5 Lucrative Jobs For Retirees: How To Stay Active After You Retire

jobs for retirees

Retirement marks the beginning of what can be life’s most beautiful phase. There are no children-related responsibilities, you have no mortgages to pay off, and no pressure to build a career. All that is behind you now.

It is reported that the average annual income of a US retiree is $38,515. Are you one of them? If so, you can choose to take it easy. Nothing wrong there. You’ve certainly earned it. But despite having the privilege of leisure time, many retirees seem to want to get back to work.

You might want to spoil your grandkids. Or you could be motivated to leave money for your family. Or perhaps you’re looking for a sense of personal fulfillment, especially if it involves socializing and interacting with others.

Whatever your reasons, if you’re a retiree looking for some adventure, here are five exciting jobs for retirees that you could explore.

Let’s begin with the wildest one.

#1. Private Island Caretaker

Always envisioned owning a private island? Never had the finances for it? You don’t need to buy an island to live your fantasy. If you like vegetation, resorts, and the beach and don’t mind some alone time, you could apply for a job as a private island caretaker.

A private island needs a management team for its upkeep. Your job could include anything ranging from maintenance, gardening to social media marketing, or writing blogs. Don’t like water or isolation? Need less adventure? How about a large estate or ski resort?

Bonus – your food and accommodation needs will be covered. Click here to learn more about the role and begin your search for that fantastic adventure-filled retirement job!

#2. Pet Sitter

If you love spending time with animals, this is the perfect job for you. You could find an owner with a boa, a tarantula, an aquarium, a bearded dragon, wallabies—the options for legal exotic pets in the US are endless. Baby-sitting pets a few times a week sounds like a fun and revitalizing job.

You could do this in a small or large capacity as per your convenience. Some pet sitters visit the house for a couple of hours to look after the pet while the owners are away. Some stay with the pet 24/7 for a few days or weeks if their owners are away on vacation. To get this gig, you’ll need to register at either Trustedhousesitters or Petsitter.

Need something low key? You could pair your love for dogs with your favorite activity like walking or running and be a dog walker. Feel strongly about abandoned animals and their rights? You can sign up with a local animal shelter as a volunteer.

#3. Work on a Cruise Ship

I’ve personally never seen age kill the appetite for adventure. You probably won’t be able to go mountain climbing or deep-sea diving, but you can high-tail the seven seas and five oceans like a sailor.

Picture yourself standing on deck in the frosty early morning hours, eyes glued to binoculars as you scan the blue for turtles, whales, and the likes.

If you love the salty ocean breeze and the vast expanse of blue with the occasional seagull squawk, you could try for a vacancy on a cruise ship.

Keep in mind that a cruise ship job could entail weeks of work with no break, but if you’re all about that sea life, it’ll feel like a vacation anyway. There are a range of jobs you could undertake on-deck, even fun ones if it’s a luxury cruise.

Jobs on a cruise ship range from simple house-keeping to medical and entertainment skills, so you can choose which best fits your skills. To apply, look up your closest cruise liners with a quick google search and call in to check for openings.

#4. Tutor

With years of practice honing your communication skills and body of work, imagine the rush of being able to put it to the test and educate the next generation while you’re doing so. If you love to teach, spend time with kids or young adults, and have many pearls of wisdom to share, a tutoring or teaching job might be the ideal fit for you.

Say you’re well-versed in plant biology, you could tutor undergrads taking a college course on the subject. It’ll be a quick pay-day, plus you get to make use of the knowledge you spent many years acquiring. It could bring a sense of personal fulfillment, as many teachers claim to have experienced.

To find work like this, check out some freelancing portals or on sites like Tutors.

#5. Airbnb Host

Want to be able to work and socialize from the comfort of your own home? With Airbnb, you can turn your spare room and home into a bed-and-breakfast for travelers and tourists. Earning money with no effort beyond simple home keeping and maybe making a few warm meals for your honored guests could not be easier!

If you can’t exert physically and need something that doesn’t involve commitment or responsibility, this is the perfect option for you. You’ll get to meet strangers from all parts of the world right in your living room. Imagine all the knowledge and tales they will bring.

To host guests in your home/apartment, register now on Airbnb.

Should I Return to Work at My Age?

It depends on your age and health. If you’re a 50 something retiree, you might’ve retired a little too soon. However, if you’re over 70, age might be a valid concern for you. I’ve asked several senior citizens what they’d do if allowed to either return to their previous employment or find a new one as a way to pass the time.

Most of them weren’t obligated to work for financial reasons. They didn’t want to feel unproductive all day. For most, work is not a choice. But, seeing as they were in good financial shape, they were extra picky when it came to jobs, and I think that’s the right idea.

You should be picky. You don’t have to work, after all. You’re doing it for recreation, or maybe work carries greater significance to you.

Here’s what you should consider before you decide to go on your life’s last possible job hunt:

• Health and Fitness levels
• Stress handling levels
• Medical Ailments
• Interests and goals
• Level of responsibility the work entails
• Salary
• Your skills and talents

After all, if you’re over 70, you probably shouldn’t be out chopping timber or working a stressful management job with loads of responsibilities. The work should be about what interests you.

A Few Parting Words

The current average age for retirement in the US is 63. According to the World Bank, life expectancy in the US is almost 80 years. What do you do in the intervening years? Make the most of your time creating fantastic memories, of course!

These are just some of the available jobs for retirees. The world has so many more options ranging from outdoor jobs (park rangers to camp hosts) to work from home options (crafting to paid surveys) to safe government jobs. You could even apply to Hollywood to be a spare in a movie! Now that you know of the various adventurous and safe jobs for retirees, which will you pick?

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