No-Fuss Little Girl Haircuts: 22 Trendy Styles That Make the Cut

little girl haircuts

As she grows up, caring for her tresses and styling them becomes a priority. Until she can do it all herself, it is really up to you to add some fun to her day by changing her look, giving the interesting haircuts that she can flaunt to her buddies. These no-fuss little girl haircuts will not just style her, but make her look more adorable than ever.

No-Fuss Haircuts for Your Little Girl

From regular combing to convenient haircuts, her hair now needs some love, care, and attention. These haircuts are ideal to make her look as adorable and stylish as ever, minus the fuss.

Types of Haircuts for Long Hair

#1. U-cut

U cut for long hair

Image source: Pinterest

With this haircut, you can maintain the length of her hair and add some jazz to it. Trim the ends of the hair in the form of the letter U and later curl them up a bit to give it some bounce and volume.

This goes best with straight or wavy hair and suits all face types.

#2. Forehead Fringe

Forehead Fringe

Image source: Pinterest

This is a simple, no-fluff way to spruce up her look. Let her long tresses at the be, and just style the front of her hair by cutting a fringe. It is classic and very easy to manage and maintain.

You can leave the back hair long and flowy, or trim it in the form of a U. This works best if she has straight hair.

#3. Long Layered Haircut

Long Layered Haircut

Image source: Pinterest

Long, straight haircuts are the classic beauty. In this haircut, instead of going old school and trimming the ends into a straight line, add some zest by cutting the ends in messy layers.

It’s best for straight hair and all face types.

#4. Long Blunt Cut with Surface Layers

Long Blunt Cut with Surface Layers

Image source: Pinterest

In this haircut, the mid-level surface layers are trimmed to different lengths while the bottom end is cut in a straight fine line. It is best for adding volume and is easy to manage as well.

This cut makes for a perfect blend of elegance and style.

#5. Long Hair with Side Strips

Long Hair with Side Strips

Image source: Pinterest

For your little girl, you can add some funky pink stripes down the side for some whimsical touches while preserving the long length.

It’s a great way to have some fun without going overboard or too adult and works for all hair and face types.

Types of Haircuts for Short Hair

#6. Boy-Cut

This haircut is very similar to that of boys. The hair length should be equal on all sides and should also be significantly shorter than bob cut or cropped hair.

With cropped hair, you can leave the side locks long and tapered, whereas in this case, the length should be the same as the front.

Looks best on a round, oval, or heart-shaped face with wavy or straight hair.

#7. Short Inverted Round Bobs

Short Inverted Round Bobs

Image source: Pinterest

A little different than classic bobs, this funky, short haircut consists of sleek inverted ends creating a nice rounded shape with a neat finish.

This works great with thick hair, especially when you keep the length at chin level.

#8. Shaved on the Sides

This short haircut will make your little girl stand out. In this haircut, the hairs are first cut in a typical pixie style but few strands of hair at the front are left longer than the rest and parted to the sides. Then the opposite side is shaved, leaving only slight stubble-like growth. It’s a perfect unique cut to create that edgy look.

This looks best on little girls with straight hair and oval faces.

Types of Haircuts for Mid Length Hair

#9. Layered Haircut

Layered Haircut

Image source: Pinterest

If your girl prefers medium-length hair, you can give it some shape and dimension by adding long uneven layers at the bottom of her tresses.

It may seem minimal, it does make a difference as layers add life to the look by making it more voluminous and vibrant. Best for all hair and face types.

#10. Bouncy Locks

Bouncy Locks

Image source: Pinterest

This is a perfect haircut if your little girl loves medium-length hair. In this haircut, the tresses are curled into bouncy locks at the bottom to create an elegant finish. You can let the curls reach the shoulder or below it.

This works best with wavy hair as it’ll help maintain the locks for long. This suits all hair types.

#11. Messy Medium Length Bob

Messy Medium Length Bob

Image source: Pinterest

An adorable and stylish bob that’s not too long or too short. Bobs are usually short but you can add a twist to it if your girl prefers mid-length hair.

Instead of curling the ends slightly inwards, in this case, you can let it flow freely in messy waves. This works well with all hair and face types.

#12. Medium Haircut with V-cut Layers

Medium Haircut with V-cut Layers

Image source: Pinterest

This adds a slight twist to the usual mid-length haircuts. If your girl has thick hair, you can try giving her a fashionable cut with many sharply angled layers at the ends such that they form a V-shape at the back.

The shorter strands at the front can also double up as side fringes. Works best with straight hair and oval, heart-shaped faces.

#13. Blunt Haircut

Blunt Haircut

Image source: Pinterest

A simple, mid-length, yet elegant cut that will make your girl’s hair look naturally rounded and composed.

This is best for thick, straight hair. Let the sleek, smooth tresses fall a little past the shoulder. Since this is a smooth cut, bangs would also look great with it.

Types of Haircuts for Curly Hair

#14. Medium Length Cut

Medium Length Cut

Image source: Pinterest

This cut is best for little girls with curly hair if you want an easy, manageable length. You can select the length according to your preference. It can either touch the shoulder or you can keep it about half an inch above the shoulder. Trim it in a straight line and ensure the length is the same on both sides of the face.

It looks best with a long or oval face with thin, straight, or curly hair.

#15. Cropped Hair

Cropped Hair

Image source: Pinterest

If your little girl has unmanageable curly hair, then a cropped haircut might be the best option. It’s convenient to wash, dry, and comb and you can always add a pop of color with a headband. Trim the hair short on all sides so that they are well above the nape at the back and above the ears at the side. The locks at the side should be short and narrow.

Look best for a round or oval face.

#16. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

Image source: Pinterest

A little different from the classic bob haircut in that here the ends are curled into waves instead of smooth, straight sheets.

A choppy, messy bob is a perfect short haircut for your girl especially if she has curly or wavy hair. You can keep the length above the shoulders. It looks best for oval or narrow faces.

#17. An Edgy Look

Edgy Look

Image source: Pinterest

This involves a slight variation to the long curly locks. Instead of leaving it long and flowy, trim it short, preferably above the shoulders, and let it fall in messy waves. Easier to manage, while not compromising on looks, this can be one of the best types of haircuts for curly hair.

Types of Haircuts with Bangs

#18. Parted Side Bangs

Parted Side Bangs

Image source: Pinterest

This cut is similar to forehead bangs, but instead of letting the fringes fall in straight sheets, you need to part it from the side and trim at a slant angle.

This haircut looks best if your girl has straight thin hair and a round or heart-shaped face.

#19. Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Image source: Pinterest

Very similar to classic bob cut but the difference is that the bangs on one side are longer than the other side. In this haircut, one side of the fringe is trimmed shorter than the other and it’s cut diagonally instead of horizontally. The fringe nearest to the side part should be trimmed.

This chin-length haircut looks great on most face types.

#20. A Bob with Bangs

A Bob with Bangs

Image source: Pinterest

A classic bob coupled with short bangs. Give your girl a simple A-line cut, that is, hair at the back is a little shorter than that at the front. Make the front bangs short, so that they are well above the eyebrows.

Bobs are best for thin hair to add volume and bounce.

Types of Haircuts for Thin Hair

#21. Forehead Bangs

Forehead Bangs

Image source: Pinterest

Forehead bangs suit best for little girls with thin straight hair. You can combine bangs with either short hair or long flowy tresses.

The length of the bangs can either be an inch above the eyebrows or just touching the eyebrows. This haircut can enhance the look of oval and round face types.

#22. Classic Bob Cut

Probably among the most popular haircuts for toddlers, this haircut suits best for a narrow face cut with thin straight hair.

In this, the hair is trimmed to the nape of the neck at the back and a little below the ears at the sides. Leave the hair a little long in the front so it forms two neat fringes running on both sides of the face.

Types of Haircuts for Different Age Groups

For Baby Girls Aged Below 5 Years

• Pixie Haircut
• Boy-Cut Haircut
• Short Inverted Round Bobs
• Cropped Hair
• Wavy Bob
• Classic Bob Cut
• A Stacked Bob
• Mid Length Blunt Haircut
• A Bob with Bangs

For Little Girls Aged Above 5 Years

• Long Hair with a U Cut
• Long Hair with a Fringe
• Long Layered Haircut
• Shaved on the Sides
• Mid Length Layered Haircut
• Messy Medium Length Bob
• Medium Haircut with V-cut Layers
• Asymmetrical Bob Cut
• Long Curly Locks

A Few Parting Words

So that was my list of some of the best little girl haircuts. I hope this helped you gain some insights into choosing the perfect one for your girl. Whether at school or a party, you can make her look special without any fuss.

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