What To Pair With A White V-neck T-shirt

pair with white v neck t shirt

A white V-neck tee has become the ultimate staple for any guy. While it may have had some bad rep in the past, it’s been totally redeemed and if you don’t have one yet, go order one right now.

It’s incredibly versatile throughout the year, playing the main role in summer and become the perfect base for layering in the fall.

Some guys are still a little intimidated by this wardrobe item, worrying they will look like they’re trying too hard or that it will not work for their particular body type.

If you’re one of them or are simply looking for some great styling ideas, here’s what to pair with a white V-neck t-shirt.

Why a V-neck

It’s true that many guys feel more comfortable in a traditional crewneck, but V-neck has some great advantages too.

First of all, it has a more relaxed fit and gives more breathing room at the neck.

Besides that, the V-neck collar has an elongating effect, which means you will look taller and slimmer. Yes and yes, please!

Lastly, while we stan crews, V-neck simply looks a little bit more put together and is a great way to mix things up once in a while.

How to pick the right one

While V-necks are great, there still are a few rules to remember when buying one.

The first one is the depth of the V-cut. You want something that’s not too shallow, so it looks like a crew, but not too deep, so you don’t end up looking douchy.

The fit is also of utmost importance. Often guys get a V-neck that’s just too tight, and you don’t want that. However, a baggy one will look even worse, so find that perfect middle.

Lastly, make sure you review your tees once in a while and get rid of the stretched-out ones because there’s no amount of styling that will make a raggedy t-shirt look good.

With a casual suit and loafers

A white V-neck tee is a great base layer for the fall and winter days, and if you’re love suits but don’t like the stuffiness of shirts, this tee will save the day any day.

Pair your casual grey or beige suit with a white V-neck, add sunnies and a classy watch as accessories, put on your favourite loafers, and you’re ready for almost any event.

Shop for men’s white v-neck t-shirts at Fresh Clean Tees, as an old stretched-out piece is a definite no-no here.

With wool trousers and sneakers

Wool trousers are awesome, and we’ve just entered a season where you could wear them every day.

A white V-neck tee will serve as a perfect base under your white dress shirt, or if it’s still warm will look great on its own.

While you could wear Chelsea boots or Oxfords here, we recommend trying clean white sneakers to make the look more casual.

Grab a nice leather bag, and you’re a hot nerd.

With coloured chinos and a plaid shirt

Not every day calls for a smart-casual outfit, but your white V-neck can do so much more than that.

How about burgundy or olive chinos and a plaid shirt with corresponding colours? Your white tee will serve as the perfect base, and you can wear the shirt buttoned or unbuttoned.

Add Chelsea boots, a leather messenger bag and quirky socks for a creative yet casual look.

With blue denim trousers and a chunky cardigan

Who doesn’t love jeans? They’re the ultimate classic, and it’s hard to beat the comfort.

And everybody knows that blue jeans and a white tee are an unbeatable combination.

What gives this look some extra style and warmth this fall season is a chunky cardigan. Pick your favourite colour (we’d stay with earthy tones), add Derby shoes to the mix, and you’re ready for the autumn!

With sweats, hoodie and a cap

If you’re planning to spend a weekend in nature, you’ll want to be comfortable. This is where a pair of sweats and a nice white V-neck comes in. Hey, being comfortable doesn’t mean looking sloppy!

Get nice fitted pair of sweats, add a hoodie with a zipper, your favourite baseball cap and comfy sneakers, and you’re ready for your picnic or hike.

The beauty of a white tee is that whichever colour pants or hoodie you opt for, they will look perfect together!

With cargo pants and a denim jacket

If you haven’t heard, cargo pants are back, and one of the best ways to style them is with a white V-neck tee.

Make sure your tee is well fitted to balance the look, and add a denim jacket for warmth and to complete the outfit.

Lastly, your best footwear options are either Dr Martens or canvas sneakers, so pick what you like!

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