Suspicious Minds: The Rise of Online “Cheater Catcher” Services

online cheater catcher services

Let’s face it: Nobody wants to consider the prospect of their spouse or partner cheating on them. However, we have all been tempted to take a little peek at their unlocked phone, perhaps even diving further into their messages to see what they are saying and to whom they are saying it. Suspicion is natural, even in the strongest relationship.

Often it will turn out to be our own sense of paranoia, and we can easily move on from it. And yet, at times, those suspicions can be founded on more than just a gut feeling; you may pick up on odd behavior, such as the constant guarding of a phone or evasive explanations for their whereabouts. And, as it turns out, many Americans are doing a little digging using a new range of digital services to catch suspected cheaters in relationships.

Over the last five years, there has been an explosion in the usage of cheater catcher services, with some of the top services, like TruthFinder, having 8 million monthly users. It’s a booming industry, with some of the best background check services to catch relationship cheaters acting something like digital private detectives, able to provide information on everything from your partner having a secret phone (something that is more common than many of us would like) to additional secret social media accounts.

As to the latter point, consider that one survey showed that one-third of cheaters admitted to having a secret social media account that their partner was not aware of. Other findings showed that up to 67% of cheaters had fake Facebook accounts.

It might, of course, feel like a big step – as if you were cheating yourself – if you decide to take the plunge and sign-up for a background checker service. However, it can deliver peace of mind, allowing you to make a judgment on your relationship.

Ironically, perhaps, using these services can also help save a relationship, as they can prove that your partner has not been unfaithful. Whatever the outcome, though, it can lead to a sense of closure, permitting you to move on, whether that is with your partner or not.

How Online Cheater Catcher Services Work

Background check services are professional firms that can access a world of information online. They will, of course, require a little information to get started. This could be in the form of a phone number for your spouse, as well as other details like names, addresses, and their main social media details. Many of the services give you multiple search options, so you can provide details of the person you suspect is cheating with your significant other.

With scant information, the background check service can provide information on social media activity, including fake profiles, whether they have a secret phone number, whether they have secret assets, including investments and property, and whether they have had online activity that might seem strange or suspicious. They can also provide proof of interactions between a cheating spouse/partner and the person they are cheating with.

The important thing to appreciate here is that we all have a digital footprint, and that includes the most careful cheaters. If you have ever signed up for a social media account, for example, you will know that it requires a phone number. A reverse phone number lookup can, therefore, provide you with a wealth of information on your partner’s cheating activities, as well as give you access to the digital footprint of your partner’s new fling.

Indeed, while it might be uncomfortable to hear, it could lead you to discover multiple affairs. Regardless of the outcome, you should be aware that the top services like TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate have access to data (some can even access the dark web) that is not readily available in online searches. Moreover, TruthFinder can go back as far as 15 years, so you may be able to find out if your partner had an affair in the past, even if they have left their cheating ways behind.

A Truth Worth Discovering

As we mentioned, this is a big step. Using these services is relatively easy – and it can be remarkably cheap for a membership plan – but just because it is easy does not mean you have to do it. Remember, many of us have information that we do not want to share with our partners, and it is not always nefarious. The first question you must ask yourself is whether you are prepared to deal with the truth, regardless of what form it comes in.

After all, you may learn that your partner has been faithful, yet other truths – a criminal record, an addiction, a previous marriage – might come to light. However, if you can no longer live with the suspicion, then using a background check service might be the best way to get that closure you need.

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