Is Laser Hair Removal Safe? Pros And Cons

laser hair removal pros and cons

If you are not satisfied with tweezing, waxing, or shaving, then you can consider laser hair removal. This unwanted hair removal process involves the use of concentrated laser beams into the hair follicles. The folic pigments absorb the light and destroy the hair. It is a very popular cosmetic procedure in the United States and in some other countries.

Is it worth doing laser hair removal? Certainly! The laser light can selectively target the coarser, dark hair, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged, which is why it is precise. The process is quick too. Each laser pulse will take only a fraction of a second and treat several hairs. Small treatment areas like the upper lip takes very little time. It will take longer to treat larger areas like the legs or back.

Hair removal using a laser also provides a more permanent result compared to several other procedures. However, it is still important to consider other factors like will it hurt, the cost, and is laser hair removal safe?

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The technology works by emitting a light laser light, which will be absorbed by the melanin or the pigments of your hair. The energy will be converted to heat, which will damage the hair follicles that make hair. The damage caused will delay or inhibit the re-growth of hair.

The therapist will first clean the area and may also apply a numbing gel. Numbing is especially useful for the areas where the skin is sensitive. The hair from the treatment area is also going to be trimmed before the process.

The process will be carried out in a room that has already been prepared for the use of laser light. Everyone must wear protective eyewear. The therapist will hold the treatment area of your skin and make it taut.

You will see small plumes of smoke and there will also be some sulfur-like smell once the laser light is passed. First, a short pulse of light will be passed to ensure that there are no adverse reactions. The technician will also make to make sure that the settings of the device are right.

This hair removal treatment can work to remove hair from these areas –

• On your face
• Chin
• Lower face
• Upper lip
• Arms
• Underarms
• Back
• Legs
• Chest
• Bikini line

Laser technology can also be used for safe and effective full body laser hair removal.

How long will hair removal session take will depend on the size of the area. It takes just a minute for the upper. It will require more time to remove the unwanted hair from your legs or back. For these areas, it may even take more than an hour. Total hair removal for women and men may require 6 to 8 sessions.

After the procedure, the technician will apply ice packs and anti-inflammatory lotions or creams. Cold water may also be applied. A follow-up treatment can be scheduled after four weeks.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

This hair removal procedure is absolutely safe for most people. It will give permanent results for many and for others, they can lose most of the unwanted hair after a few sessions. You won’t feel the heat. It will feel as if your skin has been snapped with a rubber band.

Many patients also say that the pulse of laser feels like a warm pin prick. Application of the numbing gel removes even this small sensation. However, it can be painful if laser hair reduction is not done by an expert.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

There are only a few side effects. The process may lighten or darken the affected skin area. There can also be a swelling, redness, and discomfort. In extremely rare instances, it can cause burns and blisters. There can also be scar if it is not carried out by a trained and certified expert. Most of the symptoms of side effects go away in a few hours. Here are some safety guidelines for the use of a laser to remove unwanted hair.

What Are The Dangers Of Laser Hair Removal?

The main hazard involves the use of laser as the skin gets exposed to it. The exposure can be from the direct light or when it gets reflected for a shiny surface like a mirror or a glass surface. Done safely, it can be carried out on people of all age – even someone who is only 14. Some rare side effects include graying of the treated hair. Find out what the FDA says about laser hair removal.

Pros And Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

The Cons

1. It is not as effective on people who have dark skin because the pigment will compete with the hair follicle.
2. The process is long because follow-up sessions are needed.
3. There is a risk of pigmentation. Apply a SPF30 sunscreen.

The Pros

1. It is one of the best ways to remove unwanted hair.
2. Can be carried out on any area.
3. You will get precise results.
4. It is painless.

Is laser hair removal safe? Yes, it is safe and very effective. Laser hair removal is worth doing for various reasons.

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