Tips for Having a Real Estate Blog on Your Website: What You Need to Know?

having real estate blog

So, you just obtained your real estate license in NY, and your next possible step or plan is creating your website. With that, you need to build it so potential clients will be encouraged to contact you when they visit. One factor that will help your website stand out in the competition is creating blogs and articles.

Creating a real estate blog has always been a great way for professionals with real estate licenses in NY to build their brands and engage local audiences. And since blogging has been so accessible and increased because of online platforms, anyone can build an online platform.

So, if you want to start writing blogs for your real estate website, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, you will learn some tips for writing high-quality posts for your website.

How to Write High-Quality Real Estate Blogs?

These are the tips you might want to consider when writing real estate blogs for your website.

1. Keyword Research

Keywords should always apply to the niche and location, which is important for real estate. If you put hard work into writing real estate blog posts, then sure, you always want people to read them.

You must be aware that Google indexes pages that are based on Authority. This is determined through several factors, like the number of pages linked to you and the number of keywords related to the search term in the texts of the blog.

Check out these strategies when incorporating keywords in a blog.

  • Make a list of topics specific audiences could research on the internet. For blogging,  you may include the theme of the article you have written on the list.
  • When you already have the list, you may start to type them into a search engine such as YouTube or Google and check if there are suggested phrases that automatically pop up.
  • You should include them in the post, usually in the first 150 words, because Google rewards the posts with keywords at the start. Making a title is also a vital opportunity to optimize the post. You have to include the keywords.
  • You should also avoid keyword stuffing, as your page may be penalized.

2. Blog Posts should have SEO Best Practices

Before you dive into the tip, you’re probably wondering what SEO is. It means ‘Search Engine Optimization,’ and it’s basically the measurement system for the relevance of articles online.

Remember that the internet may be saturated with articles and blogs about real estate. That is why optimizing the posts with SEO can increase the chance of being on top of Google search results.

You should always consider the intent of the readers. You must write something that would be relevant and would keep them reading. Also, include the right linking and remain current on the articles.

3. Tone Should be Casual

People usually like posts that give friendly advice rather than reading the manual. You must be very keen in choosing the tone of writing. It’s fine to include a bit of humor when you write, and the audience will likely appreciate the blog with a warm touch.

Real estate agents who plan to work on their blogs should remember to always keep people on their page. That way, they can engage with the content. Write in such a way that the audience will understand. To the extent that they will keep on coming back because you are helpful and clear.

4. Sharing of Blogpost Through Social Media

Once you’ve written a blog post, one of the best ways to maximize the impact is to share it across other platforms to communicate online. This also includes having a weekly electric newsletter and social media channels.

Remember that when you start and build a blog, you have to take note of the community online. You must connect to different platforms that strengthen the community.

5. Build Authority

Always keep in mind that the job of Google is to provide users with reliable information. As a professional with a real estate license in NY, the Authority of your website plays a vital role in whether Google includes the content in its SERP.

Among the effective ways of building the Authority of the site is publishing top-notched content. Writing is within the area of expertise. The same goes for unique, original, and detailed blogs are way better than rehashing broad strokes on what’s available.

6. Write in a Conversational Style

Blogging does not require following all rules that were taught in school. You have to make sure that any reader can understand what is written. Starting the sentence with a conjunction, contractions, and conventional slang is also acceptable.

Wrapping Up

Blog writing for real estate is a skill like any other. You have to understand the basics, improve and practice, and make your game with sophisticated knowledge and a great understanding of your writing topics. You also need to consider the pros and cons of writing a blog.

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