Different Porch Light Color Meaning: Facts You Need to Know

porch light color meaning

How do directors set the tone for a scene in the movie? The lights. Every color or intensity of light has an underlying meaning to it that’s universally understood by people.

Your porch lights are the same. They play a role in conveying a message to onlookers, be they guests, passersby, cops, or burglars. This means you can also modify your lights to make your space seem more welcoming or to keep people away, depending on your mood. Here are the different colors you can use and their respective porch light color meaning.

8 Different Porch Light Color Meaning

#1. Red Porch Light Meaning


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Some people turn on their red porch light on Halloween to entertain trick or treaters with some spooky vibes.

If you see red porch lights in February, however, then it probably represents love. The color red is associated with St. Valentine’s day.

And lastly, in some US cities, red porch lights are a way to stand in solidarity with heart patients. It brings awareness to heart health problems and shows that you care.

#2. Purple Porch Light Meaning


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Purple porch lights help support the cause of eliminating domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Task Force of Washington has been running a campaign since 2007 called Purple Light Nights, asking households to stand in support of reducing domestic violence by switching on purple porch lights. This takes place every October and is about bringing remembrance to the victims of domestic violence.

#3. Blue Porch Light Meaning


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Blue porch lights can indicate a number of things.

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2nd April as World Autism Awareness Day. The month of April has since been strongly associated with autism, and a campaign called Light-It-Up-Blue was started to increase awareness towards the struggles of people with Autism.

Blue is also the color associated with the police. In California, blue porch lights represent respect to the police force and their family, for the risks they take to protect others.

#4. Green Porch Light Meaning


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Green porch lights are used in America to honor the sacrifices made by the US veterans. The official day is 11th of November but some people keep their green lights on throughout the month.

In March, however, green porch lights may also be turned on in celebration of the Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.

Lastly, green porch lights may also indicate awareness of Lyme disease. The “Light Up Green” campaign is recognized worldwide, and people usually turn on their green lights in the month of May to help the campaign.

#5. Orange Porch Light Meaning


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Orange porch lights aren’t associated with any major-scale humanitarian causes; it’s simply used because it makes for a greeting lighting choice. The bright tones are considered to be really warm and welcoming. Symbolically, it represents endurance, creativity, and friendship.

#6. Yellow Porch Light Meaning


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Like orange, yellow is also a good porch light choice. In fact, most porch lights, or just lights for that matter, are yellow.

According to Science Alert, yellow light bulbs are common because they distract bugs that are attracted to light, like moths. They make the surroundings dim and warm, which makes it tougher for bugs to trace the source of the light.

In neighborhoods where crime is rampant, yellow porch lights may also be a way to deter burglars as they let them know someone is home. The next associated meaning is that the house is selling crack.

#7. Pink Porch Light Meaning


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Pink has a soothing effect on the eyes, which makes it a great lighting choice although it’s not often used. It’s not associated with any major humanitarian or social cause.

Pink lights are often just an added luxury to help accentuate the features of the house or garden.

#8. Blinking Porch Light Meaning


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A blinking light is usually an SOS. It is a morse code for distress and indicates that you need immediate help. If you ever see blinking porch lights, it is possible that your neighbor is having an emergency.

Some homes are set to automatically start blinking the porch lights in the event of a break-in or fire. You may want to consider purchasing 911 lights so you can signal for help if you’re ever in an emergency.

How To Choose The Right Porch Light

To choose the right porch light, you must understand the psychology of colors and what feeling or emotions they tend to naturally evoke. Pick a light that best corresponds with the sort of vibe you want to set for your house.

If you want to set a relaxed, warm, and welcoming atmosphere, medium-bright orange lights would be a good choice. You can also purchase colored lights to help support local, national, and global causes to stand in solidarity with your neighbors.

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