Everything You Need To Know About Planning An Indian Wedding

planning an indian wedding

A typical Indian wedding is full of bright colours, music, and lots of dancing! But how do you plan such an extravaganza?

If you’ve ever experienced an Indian wedding, you’ll know just how vibrant and joyous an occasion they are. With a never-ending supply of delicious food, dancing until dawn and stunning outfits wherever you look. These events look incredible, but they involve a lot of preparation. Planning an Indian wedding is no piece of cake, and if you’re going to pull one off successfully, you’ll need to follow some simple steps.

In this post, we’ll share the vital questions you should ask yourself when planning an Indian wedding. While also suggesting some incredible wedding venues in the UK, that would make the perfect location for your Asian celebration.

All You Need to Know About Planning an Indian Wedding

How Big is Your Guest List?

The size of your guest list will drastically affect the selection of Asian wedding venues in the UK you can choose from. For example, if you’re planning on inviting 100 people or less, you can choose a more intimate wedding venue such as Trenderway. A delightful, luxurious barn on a farm in Cornwall.

However, if you’re thinking of inviting 300+, you’ll need to consider looking at venues specially designed for large groups. As well as hotels, or venues with big marquees.

When is the Wedding Date?

Typically, Asian parents like the wedding to happen as quickly as possible, to avoid the couple living together without being married. If this is the case, and you would prefer to abide by their wishes. Why not consider a small legal ceremony, and have a much larger celebration with friends and family further down the line?

That way you don’t have to rush the planning of your Indian wedding, and have your dream big day, without committing to date straight away.

Do You All Agree on the Priorities?

Agreeing on the major priorities of all parties involved in planning an Indian wedding is essential if you want a successful, and harmonious journey to the aisle. And we don’t just mean checking with each other. We mean discussing details with whoever is helping you pay for this big day too.

It would be impossible to please everyone involved, and you shouldn’t try. However, by listening and incorporating wants and wishes when you can, you’ll help involve everyone.

How Much Time Do You Have?

If you intend to host a traditional Indian wedding, they take time to prepare. There are so many elements involved, and if you’re planning on inviting 300+ guests, a lot of people to coordinate too. 12 months is a good amount of time to give yourself. Any less than 10 would make things pretty stressful for yourself.

Has Your Chosen Wedding Venue Hosted an Indian Wedding Before?

Much of the excitement at an Indian wedding comes from the dramatic arrivals, dancing and Dhol players. For some venues, the loudness of those drums in particular may be too much, and go against their strict noise policy.

Therefore, it’s important to seek recommendations from friends and family, or check out a list of wedding venues in the UK that have hosted Asian celebrations before. That way you’ll avoid disappointment, and speed up the planning process.

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