covered all types of different business ideas, these are just a few that might work for you depending on your interest level and ability to make money from them.

Nicole Middleton
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