How To Get Rid Of Black Ants In Your House: 8 Easy Ways

how to get rid of black ants in your house

Pest infestation of any kind can be a huge hassle to deal with. And when the pests are tiny little black ants, getting rid of them completely can seem impossible. They often invade houses in search of food or to nest. Black ants feast on anything they can find, and once they have their food source, getting rid of them can be very difficult.

So, if you’ve been noticing an increasing number of black ants in your home, don’t wait any longer. Here’s a brief overview on how to get rid of black ants in your house effectively!

Why Do You Have Black Ants In Your House?

Black Ants

Before we move on to the best ways to make your house ant-free, let’s take a look at why they’re in your house.

#1. You Have Food In Open

Finding food is probably the ultimate motivation for black ants to start nesting in your home.

In most houses, there will often be ready-to-eat food or snacks on the kitchen counter. You may even have set aside some baked muffins, slices of bread, or leftovers. Even food preparations leave bits of food behind. And crumbs or pieces of food too often find their way to the floor, especially if you have kids around.

If this sounds like your house, your house has become an ideal setting for black ants to thrive.

#2. You Have Moisture In Walls Or Under The Sink Areas

Aside from food, black ants are also attracted to moist and damp places.

Not all of us check the area under the sink too often. So, this place becomes the perfect nesting place for black ants after they have had their fill of your food. And if you happen to have soft, almost rotting wood somewhere under your sink, all the more reason for them to not leave your home.

Black ants also like the moist creaks and crevices in your wall, especially in wood panels. So if you have any cracks on your paneling where moisture is generously retained, you are providing a home to these black ants.

How To Get Rid Of Black Ants In Your House: 8 Ways


If you want to successfully free your house of black ants, you should know that black ants are social insects that live in colonies. So, killing a few stray ants won’t do; any plan to eliminate ants should be centered on killing the whole colony.

Here are easy but proven solutions on how to get rid of black ants in your house.

#1. Seal All Food In Airtight Containers

Black ants are attracted to starchy and sweet treats like honey, sugar, and cornmeal. These household staples should be properly stored in your kitchen in airtight containers.

You should also make sure you don’t leave any crumbs, especially anything sweet, anywhere on countertops or the floor, because they will attract ants.

It is also a good idea to wipe your storage containers clean and dry before storing them in your cabinets.

#2. Clean Behind The Fridge

One of the most neglected areas in the kitchen is the space behind your fridge. Since it is out of sight, it is often neglected.

If you look behind your fridge right now, you’ll be amazed by how much dirt has been accumulated there. All of this dirt, dust, mold, and bits of food and crumbs are a buffet for black ants.

These tiny bits of food may not smell as strongly as they are on the counter, but any kind of rotting food is still unpleasant and a magnet for pests.

#3. Do Not Leave Any Food Out For Long (Including Pet Food)

If you leave food out to cool or when waiting to serve, make sure you have designated areas where you keep your food.

Leaving food out too long on your counter is an open invitation for black ants to have an all-you-can-eat feast. It’s better to transfer leftover food to sealed containers as soon as you can.

The same principle also applies to pet food — especially the canned and wet ones. Keep an eye on the appropriate proportions of food your pet consumes during mealtimes and avoid leaving extra food behind for the ants.

#4. Ensure Your Bins Are Tightly Sealed

Food storage bins, canisters, and especially your trash bins should never be left open. It will attract black ants as well as other household nuisances like cockroaches and rats.

Always make sure you close the lids of your bins fully so as not to give the ants the entry points they need to get to the food.

#5. Seal Up Cracks And Holes In Walls To Prevent Them From Nesting Inside Wall Cavities

The black ants in your home don’t suddenly appear and disappear. It’s time for you to figure out their entry and exit points, only then can you seal off these passages effectively.

Usually, black ants use tiny cracks and holes in the walls and fixtures to get inside your property. Do a thorough inspection of your floorboards and even radiators.

Seal any cracks and entryways you find after treating them with ant repellant. You can also check any rips or holes in your window screens and mend them.

#6. Use Insecticides

If you don’t have pets or small children and can leave your house empty for a few hours, using insecticides can be one of your go-to’s to get rid of the uninvited black ants.

There are also non-toxic commercial sprays that can help control the ongoing ant infestation in your home. Raid, for instance, is a household name and widely available on the market for being effective against ants.

#7. Keep Your Kitchen Floor Clean

After meal preparations, grocery sorting, and mealtimes, it is best to sweep your floor to get rid of any food crumbs off your floor.

You may not see the crumbs of that Oreo cookie that your child has been snacking on or that corn kernel that came loose from the grocery bag, but the black ants can.

It is also recommended to mop your floor at least once daily to ensure that any sticky residues, dirt, and dust are cleaned.

#8. Cut Tree Branches And Other Plants From Your House

Plants are the best and most natural décor you can have in your home. But, it’s a good idea to cut and trim vines, stems, and leaves that have grown too long, especially if they reach your windows.

They can serve as easy bridges for black ants to get inside, and you won’t even notice them crossing until they’ve settled in comfortably in your house.

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