Best Ways to Save Instagram Photos and Repost Them

save instagram photos

Have you ever wondered how to save photos from Instagram? Do you want to download and keep all of your images, or even save and repost other people’s images? Well, unfortunately, if you have been battling to do so, it’s because it is Instagram simply doesn’t offer such a feature. 

While there’s a feature that allows you to save your own images when you actually post them, when it comes to downloading a photo from a different user’s account, it gets more difficult. 

This has been created like this from Instagram due to copyright issues, which we will go into a bit later. But if you are absolutely in need of a solution for the Instagram photo download problem, we thought we would help. 

Here, we will go through a step-by-step guide on how to save photos published on Instagram, whether they’re your own or other profile images. 

Why Can’t I Save Photos From Instagram?  

So, let’s start with why you cannot save images in the first place. Essentially, Instagram’s copyright rules are centered on copyright. So, if you took and published a photo or video on Instagram, you own the rights to that post. 

This means you can forbid other users from copying or distributing your content. Hence, why there is no function available to save and repost other images. 

However, there are ways and means around this, and depending on what you do want to download, there are options. Let’s take a look. 

Using an App to Download Instagram Pictures

The first option is to use an Instagram photo download tool. You are able to do a picture download free of charge and you don’t need an Instagram account to do so. You also don’t need to actually install a third-party app. 

  1. Log into Instagram and find the photo you want to save;
  2. If you don’t have an account or don’t want to log in, you can use an Instagram Web Viewer tool to access the public profile that shared the image that you want to copy;
  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner;
  4. Select Copy Link;
  5. Paste the link into the Instagram Photo Download tool and click Search;
  6. Download the images from there. 

How to Save Your Instagram Photos Immediately to Camera Roll?  

In some cases, you might want to use the automatic function that Instagram offers by taking pictures directly from the app and uploading them. 

Another option would be to save the great edited versions of images to your phone’s photo library. This is a simple fix if it is not automatically doing it. Simply enable this setting on Instagram and everything will be automatically saved upon posting. 

  1. Go to your profile page and tap the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. 
  2. Select Settings and then tap Account.
  3. Tap the toggle button next to Original Photos to save them.

By following these steps you can save any photo that you post on Instagram to your camera roll.

How to Save Instagram Photos?

This is going to take some coding, but it’s not as tricky as you think. The Google Chrome browser can make this process easy for you.

  1. Open the app and locate the photo that you wish to save;
  2. Click three ellipses dots on the photo you wish to save; 
  3. Click on Go To Post;
  4. Right-click and select View Page Source;
  5. Use the Ctrl+F shortcut and type in JPG when the search box appears;
  6. Copy the first link with a JPG;
  7. Open a new tab and paste it;
  8. Finally, right-click and save the photo to the destination of your choice. 

How to Download All Your Instagram Photos at Once?

Do you want to perhaps shut down your account, but don’t want to lose your images?

Here, you are able to use a simple tool on your computer or phone to do so. 

  1. Log in and find the three-line menu; 
  2. Tap Settings;
  3. Choose Security; 
  4. Tap “Download Data” on the options menu.

But what if you are on the desktop?

  1. Open your profile and then the menu in the upper right corner; 
  2. Choose Settings;
  3. Select Privacy and Security;
  4. Choose Data Download; 
  5. Click Request Download;
  6. Your email address should appear, so click Next to continue;
  7. Choose either HTML or JSON for the format;
  8. Re-enter your password and download your data.


If you are downloading your own images, you have a number of options to save them. However, if you are looking to save other users’ images it does get trickier. It is also wise to rather get permission from the other profile first before using other people’s content.

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