I Suck At Everything: 15 Reasons Why You Feel Like A Loser

i suck at everything

Now and then you may wonder: Why I suck at everything I do? Although many people feel like it’s just a lack of joy, unhappiness comes in many shades and colors. Feeling like there is nothing you are good at can lead to depression and other psychological complications.

The feeling of being a loser usually results from major failures in work, studies, relationships, business, and other aspects of life. There are times in your professional and personal life when you feel like nothing works. A good example is when you face perceived rejection, make a serious mistake in your project, or face circumstances that are beyond your control.

You can also feel like a loser when you become overly negative and have nothing positive going on in life. This is a mindset created through a lack of gratitude and appreciation for what you already have or do in life.

Losers are people who stop taking responsibility for their actions and fail to decide what is more important in their life. The decision you make in life can help you go from being a loser to a champion. With this in mind, I have prepared 15 reasons why you may think you suck at everything or feel like a loser.

Reasons Why You Feel Like a Loser

#1. You Worry Too Much

Worrying breeds in inner turmoil. As you get old and look back at your life, you will think “I wish I would worry less”. This causes poor sleep, tension, fatigue, and lack of concentration. The reality is that most of the things you worry about will never happen.

Some people dwell so much on what could go wrong in whatever they are doing or planning to do and forget to look at the brighter side. Sadly, their worry turns into anxiety, which breeds stress and other mental disorders.

There are different kinds of fear. For instance, you may worry about being late to work because there is a traffic jam or think that your marriage won’t work because you do not communicate well with your partner. What you do not realize is that you have the power to change the outcome of these situations if only you are willing to change your perspective.

You have to reflect on your actions and thoughts and come up with a plan on how to counter your fears. Worrying doesn’t solve anything; it only freezes your mind, preventing you from thinking and seeing things clearly.

If you don’t want to feel like a loser anymore, use your energy to face your fears and work towards changing things that you have control over and let the rest go. Also, try as much as possible to be happy.

#2. You Hold Grudges

Holding a grudge is the same as drinking poison and hoping your enemy will die. You will be hurting yourself by carrying all the negative feelings about people and situations. It’s natural to get angry when someone wrongs you, but it is dangerous to hold on to that anger for the rest of your life. When you hold grudges for too long, you end up feeling like a loser.

It’s even unhealthy because you will always feel depressed when you come across the person you have a grudge with. Holding grudges means you are living with a feeling of anger that eats you from the inside out. This kind of resentment can find its way into different aspects of your life, including work, relationships, and business.

Also, when you hold anger for too long, frustrations, stress, and sorrow will ultimately manifest in your life. Then, you will end up feeling like a loser and hating yourself and everyone around you.

#3. You Want Everyone to Play by Your Rules

You will be fooling yourself and even feel like you suck at everything if you expect everyone to be fair and honest with you just because you treat them so. No one lives by your rule book and if you don’t realize this soon enough, you will end up feeling like a loser. Understand that nobody has a memo of how you should be treated.

More importantly, no one has to live by your standards and beliefs. It is normal to get angry and feel frustrated when someone violates your deeply held ideologies or beliefs, but there is no point in losing your sleep and stressing yourself because other people fail to do what you wish they could.

You need to take people as they are and appreciate their spectrum of ideas and opinions. Always lower your expectations when dealing with people. That way, you will be happy when people over-deliver and surpass your expectations. Don’t let anyone’s actions make you feel like a loser.

#4. You Compare Yourself to Others

You will always feel like a loser if you like comparing yourself to others. Doing so makes you believe that they are winning and you are losing. Life is not a competition and you will end up being the sole loser if things don’t work out for you. Your friends, relatives, and colleagues may be living the high life or look very successful, but you will get it wrong if you compare yourself to them.

You don’t have to be better than everyone else in your circle. Sometimes you will win and other times you will lose. That’s the game of life. Besides, there is so much that you can do to be better than your friends or colleagues. Don’t just focus on the losses. There are many ways in which you can excel in life without comparing yourself to others.

Just think beyond what your friends see in you and stop comparing yourself.

#5. You Choose to Be Happy Only When Things are working for You

Happiness is an important part of life and it’s a personal decision. Your happiness should not be determined by what is happening around you. You will always feel like a loser if you only measure your happiness by the things you achieve. The happiest people are those who look beyond their failures to find something to be happy about.

Happiness should come within and you should not depend on other people to be happy. It is your personal choice to be happy. Don’t turn yourself into a loser by assuming that you can only be happy if you are rich or successful. It’s great to have goals in life, but if you tie your happiness to your future success, you will end up believing everything in life sucks.

Find joy in the life you live today.

#6. You Are Lonely

Loneliness is an awful feeling that can eat you up like cancer. Human beings are naturally social creatures and they should nurture good relationships. So, do everything possible to avoid loneliness. Spending time with relatives and friends does away with the feeling of loneliness and brings eagerness for what each day brings.

Also, find individuals with whom you share similar interests, beliefs, or social settings and establish a relationship with them. Try to smile and reach out to different people out there who can make great friends. You also have to develop a genuine interest in other people if you don’t want to be lonely and feel like everything in your life sucks.

#7. You Don’t Make Time for the Right Things

When you stop thinking about the wrong things, you give the right things room in your life. Many people who end up feeling like losers tend not to pay attention to the important things in life. For you to have a positive perspective in life, you need to focus on things that are aligned with your values.

You can easily make time for things that matter in life by coming up with a list of your values and ranking them in the order of their importance. This list will also help you see how many of your day-to-day activities align with your personal values. The best thing is to prioritize your life and do what matters to you most.

Also, manage your time and prioritize each task so that everything you do is aimed at achieving your goals. You also have to quantify your tasks and decide which ones are more important. This makes it easy for you to identify tasks that are likely to ruin your day if you fail to accomplish them.

#8. You Spend Your Time with Unhappy People

When you feel like you are compromising yourself and your morals because of the company you keep, it’s time to call it quits. Do an objective analysis of all the people you hang out with and decide whether they are worth your time and happiness.

If the people you consider being your friends are the constant source of negativity in your life, it’s time to kick them to the curb. Unhappy people will always make you unhappy with their never-ending pessimism and insecurity.

These are people who look for happiness in the wrong places and will concentrate on trying to please others to gain approval. Also, avoid friends who don’t take risks because they will never pursue different opportunities that come their way. All they do is to come up with excuses for not taking the risk.

Avoid toxic friends who are unhappy and only focus on what they don’t have. These are people who only see negative things in life and believe they need something they don’t have to be happy around others. These individuals only visualize the world as a miserable place that has nothing good to offer. If this is the company you keep, your life will always suck.

#9. You Haven’t Discovered Your Purpose

Some people go through life trying to be someone they are not and end up feeling like losers. If you want to be happy in life, find your purpose and passion, and pursue them. Discover yourself and you will have a delightful story to share with the rest of the world.

#10. You Are Stuck in the Past

Do you always feel like you suck at everything? You may not realize it, but if this is how you feel about yourself, chances are that you are still holding on to your past mistakes. A loser is a product of sorrow, regret, hindsight, visions, and what-ifs.

We all learn from the past, but staying there is not a wise decision. You need to realize that you can never change the past, you can only learn from it. Dwelling on the past will only make you feel worthless and foolish.

#11. You Are Unhealthy

Emotions are connected to many physical properties in your body. In fact, your overall happiness affects your health in ways you can’t imagine. So, it is important to pay attention to what you eat, how you exercise, and how you deal with stressful situations.

#12. You are Afraid of Failure

Many people are afraid of making mistakes in life. Some don’t even want to try new things because they have lost hope and are afraid of failure. With such a mindset, you can’t grow to realize your full potential. And when you are not satisfied with your life, you will feel like everything sucks and see yourself as a loser.

#13. You Are Insecure

When you want to discover your full potential, get out of your comfort zone. It is the fear of failure that prevents you from achieving your dreams. Don’t let insecurity stop you from experiencing the joy of achieving something great in life.

#14. You Are in Debt

A man in debt will always feel like a loser or even a slave. Debt can lead to a lot of frustrations in your life. It could be financial debt or unfulfilled promises. These obligations lead to financial hardships, broken relationships, and stress. So, if you want to feel like a doer, come up with a plan to get out of debt.

Clearing your financial debt and other obligations will bring you peace of mind and give you the strength to achieve more.

#15. You Have Unrealized Dreams

If you have the courage to pursue your dreams, they will, without a doubt, come true. Instead of sitting down and feeling sorry for yourself, find the courage to chase your dreams no matter where they take you. In the end, you will only regret the things you failed to try.

To Sum Up

Every time you feel like a loser, remind yourself that nobody is born a loser. It is a state of mind that only captures those who are too afraid to try something new. The only way to shake off that feeling of failure is to wake up and find new strength to chase after your dreams. Also, realize that the people you hang out with can make or break you.

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