20 Best Knotless Braids with Beads Hairstyle Ideas

knotless braids with beads

If you look at your Instagram feed closely, you will notice that images of trendy women with knotless beaded braids are everywhere. This hairstyle has become so popular among young women around the world because beads are perfect additions to any braided hairstyle.

So, if you are looking for ways to spruce up your next set of knotless braids, you should try adding some beads. This article offers you the 20 best knotless braids with beads hairstyle ideas you should try.

What Are Knotless Braids?


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Knotless braids are the same as the old-style three-strand box braids, but the former doesn’t have the small knots that start at the root of outdated box braids.

Customarily, these small knots are meant to attach the braiding hair, but as new braiding trends continue to emerge, the knots have become pointless. Your knotless braids can be done in different sizes and lengths, depending on your preferences.

Instead of using the traditional knots, this hairstyle uses the feed-in braid procedure in which a small amount of braiding hair is added to your natural hair during braiding to give the braids a flatter appearance. This technique also reduces the weight of the braids on your scalp and minimizes hair breakage.

How Knotless Braids Are Done

Knotless Braids

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Although it’s impossible to braid your own hair, it’s important to have an idea of how knotless braids are done before you go for them. Here is a simple guide on how to do knotless braids.

1. Preparing Your Hair

Your hair needs to be washed and conditioned thoroughly before you braid it into any style. This is meant to give it enough moisture to sustain it for the few weeks you will have your braids on. Use the available shampoos and conditioners to prepare your hair not more than one day before you get the knotless braids.

2. Detangling Your Hair Strands

After washing and conditioning your hair, the next important step is to ensure that it doesn’t have knots or webs. Fortunately, numerous leave-in hair conditioners can add slip and extra moisture to your hair strands. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair.

3. Dividing Your Hair into Sections

During braiding, your hairstylist will divide your hair into sections to simplify the overall task of braiding. Normally, your hair will be divided into four equal sections, each of which will be pinned out of the way using hair ties and claw clips.

4. Adding Your Hair Cream

Hair cream adds more moisture to your hair to keep it nourished for the duration you will be wearing your knotless braids. You can apply nourishing hair cream or more leave-in hair conditioner to your hair strands, including the ends.

5. Choosing Your Parts

With a rat tail comb, your hairstylist will create parts, depending on the style you want. You can choose either box parts or triangle parts. This decision should be made at the start of the braiding process to avoid borrowing additional hair from other individual braids. It will also give your knotless braids a polished appearance at last.

When creating your parts make sure they are sized equally to the size of braids you want. In short, if you choose a one-inch part of your hair, choose a one-inch braid. Otherwise, any difference in sizes will result in excessive tension on your scalp.

6. Crafting Your Knotless Braids

Once your hairstylist decides on the parts and sizes of your braids, they create a small part and apply some hair gel to its roots to keep the braid in position.

Then, they will split the part into three threads, link them in, and add braiding hair. They will work the braiding hair down until they get the desired length of the braids. This process will be repeated on each part until all the braiding work is complete.

7. Adding Holding Spray

After braiding, your hairstylist will mist a holding spray onto your braids from the roots to the ends to help your natural hair bond with the synthetic hair to prolong the lifespan of your knotless braids.

8. Sealing Your Hairstyle

To seal your new hairstyle, your hairstylist will apply a small amount of hair mousse to your braids. This offers your braids extra hold, ensuring they remain intact for a long time.

9. Finishing Touch

The stylist will give your new hair a few minutes to absorb the mousse before giving it the finishing touch. This involves dipping your braids in hot water to seal the mousse.

You should perform this step on your own if you are not a professional hairstylist. Instead, just spritz your braids with the steam of shiny hairspray to give them a natural shine.

How Long Can Knotless Braids Last?

Braids Last

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For natural hair knotless braids, they can last up to three months with proper care. But for synthetic knotless braids, three main factors determine how long they last: the texture of your hair, maintenance, and their size. So, if your hair texture is coarse with tight curls, your knotless braids can last up to three months.

But if you have silk hair with loose curls, your knotless braids won’t last very long because your hair will easily separate from the synthetic braids. In most cases, knotless braids on silk hair last for about six weeks. In terms of size, large knotless braids become loose faster than small knotless braids.

Therefore, if you want braids that will last for a long time, go for the smaller ones. But if you are purposely wearing the braids for a special occasion, choose a larger size because it’s more stylish. Medium-sized knotless braids last longer than large braids but slacken faster than smaller braids.

20 Knotless Braids with Beads Styles

If you want to try knotless braids with beads for your next hairstyle, here are some of the best knotless braids with beads styles you should consider.

1. Pushed-Back Bob Braids


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This hairstyle is naturally cool. Its breezy appearance is suitable for women looking for a simple and low-maintenance hairstyle.

2. Half-Up, Half-Down Bob Braids


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This hairstyle is quite nostalgic as it features the half-up, half-down style popular in the 90s. You can even add more nostalgia to it by including colored rubber bands.

3. Bobbed Fulani Braids with Fanned Ends

Fanned Ends

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This hairstyle became popular in 2019 after Danai Gurira wore it at the Oscars. It’s considered the best hairstyle for women who work from home. Its flared look will add some element of style to your Zoom meetings.

4. Jumbo Bob Braids


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Jumbo Bob braids are fairly easy to install and are very stylish. But they need to be smaller around the hairline to reduce the tension on your scalp.

5. Bob Braids with Beads

with Beads

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Add multicolored beads to your bob braids to give them a younger and playful vibe.

6. Multicolor Bob Braids


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If you always have trouble deciding which color suits your hair, you should try multiple colors. You can find inspiration in Amandla Stenberg’s chin-length brown, black and red knotless braids.

7. Bob Braids with Flipped-in Ends

Flipped-in Ends

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Flipping your knotless braids in the ends allows you to style them in a chic way. This style is particularly trendy because the hair flip technique is slowly coming back into style.

8. Jumbo Cornrows with Gold Thread

Gold Thread

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These knotless braids are highly versatile, allowing you to style them in different patterns, including the standard braided back look.

9. Asymmetrical Bob Braids


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The good thing about these knotless braids is that they go well with statement jewelry or no accessories.

10. Bob Faux Locs

Faux Locs

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Bob-length faux knotless locs are the perfect representation of ‘90s Lisa Bonet. So, if you want to try locs for your next hairstyle, this is a perfect choice.

11. Bob Braids Wig

Braids Wig

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Bob knotless braids with beads are a stunning protective hairstyle, but they require time to accomplish. So, if you want the look and protection of bob knotless braids without sitting at the salon for hours, go for a bob braids wig.

12. Bob Senegalese Twists with Loose Curls

Loose Curls

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These Bob Senegalese knotless braids will give you the best protective hairstyle. Their loose curls will add an element of elegance to your hair, especially for a dressier occasion.

13. Short Knotless Braids with a Side Part

Side Part

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Adding a perfect side part to your short knotless braids will make your look more sophisticated. You can also add jewelry to the ends for a cute and edgy look.

14. Jumbo Burgundy Braids

Burgundy Braids

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Burgundy is one of the most popular colors of the ‘90s. You can add an element of flair to your hair by including a hunt of burgundy to your knotless braids.

15. Bobbed Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

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These Fulani knotless braids have graced many red carpets for a long time. The style is mainly associated with the Fulani people of West Africa. It is perfect for women who like shorter hair.

16. Cleopatra Braids


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This hairstyle involves having the ends of your knotless braids burnt with a lighter to seal them. It rekindles great memories of the ‘90s. But don’t try this style if you don’t know what you are doing because it can lead to serious burns.

17. Bobbed Fulani Braids with Colorful Beads

Colorful Beads

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Adding colorful beads to your Fulani knotless beads will bring more fun to your everyday style.

18. Bob Braids with Slicked Baby Hairs

Baby Hairs

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Styling the edges of your hair is a form of art that requires diligence. This hairstyle allows you to be creative with your edges after styling the rest of your hair.

19. Passion Twists Bob

Twists Bob

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This style is perfect for women who want to try something different. The structured bob cut makes it even more outstanding.

20. Knotted Box Braids with Swooped Baby Hairs

Swooped Baby Hairs

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Instead of sealing the ends of your knotless box braids with water or a flame, use rubber bands to spice them up.

Knotless Braids Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

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Although the process of getting knotless braids with beads is the most taxing part, you also have to follow the right maintenance procedure to keep them looking fresh and elegant. Here are some useful tips to help you take care of your knotless braids with beads.

  • Oil Your Scalp Weekly

While your hairstylist took time to give your hair the necessary moisture, your strands need to remain hydrated to prevent hair breakage. So, you need to oil your scalp once a week with your favorite hair oil to keep your hair fully moisturized.

  • Protect Your Knotless Braids at Night

Even if you have a protective knotless braids hairstyle, you still need to protect it at night to make it last longer. Cover your braids with a silk piece of cloth or bonnet to protect them from frizz and keep them unharmed.

  • Remove Them When It’s Time

Although your knotless braids with beads look great on you, you have to remove them after three months. If you take too long to remove your braids, they will cause your hair to start matting at the roots, resulting in breakage when you want to detangle it. So, don’t keep them for too long.

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