8 Things You Need To Know About Firearm Laws

know about firearm laws

Since the second amendment was introduced in 1971, U.S. citizens have had the opportunity to own firearms. Currently, one-third of American citizens choose to do so. However, many people argue that firearms should not be available to members of the public.

One of these people is President Joe Biden. In fact, he and other policymakers are attempting to put new restrictions in place on firearms access. They hope that these restrictions, if passed, will help to address gun violence, ranging from mass shootings to rising murder rates in some parts of the country.

However, until these new laws are passed, almost all adults can purchase firearms, but it’s essential that all American citizens understand firearm laws. If you want to learn about some of the firearm laws in America, keep reading below. We’ve made a list of some of the most important ones:

1. Age of Owning a Firearm

As mentioned above, one-third of U.S. citizens choose to own a handgun or firearm. But how old do you have to be to purchase one? Like buying and drinking alcohol in America, the legal age to purchase a firearm in the U.S. is 21. This is the age you are legally classed as an adult.

2. Gun Ownership Rules

Almost all adults in the U.S. have the right to buy and own a gun. The only reasons a person may not be entitled to own a gun is if they have a criminal conviction, a mental health issue, or if they live in America but are not a U.S. citizen. However, it is crucial to know that gun ownership rules differ between states.

3. Carrying Guns

If you’ve ever traveled or lived in America, there’s a good chance you will have seen people walking around with guns. This is because American citizens are allowed to carry guns in most places in America. There are only a few exceptions, including being forbidden to carry guns in or around a school.

4. Registering Firearms

The rules in America currently state that low-grade handguns do not have to be registered. However, The NFS (National Firearm Act) mandates that all Title II weapons must be registered. This includes a range of weapons like machine guns, short-barreled rifles, explosive ordnance, improvised or disguised firearms, and shotguns.

5. Firearm Businesses

Under the Federal Firearms Act introduced in 1938, firearm businesses, importers, and manufacturers must have a Federal Firearms license. This license prohibits firearms businesses from selling guns to certain types of people, such as convicted felons.

Firearm businesses that are properly licensed are protected under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which came into force in 2006. This act states that licensed firearms businesses cannot be held responsible when crimes are committed with their products.

6. Background Checks

Before you can purchase a firearm, the business you are buying it from must perform some background checks to ensure you don’t have a criminal conviction and that you are mentally stable.

7. Purchasing Firearms

It is illegal to buy firearms or ammunition from anyone who isn’t a licensed manufacturer, dealer, or importer. So, it’s imperative to do your research before buying any firearms or bulk 9mm ammunition. Not doing so could lead to you paying a hefty fine or even serving time in jail. However, laws are generally different if you choose to build your own firearm using 80 lowers for sale.

8. Laws Are Continually Changing

If you own a firearm in America, you must keep an eye on the gun laws in your state. This is because gun laws in America change or are amended often. Not knowing the laws could get you in a lot of trouble.

Guns are deeply ingrained in American society. Whether you agree with them or not, it’s essential to understand the laws surrounding them. From how old you have to be to own a firearm to where you can purchase them, make sure you understand the rules.

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