Superb Durability and Flexibility: The Best Silicone Hose in Singapore

silicone hose in singapore

Silicone hoses’ flexibility makes them an excellent choice for new equipment.

They can curve around fittings and other obstructions, so there’s no need to reline the tubing when a component is relocated during a new machine setup or repair. Silicone rubber is one of the most chemically inert materials available today.

Silicone hoses in Singapore are chemically inert and will not corrode or deteriorate in contact with most chemicals. It has a very low coefficient of friction, which makes it ideal for moving air or other gasses.

The silicone hose in Singapore also has high thermal stability and can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without deterioration. It is also impervious to ozone and weathering and is unaffected by radiation. It also has good abrasion resistance.

Silicone hoses are made of Teflon and can withstand low and high temperatures.

From -100F to 500F, they are also non-stick and have a low friction coefficient, ideal for high-pressure and continuous flexing and vibration applications. Moreover, Silicone hoses are also resistant to deterioration and moisture, making them viable for industrial equipment applications.

Furthermore, Silicone hoses are suitable for use in the process industry, particularly where hot and cold water is encountered. Silicone has excellent resistance to compression set, tear, and abrasion. Silicone hose is resistant to most acids, fats, alkalis, and solvents such as acetone, benzene, and carbon tetrachloride. They make it ideal for steam lines or freezing applications like cryogenic lines for liquefaction plants. The silicone formulation will typically withstand continuous exposure to temperatures.

Silicone rubber retains its elastomeric properties across a wide range of extremes in pH, making it ideal for processing acidic or alkaline solutions.

Including water, chemistry mixes with heavy corrosion inhibitors like chlorine or sulfuric acid in wastewater treatment facilities. Silicone hose is also inert to a wide range of chemicals. Silicone is unaffected by fungus, bacteria, and most petroleum-based oils and solvents.

Silicone resists cracking, hardening and aging, making it an ideal material for applications requiring long-term durability. Silicone has good resistance to ozone, sunlight, and weathering. Silicone is electrically insulating with a dielectric strength of 6,000 volts per mil-foot.

This makes Teflon/Silicone the perfect material for use in applications that require chemical compatibility, heat resistance, and extreme flexibility.

Pharmaceutical and chemical companies are increasingly turning to these materials for their particular needs. For instance, Pharma Chem is a prominent silicone hose manufacturer in Singapore. They provide various Teflon and silicone hoses to fit your industrial equipment’s needs. With their years of expertise, they can assist you in selecting the proper hose for your application.


Silicone hoses are one of the best materials for industrial equipment because silicone is an elastic material that does not harden under high temperatures. For this reason, people can use silicone hoses to transport hot fluids like oil and fuel without risking leakage or rupture. But silicone has another vital quality; silicone will not adhere to other substances, so it will never corrode or clog up your machine’s mechanism with difficult-to-remove deposits.

Silicone also resists UV light which means it won’t break down over time from exposure to sunlight. If you want more information on how silicone hose in Singapore can help make life easier on you as a business owner by providing custom solutions for any need. Don’t hesitate to promptly contact Pharma Chem. They can help you select the suitable material for your specific application.

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