Peruvian vs Brazilian Hair: Which One Is Best for You?

peruvian vs brazilian hair

As human hair continues to gain popularity around the world, more brands continue to emerge, making it difficult for women who love hair extensions to go through all the choices available. Currently, the two most popular types of human hair on the market are Peruvian and Brazilian human hair. Continue reading to learn more about Peruvian vs Brazilian hair.

What Is Peruvian Hair?

Commonly referred to as the multipurpose hair, Peruvian hair is the human hair extension that comes from Peru — a country located west of South America. The hair is mainly collected from the remote villages in the country.

However, this hair is not readily available because there are not enough donors in the country because of the limited population.

Peruvian Hair

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Peruvian hair can be either straight, wavy, or curly. This variation is directly linked to the racial disparity that exists in the country, with Indian and Spanish immigrants forming a large part of the Peruvian population. Additionally, this hair can be either light or dark brown.

Normally, Peruvian human hair is coarse and thick, and you just need a few bundles of it to get a full look. However, its scarcity makes it quite expensive. Nonetheless, it is considered being the most adaptable human hair on the market.

What Is Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian hair is the human hair collected from donors in a remote village in Brazil — a South American country. The donors are paid a small amount of money to grow and donate strong, healthy hair. These human hair extensions come in wavy, straight, or curly patterns.

Brazilian Hair

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However, the straight texture is not bone straight, and it tends to have some light waves in it. One of the reasons why Brazilian human hair is popular is because it styles quite well and easily, and it can handle heat very well. It also holds a curl for hours.

This hair blends perfectly with most natural racial hair textures. However, you need to be careful when you are shopping for Brazilian hair extensions because there are many fakes on the market. The right Brazilian hair should be 100% natural human hair.

Peruvian vs Brazilian Hair

Since they are the two most popular types of human hair on the market, it is very easy to confuse one with the other.

So, before you head to the shop to buy your favorite human hair extensions, you have to be able to tell the variance between Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair. By understanding their difference and similarities, you will be able to know which is the best one for you.


  • 100%Natural

Both Peruvian and Brazilian hair extensions are made from 100 percent natural hair. As mentioned above, they are donated by women from remote parts of the two respective countries.

This means that both hair extensions have not been altered or processed with chemicals. Therefore, you can expect them to have minimum shedding and knotting.

  • Black and Brown Colors

Since the two types of human hair are donated by humans, they are only available in back and brown colors. However, they can be dyed, bleached, or curled to suit different customer preferences.

  • Compatible with Different Textures

Both Peruvian and Brazilian hair extensions can be treated to be straight, curly, or wavy. That’s why they are easy to blend with any other natural ethnic hair texture. Whether you are Caucasia, Asian, or African-American, these hair extensions are suitable for you.

  • High-Gloss and Untangled

These two types of human hair are both high-gloss and untangled. This means that they both require the same type of care to look amazing. You can just use natural hair oil to treat these hair extensions and provide them with the necessary nutrients.


  • Peruvian Hair

In terms of texture, Peruvian hair tends to be a bit thicker and rougher than Brazilian hair. It also blends well with normal relaxed hair textures, especially on African-American women. This human hair extension is also slightly wavy and dense.

Peruvian Hair difference

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Peruvian hair is lightweight, but offers more volume and appears more natural than Brazilian hair. Therefore, you can wear up to five bundles of Peruvian hair without feeling like you are carrying too much weight on your head. It also feels soft and shiny.

  • Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is known for its full body, texture, and fantastic bounce. However, it feels a bit rougher than Peruvian hair. Brazilian hair is less expensive than Peruvian hair because it is more readily available than the latter. Additionally, Brazilian hair is less voluminous and heavier than Peruvian hair.

Brazilian Hair difference

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Brazilian hair is more versatile and can last longer than Peruvian hair with proper maintenance. It is more popular in West-African nations while Peruvian hair is more popular in other parts of the world, especially North America.

Which Is Best for You?

If you are looking for human hair that will give you a full-body look and a fluffy feel, then Peruvian hair is the best choice for you. It is also the best option if you want to have thicker, rougher hair. But if you are looking for soft, wavy hair that will fit your avant-garde style, then go for Brazilian hair.

You should also choose Brazilian hair if you want hair extensions that will last longer, give you more density, natural luster, and save you a few bucks. And if you don’t like to waste time shopping around for your hair, you should choose Brazilian hair because they are available in almost every store near you.

Best Peruvian and Brazilian Hair Vendors



Bestsojoy is among the top vendors of 100% natural human hair. They stock both Peruvian and Brazilian hair. Their human hair products include hair weaving, closure, lace frontal, ombre hair, and many more.



Outre has been in existence for over 40 years. It prides itself on its deep-rooted and multi-faceted understanding of the professional production of different hair products, including 100% natural Brazilian and Peruvian hair. It collaborates with world-class hairstylists and real consumers to produce hair products that easy to use and to continue improving their customers’ experience.

Full Shine Store

Full Shine Store

Full Shine belongs to FShine Store, which is one of the leading online distributors of hair extensions. It was founded in 2008 by an American woman Ms. Shelly when she was 18 years old. They sell a wide variety of hair products including Brazilian and Peruvian hair extensions.



As one of the leading producers and distributors of virgin real human hair, UNIce has developed its capability in market research and development, creating high-quality hair products for the global market.

Its core mission is to provide every woman with ultimate natural beauty. The company has a wide range of hair products including Brazilian and Peruvian hair.

In Summary

If you didn’t know the meaning or the difference between Peruvian vs Brazilian hair, I hope this article has shed some light on the subject. I also hope that you now know which one is best for you.

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