Top 5 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

signs your partner is cheating

In this article, we’ll talk about how to know if your partner is cheating through the possible signs, with the solutions.

We know that every relationship is valuable. And the price you need to pay for a long-lasting relationship is loyalty. Although every relationship demands loyalty, not everyone can offer it.

And that’s the reason why loyalty is really valuable, especially in these modern days when somebody can cheat on other people more easily. No wonder you want to ​​track someone’s location without them knowing to ensure your partner is not with someone else.

You see, to actually know that someone is cheating on you, you may notice some signs your partner is cheating. What are these signs? See them in the below explanation:

Signs of A Cheating Partner in a Relationship

There are the top 5 signs someone is cheating, such:

1. Your partner becomes secretive about anything

When someone is cheating, they have to hide the fact from the person they have a relationship with. If you have a relationship with somebody, and they just suddenly turn really secretive, it could be the first red flag that you have to notice right away.

2. They suddenly have changing schedules

With the daily life that’s constantly going on, it’s normal if someone has changing schedules. But if this happens suddenly, it could be a basic assumption that he or she could cheat on you. Know that this is only an assumption and always needs proofing. But if they tend to be secretive about it, it could be guaranteed signs of cheating.

3. They spend a huge amount of money

Just like in normal relationships, people who cheat also tend to spend money to date in restaurants, cafes, or even hotels. If you notice that your spouse is spending a large sum of money within a short period of time, it could be one indication of cheating. Before going straight at them with just an assumption, you better ask for clarification.

4. They become more possessive of their gadgets

When you just want to borrow their devices for a second, they won’t let you. They won’t even let you touch their phones. When a notification comes in, they become panicked suddenly. This is how to tell if your partner is cheating.

5. Start accusing you instead

Most people who cheat will feel afraid of themselves and try blaming others for it. If you notice this behavior, your spouse might cheat on you.

How Can Spy Apps Help Catch a Cheater?

If you keep asking, “is my partner cheating on me?” One of the best ways to clear your mind is to seek the truth. One method you can do is using spy apps. Most of these apps work anonymously, so they won’t create another problem for you in the future.

With monitoring apps like eyeZy you’ll also get other useful features, such as:

• Messengers monitoring to check their messages;
• Calls monitoring to check their calls;
• GPS-location tracking to check their actual locations (visited and real-time);
• Wi-Fi network tracking to check to which they connected before;
• Screenrecorder to capture the evidence if your spouse is indeed cheating on you.

What Are The Other Options?

There are other things you can do to clarify the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship:

• Ask about it right away. This option could spark a conflict, but you can get a clear answer this way. Of course, when you confront your spouse about it, he/she will use plenty of reasons to deny it.

• Create a fake account, which is useful for monitoring them on social media

• See their locations through GPS.

• Find out any documents on their phones

However, although doable, these methods are not better than using spying apps. At least, by using the apps, there’s only a small chance that you’ll get caught during the process.


If you start having assumptions about your spouse, you better clear them up by using the methods above. We highly recommend using the spying apps since they’re safer, and you’ll be less noticeable by doing so.

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