Interview Outfits for Women: 3 Ideas to Help You Stand Out

interview outfits for women

Making a good first impression is among the most important factors that decide whether you get the job of your dreams or an instant rejection email. And we aren’t talking about not forgetting to list whichever qualifications make you the perfect candidate for the position.

Instead, what we mean is your physical appearance — however superficial that might sound. The thing is, your outfit and body language might have a different story to tell. For that reason, check out some of the best interview outfits for women below, and make sure you follow the excellent what-not-to-wear tips.

3 Best Interview Outfits for Women

1. The White Shirt Outfit


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This evergreen outfit will be your number one choice for any kind of job interview. The reason is that a white shirt will make you seem both professional and easy-going. And the best part is, you can combine it with nude-colored pants, jeans, and skirts. Opt for a big black purse to top it all, though other colors might work as well.

2. Casual Yet Classy Attire


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A great idea for an interview outfit might be combining classic colors like brown, white, and black. Go for a nude top with a u-neckline that’s not too deep and a dark pair of straight-leg pants.

Put on a white blazer to make your outfit a bit more elegant. Finally, opt for black or brown court shoes, an animal print purse, and a long heavy necklace to tie it all together.

3. The Long Skirt Classic


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Are you after a more feminine look and want to accentuate your best body parts without seeming tasteless? If so, a dark pencil skirt will be your best friend. You can combine it with a shirt of any color — preferably with vertical stripes. Again, go for a pair of court shoes to elongate your figure and give you an even classier look.

Is It Okay to Wear All Black to an Interview?


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Many fashion enthusiasts like to point out that black is the new black — since it never goes out of style. The thing about the absence of color is that it makes you look sophisticated and classy.

Odds are, that’s just how you’d like to present yourself to an interviewer. And since black is a classic color, you’ll fit in whichever dress code the company seems to have going on.

Also, recruiters tend to associate this color with leadership and authority. Typically, this is one of the qualities they look for in their potential employees. Still, wearing all black to an interview might seem too assertive, depending on the position you’re applying for.

So, make sure you reserve it only for high-powered interviews where showing off your leadership skills seems necessary.

What Should Women Not Wear to an Interview?

The first thing recruiters don’t like to see on their future female employees is heavy makeup. Wearing tasteless and bright colors both on your face and your clothes will seem inappropriate. You might risk looking like you’re on your way to a club, or even worse, like you’re just coming from one.

Also, you should avoid wearing something too revealing, like deep v-line tops or inappropriately short skirts. The same goes for overdoing your perfume — it will likely be too distracting. After all, you aren’t going on a date. Plus, catching the awkward looks of your recruiters might make you too uncomfortable.

Finally, you should never wear anything that seems messy, wrinkled, or stained. In the eyes of your recruiters, you’ll look sloppy and careless. While men might be excused for the same mistake, this is where the interviewers draw the line when it comes to females.

3 Tips for Choosing Your Interview Outfits


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1. Avoid Bright Colors

When it comes to interview outfit colors, orange tops the to avoid list. It is the worst color to wear to an interview as it seems unprofessional and even tacky. You might also want to steer clear of multi-color outfits since those may come on too strong. Keep in mind that bold patterns might be fun, but they can sometimes prove distracting.

2. Make Comfort Your Top Priority

Nothing might mess up your interview more than not being able to hide your discomfort. If you decide to wear clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable, you might not be able to focus on the questions.

Also, the recruiter will likely find you anxious and insecure, which is not something you want. Thus, it might be safer to wear a comfy yet professional outfit that doesn’t make you nervous.

3. Always Remember the Occasion

Suppose you’ve found a cool outfit that’s both comfortable and classy. But does it seem to fit the occasion, or would your future employer find it unprofessional? If your attire isn’t in line with the industry you’re applying for, that might cost you the job.

Also, remember to wear the clothes appropriate for the season and time of day — otherwise, you’ll be sending out the wrong vibe.

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