Planning To Purchase A Bong? Here Are Some Buying Tips

purchase a bong

Buying a bong, pipe, vape, or any type of smoking apparatus is an intensely personal and preferential experience. When you begin your search for these items there are many considerations to take into account, and the selections can seem overwhelming. If you are looking to purchase a new bong, then take these tips into account before you make the final purchase.

Material Preference

Bongs can be made of many different materials. There are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing your preferred material. Bongs can be made of metal, plastic, or glass, with glass being the most common and preferred material.

Plastic bongs are less likely to break but offer less personalization and style choices. Plastic bongs are normally smaller and come with metal bowls, with some people preferring instead glass bongs and glass bowls.

When you are considering your preferred materials, style and ease of cleaning are two of the most common reasons why glass bongs are the preference, but it is a matter of personal choice. Glass bongs are also more expensive, as they are more time-consuming to produce, and have differing levels of durability.


Making sure that your bong is easy to clean is an important factor when choosing your favorite. While some bongs may seem beautiful, if their design comes with cavities, twists, and turns, you will find it harder to clean the residue and detritus left from smoking them. When you are choosing your bong, make sure that you think about how it will look after a few uses and how the res will affect the cleaning process.


While you may think a bong is a bong, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you buy a bong for weed, using the bowl and accessories will be different than if you’re buying a bong to use for dabs. Water bongs and oil rigs are different in their make and design, so if you buy an oil rig to use with marijuana flowers, then it will not work. Making sure you understand what the bong is designed for will make your purchasing and user experience much better.


Bong size is important, depending on how you choose to use your bong. Some people prefer large and elaborate bongs that act as centerpieces in their homes that they proudly display. Others prefer smaller water pipes and bongs, as they have a great ability to be stored and offer greater range and portability.

The size of your bong will also impact its price, so you want to consider exactly where, how, and when you will be using your bong before you decide on the size, as well as make sure the bong of your choice fits within your budget.


The price of bongs is affected by a variety of factors: size, quality, creativity, and the material will all affect the price of your bong. It is also important to consider the bowl that comes with your bong when completing your purchase. Many bongs do not come with ornate and elaborate bowls, these are normally clear, small bowls. If you are looking for a larger or more elaborate bowl to compliment your bong, then you need to consider this in your budget as well.

Many bongs are made almost as if they are art pieces, showing extensive craftsmanship that will lead to a higher price. The variety in the pricing of bongs has a large range, with small and simple bongs being expensive, and larger more elaborate bongs ranging in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 

When you begin your bong purchase planning, you need to take all of these considerations into account before making your final decision. Buying a bong is an exciting experience, and taking those first pulls off a new bong can be extremely satisfying. Make sure you choose the bong that fits your style, both in design, usage, and durability. It is a good idea to check out a few shops before making your final purchase, to find the bong that is truly your style and preference.

Nothing compares to a good bong rip, and with so many different bongs available, you will be sure to find the right one for you. When you see the bong of your dreams and envision yourself smoking it, you will surely know that it is the right one, the one that calls to your style and taste. 

Keep these tips in mind when you buy your next bong, and you will sure to be happy with your purchase.

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