Period Delay FAQs: Does It Really Work?

period delay faqs

It’s that time of year again: when many of us are rushing to book our summer vacations. But for many women, the time they are available to book their holiday is also when their period is due. Many women, however, would clearly rather not deal with the typical symptoms while on vacation. Common issues such as tiredness, cramps, and low spirits, can spoil an otherwise pleasant holiday for many.

Instead, women choose to put off their period when they go on vacation for this reason. Norethisterone is a highly effective and safe birth control option that allows you to avoid your cycle while traveling.

If you’re considering delaying your period for a holiday, you undoubtedly have numerous questions. Fortunately, we’ve got the answers.

How long can you postpone your period?

You must start your period delay tablets three days preceding your menstrual cycle. You may take them three times a day for a maximum of 20 days. Therefore, you can postpone your period for 17 days at most, which is plenty of time to cover a week or two-week vacation.

What is the mechanism of action of period delay medication?

Norethisterone is a synthetic form of progesterone and is one of the most popular treatments for delayed periods. Progesterone works the same way as norethisterone: it keeps the womb’s lining from shedding at its usual time. You’ll get your period back to normal after you stop taking Norethisterone within two or three days.

Is there any truth to the belief that taking a pill to delay your period is also a contraceptive?

Another distinction to bear in mind is that Norethisterone isn’t a contraceptive. As a result, while it will help you postpone your period, it will not prevent you from becoming pregnant while you’re away. Because of this, you’ll have to utilize contraception if you want to avoid becoming pregnant while taking them.

Is there another reason for the delay period?

Women going on holiday are not the only ones who use the pill to postpone their period. A woman may desire to delay her period for a variety of reasons. Women who play competitive sports, for example, may want to avoid cramps and tiredness before a critical race or game.

Other times when women might want to delay their period include important life events like an exam or a job interview. Or they may be attending a wedding or another social event where they would like not to have to worry about their period.

What if I’m already taking birth control pills?

If you are already taking contraceptive pills, speak to your family doctor before starting a course to delay your period. If you’re on a contraceptive tablet with a seven-day gap, however, you can often skip your 7-day break and go right to the next packet in order to miss your period while still receiving full contraception coverage. It’s crucial to read the Patient Information Leaflet in the medication package in any case.

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