Best Punching Bag for Beginners

punching bag for beginners

Some use a punching bag simply for workout, others want to chisel their core, others are in it to perfect their boxing skills.

Whatever your goal is, you have to start somewhere.

The only catch is, beginners are likely to make mistakes, whether its picking the wrong bag, or going out of their way to spend an arm and a leg while there are affordable options within their reach.

Having been there once myself, I know how disappointing this can get, so I put this post together to point you in the right direction.

For those who are new to using heavy bags, this one’s for you. In it, I will be sharing all the handy-dandy details on the best punching bag for beginners.

Make sure to stick around to the end, later on in this post I will take you through a few cool options that you’ll love right out of the box.

Let’s get rollin’!

Do I really need a punching bag?

Do You need a punching bag

First things first; you may be wondering whether you even need a punching bag, and if so, then why.

That depends on what fitness goal you have in mind.

If you feel you need an all-rounded workout, then the answer here is a resounding yes!

As much as you might think that punching bags are only best for boxers (and they actually are an essential part of a boxer’s arsenal) these equipment can also be helpful for other fitness goals alike.

With a punching bag, you not only get to work your core, but you can also improve on speed, hand muscle strength, harden your knuckles, and develop better movement overall. And these are not the only benefits you stand to gain from a punching bag workout; we will be looking at more of them in a moment.

But first, what makes a good punching bag?

Punching bag with stand

heavy punching bag with stand

While a punching bag is an indispensable addition to your home gym, installing it isn’t going to be a breeze, especially if working with equipment isn’t your cup of coffee.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up on this type of workout; freestanding punching bags can save you the struggle.

Unlike hanging punching bags that you have to install on the ceiling, a punching bag with a stand can be set up on the ground, in most cases, in just a matter of minutes.

The stand should be solid enough though, to keep your bag from swaying wildly with every hit.

Here’s the thing!

Freestanding punching bags are not only easy to set up without ever having to worry about complex brackets and bracings or drilling holes on your ceiling. They are also particularly easy to move around, which can save you a lot of space.

Best freestanding punching bag

Best freestanding punching bag on the market

As I’ve mentioned above, there’s something cool about a freestanding punching bag, especially since you don’t have to undertake any onerous installation. These bags also make for a great pick if you don’t want to mess up your beautiful ceiling.

Now, that isn’t the only thing you’ll love about freestanding punching bags; the flexibility is also incredible, to say the least. The ability to move it around and maximize every inch of space available is a great plus, if you live in a cramped apartment then you can relate.

The only concern that most people have with these bags is whether the small base is stable enough to keep it up. That’s true; the base on some of these bags is fairly small and tippy.

But before you pull the plug, it’s worth noting that the better percentage of these bags is solidly built to give you a great deal of bounce, but without the bag toppling over with every few punches.

Besides, a freestanding bag also offers a hoard of cool benefits like perfecting movement for both arms and legs — and there’s one option that never disappoints at this; the Everlast PowerCore punching bag.

Everlast punching bag

Everlast is one of the giants in the fitness market, with a bucket list of cool workout gear. Now, the brand has become a mainstay for most fitness junkies not just because of the wide variety of products, the quality also speaks for itself.

Their punching bags aren’t less impressive in the slightest. And there’s a wide range of these to choose from, too!

But of all the different punching bags that Everlast rolls out, the Everlast PowerCore is by far one of the best buys you can make from the company, and on the market at large.

The price point is perfectly suitable for beginners looking to dip their toes in the water. However, the affordability doesn’t come at the expense of the quality. Its top-of-the-line construction makes it one heck of a tough bag that you can pound on all day, every day.

And yeah, it takes the jabs like a real champ (thanks to Tri-disc foam construction,) and stays easy on your knuckles despite giving you a top-notch workout.

It gets even better; you can fill it up with water or sand, the choice here depends on what works best for you.

Of course, the freestanding design is a big plus, as it saves you any complicated installation, and of course, the need for installation accessories and equipment.

One more thing, it has a fairly large base, so solid it can chew up and spit out hours of constant, punishing blows and kicks without a flinch.

Punching bag for adults

How to choose punching bags for adults

There’s a fair number of reasons to be extra careful when choosing a punching bag for adults. Size matters, a lot — sometimes bigger is better, those who have tried the Century Wavemaster XXL get to love the large striking surface.

However, it should also be solid enough to withstand the shattering punches and kicks.

Of course, the build mustn’t be anything short of top quality, lest you risk ripping the damn thing apart in a matter of a few months. The base is another part you can’t afford to miss, as this is as crucial as the bag itself.

A wobbly punching bag is the last thing you want in your gym, and that could prove hard to come by unless the base is built for the best performance.

And if it’s a hanging punching bag, then you need to keep a close eye on the connection too. Be on the safe side and make sure it’s as solid as it can get to avoid any accidents during your workout.

Size and type have to be just right for an adult, too, although this might differ depending on your height. If you are a short person, then you will appreciate a freestanding punching bag more. It will allow you to work out both the upper and lower body.

For the tall folks, even a hanging one would be a good pick, just go with what best suits your workout needs.

Best Punching Bag for Home

You need to factor in a few aspects when deciding on which punching bag to get for your home gym; from size to type, quality, and of course, cost.

• First off is the size, this is especially important for people building a home gym to keep in mind since space isn’t always on their side. If you have all the space you need, then you can go ahead and get yourself a jumbo punching bag without any concerns at all.

However, if you don’t have much space to go by, then you’ll be better off settling for a compact punching bag that can take the least space possible. However, still, make sure not to trade off the efficiency or quality.

• For the type, you only have the freestanding and hanging punching bag to choose from here. I know I have already mentioned these two in this post, but it’s still worth mentioning that a hanging punching bag is better suited for users with sufficient space.

For those trying to make do with cramped spaces, a freestanding bag is the way to go. It not only saves on space, but it also proves easy to move around so you can create room when you’re not using it.

• Quality and cost go hand in hand, and this is where things can get a tad tricky for most people. Granted, quality is of the essence, but as much as it pays to get the best of the best, some are way too hyped or built for commercial gyms.

You don’t have to punch a hole in your pocket for such expensive options. Instead, get the value you need with a more affordable, bang for the buck bag like the Ringside Elite punching bag.

Best punching bag for stress relief

A good workout isn’t only good for cardio, fitness, strength, speed, and agility; it can also help a big deal with stress relief.

Exercise doesn’t just help you build muscles and tone your body, it’s also a great way of lifting your spirit and taking your mood to a whole new level.

We all love to hit a punching bag once or twice as we move around in the gym, but if you want to shake off stress, a serious punching bag workout could be all it takes.

What type of punching bag is best for beginners?

Beginners usually have a hard time figuring out which punching bag to go for. Well, the good news is, with a heavy bag, you should looking at a good start.

You can pick one up at an affordable price. Then there’s the versatility, which makes these bags ideal for different techniques like hooks, straight punches, elbows, kicks, and even knees.

With such an all-rounded workout, there’s virtually no limit to how far you can push the limits on your fitness efforts.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is to make sure you hang it as safely as possible. Check and double check whether your ceiling can support the weight of the bag, along with the constant tagging created with each blow.

This doesn’t have to be a hassle, getting a good punching bag mount bracket could make life easier for you, and these come relatively cheap so the extra cost isn’t a problem. Some bags even come with the mounting accessories.

Is a heavy bag good for beginners?

That depends on how you use it.

Overtraining with a heavy bag could be an easy shortcut to unnecessary injuries.

If well used, however, heavy bags are by far some of the most essential components of commercial gyms, and it’s going to be just as vital for your home gym as well.

A good heavy bag should help you build your core, upper and lower body muscles, among other benefits like honing your punching and kicking skills, enhancing speed and much more.

A few things could hold you back, so you should think them through beforehand if you are to pick the ideal punching bag for your gym, pocket, and fitness needs.

If space and money aren’t drag for you, then go right ahead and pick a high-end punching bag that you can grow with as you perfect your skills.

All said and done, a heavy bag is one of the best starting points for a beginner. Just take it easy at first as you learn the vital techniques and harden your knuckles.

Then build on speed, accuracy and everything else from there on out.

How do I choose a punching bag? What to look for when buying a bag

A good punching bag is sure to give you the workout you deserve and transform both your body and skills for the better. But first, you need to pick the right one.

Things can get quite complicated here, especially for beginners. Trial and error won’t help, here’s a rundown of the things to be on the lookout for when shopping.


The first thing to look out for is the weight, which makes a substantial difference depending on your age and skill level. Here are different punching bag weights and who they are best suited for:

• 40-pound punching bag; this one is good for young boxers and beginners;
• 70-pound punching bags; are best for both teens and beginners
• 100-pound punching bags; are suitable for intermediate boxers and adults looking to get fit
• 200-pound punching bags; are ideal for the seasoned heavyweights

If you are just getting started, then you can get a punching bag with any weight between 40 and 100 pounds. Leave the others beyond that for the pros and the avid fitness freaks.


For a beginner, you don’t have to invest much in a punching bag, especially if you are in to try different heavy bags to find out which one works best for you. Now, not all affordable punching bags are some cheap piles of junk, there’s a hoard of great punching bags that you can get for a good price.

Ease of installation

The choice is yours to make here. If you have the means and are willing to take on the installation, a heavy bag will be a good way to go.

However, if you don’t want to punch holes into your ceiling, or the hassle of a complicated installation is just too much for you, then a freestanding will be a more suitable option for you.

It’s worth mentioning that each of these punching bags has its benefits, so weigh your options before deciding which one to go for.

Material and construction

If there’s one bit you can’t afford to leave out when checking the boxes for a good punching bag, it has to be the material and the overall construction. A punching bag with a flimsy material is most likely going to fail in a few months at most.

Most punching bags are made of vinyl since it’s a synthetic material that can be manufactured and holds up pretty well for punching bags. Another material is leather, if you are looking for a premium option then get a leather bag after all leather bags were the favorites for famous boxers like Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson.

If, however, you want a more affordable option then you should check out heavy bags made with canvas. Punching bags designed with this material are great for outdoor boxing and for regular punching workouts but don’t expect the same experience you would get with a regular punching bag or a leather one.

The build quality is just as crucial. A punching bag with the best material is as good as a cheap knockoff if the build isn’t up to snuff. It’s thus important to look beyond just the material and the hype and find out if the punching bag is actually what the manufacturer claims it to be.

A look at reviews of those who have used the bag is one sure way to get an objective insight into the value you can expect.

Best Free Standing Bags

With that out of the way, it’s time to look at some of the top picks on the market right now. If you have been struggling to decide which freestanding punching bag to go for, then check these out.

Ringside Elite Freestanding Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

For durability and stability, this Ringside Elite is the punching bag to go for. Its freestanding design makes it a great choice for those who would rather get a punching bag that won’t require a complicated setup, or those who are tight on space and need a punching bag they can move around with ease.

On the stability, the 32” by 10” base gives this bag a low center of gravity, making it very solid on the ground, enough to take a relentless barrage of blows and kicks without toppling over.

Another issue that many freestanding users have to bear with is the whole thing sliding as you hit. Thankfully, that too won’t have to be a challenge for you, since the Elite is equipped with a spring-loaded design that absorbs the impact pretty well while the punching bag stays in place.

As far as versatility goes, this bag can be filled with anything; water, sand, or gravel — whatever is easily available for you. And once filled, the base weighs in at a whopping 270 pounds, so you can bet it’s sure to give you one heck of a serious workout.

Best Features

• Spring-loaded base connection for rigidity
• More sway for better foot workout
• Solid construction ensures lasting service

Key Specs

• Base dimension: 32” X 10”
• Weight: 270lbs
• Material: Faux leather
• Base material: plastic
• Height: 6’4”

Century Wavemaster XXL | Freestanding Punching Bag with Base

The Century Wavemaster XXL is not just a large freestanding punching bag; it’s a high quality one made for advanced as well as professional boxers. So if you are serious about taking your fitness to the next level, this bag will give you all you need to punch your way there.

Its name pretty much says it all; this is a mammoth punching bag with more than enough punching surface and room to spare. But the size isn’t the only cool thing about this bag; the high-quality striking surface is just as impressive when it comes to absorbing the impact.

Covered in durable vinyl, it proves to be solid, durable, and it is super easy to clean as well. On the inside, this bag is stuffed full of high-density foam, which gives it that smooth yet effectively resilient punching surface.

Portability is the other aspect that makes freestanding punching bags an awesome choice over a hanging one. And this Century Wavemaster doesn’t lack at that either. It might take some muscle to move it around, but it’s not as much work as you would have to put up with when moving a hanging bag.

Best Features

• Can be filled with sand, water, or gravel
• Very firm and stable
• Low-profile base with a low center of gravity
• Generous striking surface

Key Specs

• Material: Vinyl
• Item weight: 52 lbs
• Weight when stuffed: 270lbs
• Height: 69”
• Width: 18”

Best Heavy Bags

If you have ample space in your home gym, then a heavy punching bag would be a great choice for you as you won’t need to move it around often. For those who are considering getting a heavy punching bag, here are a few options to go for;

RDX Punching Bag Filled Set Muay Thai Training Gloves with Punch Mitts Hanging Chain Wall Bracket

RDX isn’t a new name within the fitness sphere, and the brand never disappoints when it comes to workout equipment. But does this punching bag live up to the hype? To be honest, it does. It is, in fact, one of the most popular heavy punching bags out there; for good reasons.

It is the ultimate value for a money punching bag, and comes along with nice accessories like grip strengtheners, skipping rope, and even training gloves. What better way to get a starter pack for your home gym sessions.

With a twinned material, you get the best strength and durability, giving you a resilient striking surface. Punch it all day and still, it won’t budge. On the inside is shredded filler, which takes the blows just as bravely as the cover does, and absorbs the shock pretty well for more effective training.

The installation shouldn’t be a pain either. This punching bag also comes with all you need to set it up. One of the most important accessories is the hanging chain wall, which is included in the package.

Best features

• Shock absorbing inner filling
• Solid build
• Ideal for beginners
• Cool accessories
• Very affordable

Key Specs

• Material: Maya hide leather
• Shredded textile filling
• 4 strand rustproof chain
• Polyester inner layer
• Water-resistant
• EVA nylon webbing

Everlast Nevatear Boxing 100-lb Heavy Bag

The Everlast Nevatear is among the top options out there if you are bent on getting a heavy bag for a serious workout.

It’s a real steal for the price, thanks to its long list of cool features; like the premium synthetic poly canvas material.

This gives the bag a touch of class, as it feels pretty much like genuine leather. But the one thing that really makes it stand out is the persevering durability, you can be sure this bag will last you through the years.

While still at it, you will also notice the nylon straps attachment that this bag comes with, which comes in very handy when attaching it to a hanging beam. Not only do these make easy work of setting up your heavy bag, but they are also just as durable as the bag itself.

Weighing in at 70lbs, it’s a great bag for beginners who are just getting started in the workout or boxing world. But this isn’t to say it lacks in features, this bag boasts of just about all the bells and whistles you would want in a heavy bag.

A peek inside the bag affirms your hopes for a solid workout, as this bag is stuffed full of synthetic material for a solid striking surface that does a great job of absorbing the impact from each blow.

Best Features

• Secure hanging straps
• Durable cover material
• Comes pre-filled
• Shock-absorbing synthetic fill

Key Specs

• Weight filled: 100lbs
• Height: 59”
• Diameter: 13.5”
• Material: Premium synthetic leather with reinforced webbing

Best Heavy Bag Stands

If you consider going with freestanding punching bags, then a heavy bag stand is one of the must-haves to install your bag. But finding a good stand for your bag doesn’t have to be a hassle; try these.

Everlast Home Gym Heavy Stand Boxing Bag Gear

Everlast is really crushing it in the fitness cycles, and they have been among the industry giants for years, but does this stand have what it takes?

Thankfully, just like the other products from the brand, this stand comes with a bucket list of cool features that are sure to make your workout sessions more fun.

Capable of holding an incredible 100 pounds, this stand does a great job at supporting a wide range of bags within this weight limit. And there’s more; it also guarantees a super easy use, with only a few screws and a couple tightening bolts to work and you are all set.

It also has three prongs where you can store a few weight plates, or simply add them to your stand if you need a little bit more stability.

By the way, you can pick it up for an awesomely good price, making it one of the best deals out there especially considering the quality of the build.

Best Features

• Long legs on the base for stability
• Shock-absorbing sturdy rubber feet on the legs
• A spring-loaded suspension pole
• Long top hanger pole
• Adjustable center column

Key Specs

• Weight capacity: 100 pounds
• Center column height: 72”-102”
• Height: 88.2”
• Material: Powder-coated steel

Century Heavy Bag Stand

The Century heavy bag stand is the other option I’d highly recommend for those in need of a solid frame that can take on up to 100 pounds without any wobbles.

Besides giving this frame an aesthetic touch, the sleek steel build also brings on board a great deal of both strength and durability. It’s an all-rounded stand that looks as great as it performs.

But where does all the stability come from? It’s a combination of different aspects; with the weight of the stand itself being part of that, as it weighs a whopping 50 pounds. And it has a well-designed base that makes it very firm on the ground.

Then it has three metal pegs where you can add weights for more stability or when you need extra storage space, which is really cool for those without much space at their disposal. While some other stands out there come with more pegs, they can make the whole thing look messy and much disorganized.

Another cool thing about this stand is the raised and angled position where you hook the punching bag, which grants you unhindered access for absolute ease and safety when punching away.

Best Features

• Lasting steel tubing build
• Robust construction for high performance
• The angled design ensures easy, safe use
• Very stable when in use

Key Specs

• Weight limit: 100 pounds
• Item weight 50.25 pounds
• Material: Steel
• 3 weight pegs for extra stability

Aoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger

Sometimes you want something more permanent than a freestanding punching bag, but figuring out how to install a heavy bag on your ceiling proves a challenge. Then just save yourself the struggle and go for this Aoneky wall mount heavy bag hanger.

By easily screwing it into the wall, you can mitigate the hassle of installing a heavy bag suspension on the ceiling and still have a permanent punching bag. But what makes this hanger striking is the low-profile design, which means you can drill it high on the wall and avoid messing up the aesthetic of your gym.

And if you still want some flexibility, then you can have it your way since this stand also makes it easy to attach or remove your punching bag whenever needed.

Performance shouldn’t worry you any bit, this stand proves itself with its solid build. Weighing up to 100 pounds itself, and featuring three strong legs, it can support an incredible 1,000 pounds with ease.

Best Features

• The small design makes it almost unnoticeable
• Easy to mount
• Strong build for ultimate performance
• Steel plate mount reduces wobbling and vibration

Key Specs

• Weight limit: 1000 pounds
• Item weight: 100pounds
• Material: Steel
• 6 expansion bolts included
• 3.28 feet horizontal bar

The Takeaway

That’s it, folks! If you have been struggling to find the ideal punching bag to get your fitness journey underway, any of these should make for a great addition to your gym.

Now that you have the top options on the market, it’s time to go ahead and pick the best punching bag, heavy bag, or stand for your needs.

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