9 Resume Objectives for Teachers to Kick-Start a Perfect Career

resume objectives for teachers

Landing your first teaching job can be quite a challenge. For one thing, you lack experience in this position. So, it’s best if you write a resume that will get you noticed. Luckily, you can use the impressive effectiveness of resume objectives for teachers to your advantage.

Also known as career objectives, resume objectives are typically featured at the beginning of a resume. They include some of your career goals and highlight the skills you have. Although these paragraphs are short in length, they quickly catch the attention of recruiters. As a result, they improve your chances of getting the job.

Best Resume Objectives for Teachers With Little or No Experience

Typically, career objectives consist of no more than 30 words. Plus, they have a strict structure that answers the following questions:

• Who are you?
• For what position are you applying?
• What relevant skills/experience/qualifications do you have?
• What do you want to achieve through this job?

The same rules apply to resume objectives for teachers. To give you a better idea of what works, we’ll offer you a few well-written examples.

1. Want to Make a Difference

Good teachers know how to make their lessons engaging and interesting. So, if you rely on more unorthodox teaching methods, now would be the perfect time to mention it.

Also, be bold and confidently state that your work will make a difference in the lives of your students. Such a daring claim will help your resume stand out among the rest. What’s more, it will provoke the recruiter’s interest in your application.


“Reliable graduate with a degree in History Teaching, seeking to work as a classroom teacher. I would like to use my position to show students the fun side of History.”

2. Help Students

Sometimes, you don’t have to get too creative to come up with a good career objective. Recruiters will notice you even if you state the obvious. For instance, you can say that you want to help students expand their knowledge. If you lack teaching experience, this direct approach will show that you have a can-do attitude.


“Driven and creative elementary education graduate seeking to obtain a position as an elementary teacher to help improve student performance.”

3. Put My Qualifications into Practice

Usually, recruiting agents seek candidates who have both experience and qualifications. Unfortunately, that’s bad news if you are applying for your first teaching job. Even if you’ve graduated with honors, your skills are yet to be put to good use.

Still, don’t lose heart! You can increase your chances of getting hired by being upfront about your lack of experience. Talent seekers appreciate it when you give them the full picture. That includes not only your strengths but also your weaknesses.


“Motivated individual looking for a kindergarten teacher position to use my Master’s degree in Childhood Education.”

4. Further Develop the Skills I Have

If you outline your skills, you will shift the focus away from your limited work experience. By doing so, you will show that you are prepared for the position. Also, list some skills that you want to master to express a willingness to learn new things.


“Organized educator with TSPC certification in teaching and knowledge of student assessment techniques. Seeking to further improve my student management skills by working as a full-time teacher.”

5. Build a Career

Some of the most effective resume objectives for teachers are all about career goals. By merely mentioning the word “career,” you imply two important things. First, you are seeking long-term work. Second, you are a serious applicant who knows what they want.


“Looking to secure a job as a K-5 teacher and use it as an opportunity to build a career. As an AR-licensed professional, I want to expand my training abilities.”

6. Provide Students With Practical Skills

One of the best resume objectives for teachers focuses on the fact that education can open many doors for students. By featuring such a goal on your resume, you will imply that you’re a teacher who thinks two steps ahead. You’ll also show that you provide people in your class with practical skills to help them in their careers.


“Energetic educator with a state-level license looking to prepare young people for a successful career. By working as a GT teacher, I want to help students realize their potential.”

7. Familiarize Myself With the Latest Teaching Methods

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that education is better when it involves the use of technology and new learning techniques. So, another great way to make an excellent impression on talent seekers would be by showing you’re open to innovation.

Also, mention you want to use the position as an opportunity to find out more about the latest teaching methods. Don’t hesitate to give a specific example of a technique that interests you. By doing so, you will imply that you like to stay at the top of your game.


“Looking to obtain a position as a classroom teacher and learn about new teaching methods like storyboard learning. As a certified education professional, I wish to embrace different instructional methodologies.”

8. Be Part of a Stellar Team

Sometimes, a compliment can go a long way. Therefore, resume objectives for teachers that say something nice about the school can win you a lot of points. However, don’t forget to include the school’s name in the paragraph. Otherwise, your career objective may sound a bit impersonal.


“Team player wanting to obtain a position as a core teacher in [school name]. I hope to unleash my full potential by working in an utmost professional environment.”

9. Inspire Students

Teaching is much more than a job or a profession. It is a vocation that can inspire people to look at the world in a new way. Although this is a well-known principle, many educators end up ignoring it. Don’t be one of them and show you were born to be a teacher.


“Passionate educator with a Bachelor’s degree, wanting to work as a first-grade teacher and enlighten students’ thinking.”


Hopefully, these examples of resume objectives for teachers will help you kick-start a perfect career. However, make sure you add a personal touch to your goals. Copying them word for word will fail to impress recruiters.

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