The Most Popular Hobbies Among Gen Zers

most popular hobbies among gen zers

We all have favorite things to do when we have extra time to kill. We call these activities hobbies or pastimes. While we are all guilty of having one or more, it’s also important to note that our unique preference for activities is deeply rooted in the generation to which we belong.

Compared to the rest of the population, the generation born and raised in the digital era, or the Gen Zers, were assumed to be more inclined to technology-based hobbies. But were are yet to explore if this is true or just a rough generalization. Below are the most common hobbies that Gen Zers enjoy today.


At least weekly, 87% of them admit to playing video games on their devices, like smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles. Gen Z teen gamers think playing video games boosts their social skills or ability to connect. They also think that their game characters help them express themselves more.

In today’s vast market of games, Gen Zers can always pick one and enjoy it as a hobby.

Action Games

In action games, the gamer is the center of the action. Basically, the player must engage in fighting through survival skills. They make up most of the popular video games you can download today. 

Adventure Games

What’s unique about adventure games is that there is a specific storyline that you must follow. There’s also an interaction between you and the environment as you try to solve puzzles to proceed to a different level in the game.

Online Betting

Gen Z is fond of sports betting and casino games. Many are drawn to NFL betting, online slot games, and other online table games. While they love traditional betting experiences, they participate in online betting to experience the thrill of a new environment.

Physical Activities

Gen Z is an active generation. In fact, 87% of the population exercise at least three times a week, and 40% of them hit the gym at least once every month. 

Why is Fitness Important for Gen Zers?

Today more than ever, Gen Zers think that fitness is a key to confidence and appearance. The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) refers to them as the next generation of health, fitness, and wellness consumers. 

Because most Gen Zers are in their 20s, most struggle with their personal and professional lives. Another stressor to this generation is the pandemic which has significantly altered their way of living. They found physical activities like sports and workouts as an effective diversion from these battles. 

Most Popular Fitness trends Among Gen Zers

Maintaining fitness comes in many forms. But for Gen Zers, here are fitness trends they can’t resist.

Micro Workouts

These are easy, low-intensity workouts that can be done quickly, mostly about 10 minutes or shorter. Because Gen Zers are leading busy lives, they often engage in miro workouts. This way, they can sweat off without investing too much time to dedicate to other important things as they go through the phase of “adulting.”

Outdoor Activities

While it’s true that Gen Zers breathe and consume technology, many of them also love the great outdoors! The most popular activities they want to engage in are camping and hiking. They’ve grown tired of facing computer screens during the pandemic and shifted their interest to exploring nature. This way, they can catch up with their acquaintances and take a break from their hectic schedules. 

Creative Hobbies

The most creative generation is Gen Zers. In fact, 56% of Gen Zers consider themselves creative, higher than 44% of millennials. Furthermore, based on Harris Poll, Gen Zers are most likely to take brain breaks while working from home by playing instruments or singing. 

Different Arts They Engage in

There are many forms of arts to choose from, but here are the most popular among Gen Zers. 


For Gen Zers, music is an outlet to express their feelings and ease their mood. They spend nearly hours streaming music every day. This is because many perceive listening to music as a way to increase focus and motivation and improve mood. 

Digital Art

Gen Zers also love doing and admiring digital art as much as traditional art. Being e generation born and raised in a digital world, it’s no surprise that many love expressing their creativity on digital platforms. 

They use their time online using editing apps to enhance photos or edit videos. They also find inspiration to conceptualize blogs and create graphic designs and memes when offline. They can maximize their audience reach because of their active engagement with social media, effectively bringing their creative talent into the online space. 

Final Thoughts

Gen Z is the youngest and the largest generation composing the US population. The trends in their hobbies only show that Gen Z is a group of individuals engaged in hybrid interests to feel relaxed and boost their relationships with others. Moreover, these also reveal that they are conscious about keeping a healthy lifestyle that integrates life and play seamlessly. 

Nicole Middleton
Nicole calls herself a typical millennial girl and thrives on her share of social media, celebrity gossip, and all things viral content. She’s a big fan of pop music and plays the guitar as a hobby.