How Horse Racing Has Embraced Technological Innovations

horse racing embraced technological innovations

Technology has significantly improved and influenced every aspect of our lives, and it has had a significant impact on our sports as well; whether it’s the establishment of VAR or the ability to track every detail of an athlete’s performance, there’s no denying that technology advancements have enhanced our enjoyment of elite sports events.

While horse racing has managed to maintain many of its traditions, it has not been avoided by technological advances. Despite it being the world’s oldest and most traditional sport, technology plays a very important role in improving both the safety and enjoyment of this famous ancient sport.

Let’s take a look at how technology has managed to help enhance the sport of horse racing in this article below!

Technological Improvements in horse racing and betting

Advanced technologies have the potential to transform not just the audience experience but also widen the types of audiences that the technology can reach.

• Tracking software

Horses now have tracking software implanted in their body, allowing data collection of their speeds around the track, which is critical for evaluating their level of performance. Trainers can now use this software to determine their horses’ strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of racing.

They can then combine this knowledge with their own abilities and the expertise of their jockeys to try to get the best performance out of their horse on race day. It is also beneficial from a fitness standpoint to ensure that the horse is performing at its best prior to race day. If not, the trainer has the knowledge needed to guarantee the horse’s safety by withdrawing them from the competition.

• Online betting

Horse Racing fans can now stream races and track the progress of their favorite runner from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the introduction of online betting.

Placing bets online has become exceedingly simple and there is no longer any need to queue and ensure that you have enough cash to place your bets before the next race. It’s also a lot easier to compare odds, which allows punters to make absolutely sure they’re receiving the best bet possible when it comes to backing a favorite.

• Internet and mobile devices

Access to the internet and mobile devices is the most critical technological improvement that has forever changed the face of horse racing. Before betting on a race, you would have to study a newspaper or a specialized horse racing supplier to get all the information you needed.

Now that you have all of the information on your phone or mobile device, you can consume it on your browser or app before moving on to another app to place your wager. Gone are the days when you had to rush to a betting shop or wait in line to place a bet.

• Data collecting availability

Tracking technology now makes it possible to collect data throughout a race. As a result, jockeys can review their previous results and identify areas where they might improve their efficiency. It also allows trainers to devise a strategy for their chosen riders based on their strengths and shortcomings.

The expanded data collecting availability can also be utilized to determine how a horse reacts to various track conditions. This allows trainers to make educated and precise judgments about a racecourse’s suitability several days in advance.

• Photo finishes

Horse racing is a sport where numerous close finishes occur, making it extremely difficult to tell who won with the naked eye. Since the 1930s, racetracks have employed picture finishes to determine whether a race had a clear winner or a dead heat.

The technology, which was formerly based on a continuous moving film, is now for photographing runners as they pass through a very narrow field of vision. Two digital cameras are now fixed in place and used in order to determine the winner whenever it is required to be used.


Technology has removed some of the grey areas from the sport, offering cold hard facts to benefit horse racing betting. This is due to the numerous statistics provided, as well as live streaming to watch the activity on the betting site and app. Horse racing has always embraced technology and will continue to do so in the future for the sake of the sport’s overall improvement.

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