Why Does He Keep Looking at My Online Adult Dating Profile?

he looking at my dating profile

Men and women do not seem to understand each other any further than they already have. It is not like they are totally disconnected, but they still can’t have this deep, mutual understanding. Yes, they talk and communicate just well, but they keep asking questions that are still unanswered and do not know what causes the other’s actions.

As for today, we will talk about men and online hookup websites. We are going to answer some questions that most of the girls ask. Why do men visit your adult dating profile? Why does he like your pictures or posts without even having the nerve to text you? We are going to talk about why do they do that.

Is he your ex?

Having a relationship is more complicated than we understand, and ending it causes more emotional and psychological stuff in our heads than we notice. Men do not pay enough attention when they end a relationship and end up with a huge emotional weight they can’t get rid of.

Eventually, they reveal their true thoughts and reach out to their ex when they understand what they are feeling. They start checking her profile to see what is going on with her. Is she completely over them? Is she seeing someone else? This method is not helpful and inappropriate.

If your ex reached out to you on a hookup website and showed interest in spending the night together, you shouldn’t let him back because you don’t know how that would evolve. You might even consider sending a message to make it clear that you are not thinking about having a casual relationship with your ex. Remember, you’re hooking up online to forget your ex not to go back to him.

A man you knew

The ghost

He is a man you went out with once or twice or chatted with for a couple of weeks, and he disappeared on you, AKA he ghosted you. When such a person comes out of nowhere and starts liking your posts or getting into your DMs, it will be disturbing since you can’t rationalize his motives. You would ask yourself why someone would text me after months of disappearing.

Well, answers vary. It depends on what kind of person he is. Don’t follow ghosts because they will disappear again, and they are not thinking about having a casual relationship with you. For them, you are just a plan B.

The stalker

Some men will be all over your profile just because they think you are a bad person, and they need to sext you or ask you for nudes. Men have to stop disrespecting a woman if she expresses her sexual desires. Just because you are hooking up online doesn’t mean they can cross the border.

Newly single men

This type will be fresh out of a relationship and back into hooking up. He could be a stranger or someone you knew or dated; either way, when he checks your profile, it means he is interested, and he is trying to see whether you are available or not. You might consider giving a newly single man a chance because they usually feel the need for a casual partner and don’t want any sort of long-term relationship.

The creepy dude

As you spend more time hooking up online, you come across all kinds of people. One of them is the creepy dude. This guy is silent, he likes your posts, but he never texts or responds to your messages if you text first. His behavior can be related to his fear of rejection, or he might not be available.

Either way, you do not have to freak out unless you sense some weird behavior. Other than that, act normal, but don’t build too many expectations that he’ll reach out to you because this kind of man doesn’t dare to do so.


A man checking your profile can be exciting and scary simultaneously. It could be a sign for a new sensational casual relationship, where everything is dreamy and colorful, but it has its side effects, too. Keep an eye on such men, watch their actions and behaviors, and do not be afraid to act up when necessary. Anyway, if you don’t mind having men checking your profile, you can consider starting an OnlyFans account, and if you’re looking for more information, you can find them here.

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