NHL Draft 2022 Betting Props

nhl draft 2022 betting props

The NHL Draft in 2022 will take place in Montreal, Quebec, at the Bell Centre on Thursday, July 7, with the first round, and Friday, July 8, with the second through seventh rounds. There will be a lot going on between now and then. 

Shane Wright is the overwhelming favorite to be the number one overall pick to the Montreal Canadiens, and they need a franchise-changing player in the worst way because Montreal is rebuilding. Analysts make score predictions throughout the regular seasons and NHL Draft Mock predictions for 2022. What are some of the NHL props for the upcoming 2022 NHL Draft betting-wise, though?

Simon Nemec

Defenseman Simon Nemec is projected to be one of the top defensemen in the 2022 NHL Draft. Shane Wright, Juraj Slafkovsky, and Logan Cooley are projected to be the top three selections in the upcoming 2022 NHL Draft. 

As for Nemec, he can go anywhere between 4-7 selections. To be selected 4.5 or higher (over), he has -135 odds. For him to be selected 4.5 or lower (under), his odds are -105.

The Seattle Kraken has the fourth pick in the 2022 NHL Draft. Seattle might lean towards a forward with their selection. 

They need offense in their farm system because they struggled to score goals last season. The first three picks feature the Montreal Canadiens, the New Jersey Devils, and the Arizona Coyotes. 

The most likely landing spot for Simon Nemec is fifth overall to the Philadelphia Flyers. For this situation and scenario, bet him to go above 4.5 (over) at -135 rather than under (lower) -105.

Matthew Savoie

Matthew Savoie is a centerman in the 2022 NHL Draft. Savoie has a -120 odds to be drafted over 5.5 and under 5.5. That means that he could go in either position, and rightfully so.

Savoie is a player that can go in the Top 5, but he would be picked no later than the Top 10. He has been rumored to go to a hockey team like the Columbus Blue Jackets at number six or the Ottawa Senators at number seven.

The odds are that Matthew Savoie will probably be drafted fourth overall by the Seattle Kraken because they need another offensive young mind. They drafted Matthew Beniers number two overall last season out of the University of Michigan.

 Savoie played in junior hockey last year and can produce offense. Bet the under 5.5 -120 rather than over 5.5 -120.

Joakim Kemell

Joakim Kemell is a forward in the 2022 NHL Draft. He is projected to go in the Top 10 to Top 15 in this draft. Kemell has -200 odds to be drafted 6.5 or later (over), and he has +150 odds to be drafted 6.5 or earlier (under). He has a lot of potentials but is still raw and will need some time overseas.

This is a kind of hockey player that general manager Steve Yzerman will take eighth overall by the Detroit Red Wings or the Buffalo Sabres ninth overall. Detroit is starting to build something special for the future, and Buffalo is still away, but having Owen Power on the roster as the number one overall pick in the 2021 NHL Draft is a nice start for them.

For Joakim Kemell, bet over 6.5 -200 odds for him in the 2022 NHL Draft to be selected in that area, though.

David Jiricek

For him to be drafted over 6.5, the odds are -175, and the under 6.5 is +135 for the 2022 NHL Draft. Jiricek is a defenseman, and the most likely landing spot for him could be the Anaheim Ducks’ 10th overall. The Ducks have young forwards in their system and need some defenseman to bulk up.

However, David Jiricek is a safe bet for the over 6.5, -175 odds. 

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