Creating A Smooth Onboarding Experience For New Employees: A Full Guide

smooth onboarding new employees

When you hire employees, you’re not just bringing in new workers. You’re adding people to a corporate family, one with its own unique culture and values.

This is why it’s essential that you get the onboarding process right. Otherwise, your new employees won’t feel at home, and they’ll likely leave to find a better fit.

Think your employee onboarding can do with an upgrade? Then keep reading to see how to create a smooth experience for new workers.

Provide Materials Before Their First Day

If there are certain programs and procedures employees use at work, then new workers need to be up to speed before they even start. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to learn everything beforehand though.

Send them an introductory email a week or so before their first day. Outline what their first week will look like, such as training on one program on one day, and training on other software a few days later.

When new employees know how their first week will go, it’ll put them at ease.

Get All HR Materials in One Place

There’s a bunch of paperwork that comes with hiring new people, and all this stuff can quickly get lost. Pull together a documents bundle, so you don’t forget anything, and your new hires have everything in one place.

Put these document bundles together now, so they’re easy to pass out to fresh faces. Things to include are:

• Contracts
• Employee handbooks
• Computer logins
• Employee badges/IDs

Having a checklist is beneficial too, especially if you can’t get some of the documents ahead of time.

Set up Their Workstation

Your new employees will clock in at 9:00 am, but if their workstations aren’t ready, they may not start with productive work until later in the day. Not only is this a waste of their time, but it reflects poorly on your business too.

Set up their workstations with things like ergonomic chairs, desks, screens, keyboards, computers, mice, speakers, and document stands. Have the IT specialists create user accounts and install relevant software.

Gather all documents related to their role and have them waiting on your new employees’ desks.

Give Them Welcome Packages

It can be daunting to start a new job. Not only is it a fresh environment, but there are people you need to get to know.

It’s easy to feel lost and unseen as a new hire, so make sure they feel valued by giving them a welcome package. You can send a welcome gift with thoughtful items, such as branded mugs, pens, stationery, tote bags, and small snacks. You’ll show your new employees that you care about them as individuals and that you’re glad to have them on the team.

Do Introductions Slowly

Bringing new workers around to see everyone in the company can be overwhelming. Not to mention, they won’t get enough time with each person to really get to know them.

Do everyone a favor and schedule short meetings between the new hires and current employees. They can have a 10-minute chat over coffee to get to know one another.

They can also have slightly longer meetings with entire teams to see what they do and how it’s relevant to their own work. You’ll want to start with their immediate team, then work your way “out” to peripheral ones.

Give Them the Grand Tour

As part of orientation, give your new employees a grand tour of your business. Show them around the facilities, and talk about their job responsibilities in each area if applicable.

This is also a great chance for you to introduce the company’s culture and values. For example, as you walk past the lunch room, show the new hires how people mingle between departments and make true friendships. Or when you walk past the ping pong table, emphasize that you want your workers to have fun and blow off steam when needed.

Use a Buddy System

Pairing up with someone who already knows the ropes can be a huge relief for new workers. They have someone they can trust with their questions and concerns, which won’t make them feel as alone in the company. They can help these employees familiarize themselves with the company culture and new surroundings.

These buddies can also be a fantastic way for new employees to make friends with others. Your current workers will know who they’ll mesh with and can introduce them to like-minded people.

Have Regular Check-Ins

Immediate managers should have regular check-ins with their new employees. Ideally, they’ll schedule a one-on-one at the end of the week to see how they’re settling in. If there are issues, then these managers can bring them up with their higher-ups and hopefully find quick resolutions.

Regular check-ins are beneficial for everyone. The new employees feel appreciated, and the company learns of pain points they may not have thought of before. As a result, everyone can work together to improve the workplace.

Include Them in Social Activities

One of the most important ways to retain talent at your business is to ensure they fit in with the company culture. An easy way to do this is to include them in social activities, even before they start their first day of work.

For example, if their department is doing a team-building exercise, have them tag along. Or if your company is having a quarterly party, invite them to join in the festivities. And if your employees go for after-work drinks often, give them the time and place so they can spend some quality time with their coworkers.

Make the Onboarding Experience a Positive One

Getting new employees in your company can be a hectic time, especially if you don’t already have a good onboarding process in place. But by thoroughly investing in it, you’ll create a repeatable procedure for the future.

If you use this guide to shape your onboarding process, your new employees will have a blast at your company. And as a result, your retention rate will rise!

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