A Comprehensive Guide on Helium Tanks

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Nothing says celebration like a cloud of floating balloons! Balloons are the simplest and most cost-effective decorating idea. The only drawback of having balloons is putting air in them and transporting them to your event’s venue. Thankfully, this can be a no-sweat experience by using a helium tank.

In this article, I’m going to give you all the caveats of renting or purchasing a helium tank, where you can buy one, as well as some important tips on using them. Consider this your all information resource on helium tanks.

What is a Helium Tank?

Imagine trying to squeeze in all the air from a large music hall, which is how much air you’ll need for a thousand balloons, into a plastic bottle that can be easily transported. It just wouldn’t hold.

The second lightest element, helium is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas used for various purposes. It is commonly used in rocket fuel tanks, microscopes, computer hard drives, and more. But it is best known for inflating balloons.

Helium and other light gases exert a tremendous amount of pressure when compressed into a small space and thus must be stored in heavy metal tanks strong enough to withstand the pressure.

These tanks are geared with mechanical components such as valves and nozzles to make it easier for you to extract as much gas as you need and prevent the rest from escaping.

A helium tank can thus conveniently inflate helium balloons without the effort and exhaustion of using a conventional balloon pump.

Types of Helium Tanks

different Types of Helium Tanks

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The kind of helium tank mainly depends on the capacity of the tank. Each tank’s helium content influences what it can accomplish. Here is a rundown of the different types of helium tanks based on capacity:

7-Liter Helium Tank

This helium tank is enough to inflate 27 to 30 9-inch latex balloons. For larger balloons of about 12-inches, this helium tank should be sufficient for a maximum of 16 balloons.

If you inflate an 18-inch foil balloon, you’ll have enough helium power for 14 to 16 balloons. All these balloons can float beautifully for a maximum of 8 hours.

13-Liter Helium Tank

With this helium tank size, you can effortlessly inflate about 27 foil balloons of 18-inches and latex balloons of 12-inches. Meanwhile, you can inflate up to 50 9-inch latex balloons with this helium tank.

22-Liter Helium Tank

For larger events that need more helium balloons, you definitely need to bring in the bigger helium tanks.

This helium tank can inflate up to 90 9-inch latex balloons. This is enough to make a balloon canopy for one of your venues. If you are using either a 12-inch latex or a 9-inch foil balloon, then you can easily inflate 46 balloons for every single helium tank.

Helium Tank Brands

With several disposable helium tanks available in the market today, it can be a little intimidating to make the right purchase.

There are several elements to consider like the number of balloons you need to inflate and the kind of balloons you’ll be using.

Balloon Time

Balloon Time

This brand offers you an excellent option to transport your pre-inflated balloons. Their helium tank is designed to be lightweight, easy to use, disposable, and recyclable.

You can purchase the brand’s standard tank that includes the tank itself and a roll of white ribbon, or get the Balloon Time Kit with the helium tank, ribbon, and 9″ inch latex balloons. They offer balloons in assorted colors and their helium tanks come in two sizes: Standard and Jumbo Balloon Time Tanks.



This brand is everything you need inside a box. It comes as a kit with a helium tank and balloons.

Rather than being inconvenienced with ordering balloons from the store and finding ways to fit dozens of balloons in your car, getting the helium balloon tank from Unique is the most practical and hassle-free solution.

Unique offers these disposable helium tanks in two sizes. You can conveniently order these brands from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Party City. Alternatively, you can also visit their websites and order directly from there.

When to Use It?

If you’re planning to use helium balloons and need to work with a dozen or more of them, you also need helium tanks.

Helium tanks can be very handy for parties and events where helium balloons are involved. You can conveniently inflate your balloons and allow them to float or style them in diverse balloon creation.

There are two common reasons for using helium tanks. Either you are hosting a gathering with helium balloons as one of the concept designs, or you are using helium tanks as an income-generating source by renting them out.

How to Get Helium Tanks?

how to get Helium tanks

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Renting From a Supplier

Based on the size of your event and the kind of balloons you’ll be using, disposable helium tanks may not be the best option. To ensure you have more than enough helium supply is by renting a helium tank (or two) from a supplier.

The best way to find a suitable supplier is to check Google or get recommendations from friends and family who have already rented.

Helium tank suppliers will ask for a deposit, while some may accept a credit deposit that can range anywhere from $100 to $200. Rest assured, the deposit amount will be paid back in full once you return the empty tank in good condition.

Make sure that you confirm that you’re receiving the different accessories with the helium tank such as the pressure gauge, the required valve, and balloon nozzle. Some would have these included, while others would need to be rented separately.


• Ideal for events where more than 50 helium balloons need to be inflated
• Can be rented with a cylinder dolly for movability
• Balloon nozzles and other accessories are included with the rental fee


• Additional time and effort to look for a supplier
• Considered a more expensive option

Buying Helium Tanks

If you won’t be using any particular type of balloons and you have a set number of balloons to work on, then it would be better to get your helium tanks. Some tanks come in complete packages, including a certain number of balloons, ribbons, and nozzles.

Most party supply retail stores would have one available, or you can also shop online and go through customer feedback before you “Add to Cart.”

After using the helium tank, you can dispose of it and be done with it. In case you have not consumed all the gas inside, be sure that you can store it safely.


• No additional task required after using it
• Ideal for small-scale events
• Easy and more convenient procurement


• Additional accessories need to be purchased separately
• Limited choices when purchased in a physical store

How to Use Helium Tanks?


Helium tanks are quite simple to use. Here are the steps you can follow to use a helium tank:

#1. Remove the rubber tip cap of the helium tank.

#2. Attach the appropriate balloon nozzle.

#3. Open the tank’s valve by rotating its handle anti-clockwise. Continue rotating until it won’t allow you to go any further.

#4. Slide the balloon’s neck over the balloon nozzle.

#5. Slightly lift the balloon nozzle upwards so the gas can be released.

#6. Fill the balloon until you have reached your desired size. Remember not to overfill it with gas or it will burst.

#7. Remove your inflated balloon from the nozzle and tie it at the end to keep the gas from escaping. You can secure it further by using a ribbon or a balloon weight.

#8. Close the helium tank’s valve by rotating its handle clockwise. Always keep it tightly closed when you are not using it.

What Can You Do Once the Helium Runs Out?

If you are out of helium, you have two options to remedy the problem.

Refill Your Helium Tank

The only time you opt for this route is when your current and empty helium tank is labeled “refillable.” If you try refilling a canister that is not designed to be filled, it can cause injuries and accidents.

If you are 100% confident that your helium tank is indeed refillable, then you can head to a welding or gas supplier in your area and request a refill.

Dispose of Your Helium Tank

Disposable helium tanks are just meant to be used once, and after exhausting all the helium in them, you have to throw them away.

If your helium tank is less than 18 liters, you can safely dispose of it in the trash. Ensure that it is completely empty by turning on the top valve and releasing all the gas inside.

If it is a higher-volume helium tank, it is best to take it to your local refuse center, specifically to the household hazardous waste team. Again, make sure that the tank is 100% empty to avoid causing any bodily harm to the workers.

Quick Tips About Helium Tanks

1. Helium tanks sold in toy and party stores usually are disposable tanks.

2. Even if the tank is labeled as refillable, it is better to dispose of it if it is old and has not been certified for several years.

3. Any sign of rust and damage to the head or neck of the tank is an immediate indication that you need to dispose of your helium tank.

4. When you still have some helium left inside the tank, ensure that you close the valve tightly to prevent the gas from leaking. You can keep a helium tank for months at a time.

5. Helium tanks are pressurized. Don’t put it on your mouth or nose.

6. Do not use a helium tank for any other function except its intended purpose.

7. Never directly expose the tank to heat or fire.


Helium tanks can free you up from the hassle of transporting dozens of balloons in various sizes and designs. It also saves you a considerable chunk of your time from inflating balloons. A helium tank can be the ultimate solution for a balloon-filled gathering!

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