47 Housewarming Wishes You Ought To Know: Home Sweet Home

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Buying a home is one of the most important milestones in people’s lives. It is a significant moment that sparks joy in everyone’s heart.

Therefore, if a friend/relative of yours, or even a stranger has taken the important step of investing in a new home, the most natural thing is to congratulate them on that and welcome them to the neighborhood. Doing so shows respect, friendliness, and goodwill. Here you’ll find 47 housewarming wishes you ought to know.

If you’d like to wish your new neighbors all the best in person, it’s a good idea to bring a little housewarming gift with you. You can’t go wrong with a pretty vase, a fancy candle with a soothing scent, or a cute picture frame. The following suggestions will help you say something original and leave a good impression.

47 Housewarming Wishes That Will Leave a Good Impression

Housewarming Wishes to Welcome Your New Neighbors

1. “Wishing you many years of joy and health in your new home!”

2. “May your new home be filled with love and good health!”

3. “Congratulations! Here’s wishing you the best in your new home!”

4. “May your new home be filled with laughter and love!”

5. “May your new home be a foundation for a happy life filled with amazing memories!”

Housewarming Wishes You Can Write on a Note or Say in Person

6. “Welcome to the neighborhood!”

7. “Best wishes on moving into your new home!”

8. “All the best in settling into your new home!”

9. “Congrats on your new house! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.”

10. “Many congratulations. I hope all is well in your new hood!”

11. “Wishing you a happy moving day and quick settling in!”

12. “Please accept my warmest wishes for your new home!”

13. “May your family and you grow old and happy together in your new house!”

14. “May you create years of happy memories in your new home!”

15. “Wishing you the best of luck! May your home be filled with love and peace!”

Thoughtful and Serious Housewarming Wishes

16. “We’re really happy you’ve finally moved into your new home. Wishing you lots of peace and enjoyment!”

17. “Congratulations on getting your new house. Here’s hoping you turn it into a lovely home and it becomes a place of many happy moments!”

18. “We’re all very excited that you’ve finally moved in! Wishing you all the best with your new home — hope it works out perfectly!”

19. “Congratulations on the new address, the new house, and all of the new experiences that you will have as a homeowner!”

20. “Welcome to our neighborhood and congratulations on your new home! We believe that good people deserve good things — let your life be filled with such!”

21. “We’re elated to welcome you to our neighborhood. If you need a person to show you around or just someone to talk to, my door is always open!”

Housewarming Messages That Will Make You Laugh

22. “Well done on moving house… please send me your Wi-Fi password in advance. Thanks.”

23. “Hooray! You’re officially proper grown-ups now!”

24. “Congrats on your new home. Great adulting!”

25. “Welcome to the mortgage club. Can’t wait to visit you in your new home!”

26. “If you ever get lost, now you can always…go home!”

27. “I hope you remember the very first moment you stepped foot in your new home because it will never be this clean and organized ever again!”

28. “Well done getting yourself in an obscene amount of debt!”

29. “Well done on finding a ridiculously expensive place to live!”

30. “Congrats on moving in together in your new home! Remember, living together is mainly just shouting ‘What!?’ from different rooms.”

31. “Your new home is lovely — which is great, as you won’t be able to afford to go out anymore!”

32. “NO, I won’t help with the unpacking, and YES, I would like to come over for free food and drinks!”

Housewarming Quotes About the Importance of a Home

33. “A house with walls joined by trust, love, and commitment needs no other decoration. Congratulations!”

34. “Knowing that you have a beautiful home to go back to will make even the busiest workdays seem manageable. Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of such a home!”

35. “Every brick and piece of plywood in your new home represents the struggle and hard work it took to become a homeowner. Congratulations, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!”

36. “A home is the only place where the heart, mind, body, and soul can all find peace. Cheers for your new home!”

37. “Home is a word that symbolizes love, trust, progress, memories, and relationships. I hope you are blessed with all of these and more!”

38. “The walls of a rented place make you feel safe, while the walls of your own home make you feel secure. Good luck and best wishes on your housewarming!”

39. “A home is the seed from which the plant of life grows and branches out into relationships, children, and happy memories. Best wishes on your housewarming!”

40. “Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams!”

41. “A home built with love needs no other decoration. Congratulations!”

42. “Home is where love resides, memories are made, and friends are always welcome!”

43. “Having a place to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing!”

44. “A house is built with boards and beams. A home is built with love and dreams.”

45. “Home…where you treat your friends like family and your family like friends.”

46. “Fill a house with love, and it becomes a home.”

47. “Home…a story of who we are…a collection of things we love.”

To Conclude

Moving to a new place is always accompanied by a mixture of excitement, happiness, stress, anxiety, and a whole bunch of other emotions. Your new neighbor is probably anxious to say ‘hi,’ and that’s understandable — they have so much to do until they can finally settle and relax.

You should be the one who tries to break the ice, but worry not — whether you’re congratulating a friend on their new home or welcoming your new neighbor, these housewarming wishes will guarantee your success!

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