10 Popular Hens’ Party Games: How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

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When you’re planning a friend or family member’s bachelorette party, you want it to be a show-stopper – something the bride will never forget! Fortunately, doing that is a lot easier than it’s ever been, thanks to stores that offer all types of naughty items and websites that provide you with ideas you likely wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

In fact, it’s now easier than ever before to plan the ultimate bachelorette party with little effort on your part!


Bachelorette parties have to be fun. After all, this is the bride’s last moments of single life, and these parties have to allow her to go out with a bang. You’ll need to get a little creative if you want it to be fun and memorable. The first thing you’ll need is a theme. This is a great way to create a fun environment. Various bachelorette decoration ideas can help you get started.

Then think of choosing the best activities and games for your party. Choosing the right hens’ party games can make the event special in a number of ways, and the best part is, you can play most of them for very little money because most don’t require huge expensive purchases to make the game exciting.

If you’re thinking up games to play and come up blank, not to worry because we’ve composed a list of both nice and naughty hens’ games that are guaranteed to make the night unique and special. Below are 10 of these games for you to enjoy.

1. Bingo with a Twist

This game is played just like Bingo, but of course it’s catered to a more risque crowd! You play the game like regular Bingo except that when a number on your card is called out, you mark it off and then either say a word or phrase, or make a sound that you usually make when you have sex.

This one is bound to be hilarious, but there’s a final twist to it: when you get a full house, instead of yelling “Bingo,” you yell “I’m coming!”

2. Don’t Drop the Dilly

Get a fake dilly and pass it around from one woman to the next – without using your hands! Instead, place it under your chin and pass it to the next person, who has to take it away from you using her chin. Keep passing it around until someone drops the dilly, then that person has to take a shot of alcohol.

You can either get in a circle or a line to play this game, and it can be timed or you can stop whenever you like. Just remember to keep that dilly under your chin, and remember to take a shot whenever you drop your dilly.

3. A Revised “Pass the Parcel” Game

For this game, wrap up a “dare” with a sheet of wrapping paper and have everyone pass it around. Play some music and occasionally stop the music. Once the music stops, the ladies have to stop passing the paper around, and the person it lands on has to open it up to see what her “dare” is.

If the mother-in-law of the bride is playing, you should try to stop when the wrapping paper is in her hands because let’s face it – what could be funnier than that? For the dares, you can use the following, uh, activities:

• Call the father-in-law with your phone number set to “private.”
• Pretend you’re a waitress and ask the people at the table next to you if you can get them anything (for hens’ parties that take place at a restaurant).
• Pretend you’re a house-cleaner and knock on the room next door, then ask them if they would like their bed turned over (for hens’ parties that take place at a hotel).
• Demonstrate your favorite sexual position – act it out!
• Pretend to be someone the groom recently met. Call him and see how long you can string him along (note: this naturally won’t work on the bride!).

You can come up with many more dares, of course, because this is just a starting point. This game is a lot of fun!

4. The Scavenger Hunt Game

This one is especially challenging and funny. Make a list of items that the bride-to-be has to collect throughout the evening. She can use any method she chooses to find and get the items, and they can include:

• Business card
• Button off a shirt
• Free drink
• Fresh flower
• Lock of hair
• Pair of shoelaces
• Piece of someone’s underwear

Warning: some brides-to-be get very creative when looking for the things on their list!

5. Unsolicited Advice

This one is simple, but it can produce a lot of laughs. Give everyone paper and pen, then ask them to write down a tip or piece of advice for the bride-to-be. When everyone is finished, they can place the sheets of paper in a box or bowl. Then, the bride-to-be has to pick one out of the box and read it, then continue until all of them are read to the crowd.

Suggested tips include:

• Never go to bed angry.
• Never tell your husband another man is more attractive than he is.
• Never tell your husband that the sex wasn’t that great.
• The woman is always right.

6. How Well Does She Know Her Future Husband?

This one takes a little planning, but is well worth it. Before the party, make a list of questions to ask the groom, call him with the questions, and make sure you write all of his answers down. At the party, ask the bride-to-be the same questions and see if the answers match! Some of the questions you may want to ask include:

• What is his favorite color?
• What is his favorite sexual position?
• What type of underwear does he like to wear?
• Where did the couple first make love?
• Where did the couple go on their first date?

To make it especially interesting, make sure you add some sexy, risque questions in there!

7. We’ve All Faked it

For this game, the bride-to-be chooses three people – or even better, ask for three volunteers, without telling them what’s going to happen next. Once the three people are chosen, each person has to fake an orgasm, being as descriptive as possible. The bride-to-be is the judge, and at the end she must pick a winner.

8. Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

Give each person a piece of Hubba Bubba bubble gum, and instruct them to chew their piece of gum then mold it into something that looks like a penis. Once again, the bride-to-be will be the judge and must pick who created the best penis after everyone is done.

9. Naughty Pictionary

For this game, give everyone a large sheet of paper and a pen or marker. Make up a list of words that are all related to sex, and jot each of them down on a postcard or smaller sheet of paper. Place those pieces of paper in a box or bowl.

Once the guests are ready, have each of them pick a piece of paper out of the box, and that’s what they have to draw on their large sheet of paper. As they draw, the others have to guess what they’re drawing, and the guest that gets the most guesses correct is the winner.

There is no end to the fun words you can think up, but of course it’s better when they are all related to sex. Below are just a few of the words you can write on those small sheets of paper:

• Condom
• Doggy
• Fellatio
• Missionary
• Pearl necklace

You’re guaranteed to have fun with this one!

10. What’s in Your Purse?

Okay, this one isn’t necessarily going to be naughty, but it will still be a lot of fun. To start, simply have everyone empty out their purse on a large table. Assign points to as many items as you can think of, and the guest with the most points wins the game. Assigned points can look like this:

• Condom: 30 points
• Pair of underwear: 30 points
• Random phone number: 30 points
• Credit card: 20 points
• Lipstick: 20 points
• Photo of partner/husband: 20 points
• Receipt for shoes: 20 points
• Mobile phone: 10 points
• Sunglasses: 10 points
• Breath mints: 5 points
• Feminine hygiene product: 5 points
• Hand sanitizer: 5 points

Naturally, it doesn’t matter which items you list or how many points you assign each of them. It’s going to be fun regardless of the numbers!


Coming up with the best hens’ party games is a lot easier than you think, and there are tons more in addition to these. Once you get the hang of it, you can even come up with games of your own. Remember, the more risque and sexy the game is, the more fun everyone will have.

Bachelorette parties get more exciting all the time, and you don’t have to look far to find the best games to play while you’re there. All you have to do is put your thinking cap on, and the rest is easy!

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