Ways to Wish Someone to Have A Safe Flight

have a safe flight

Getting on a flight can be exciting as well as unnerving. But bidding someone farewell as they take a flight can be even more terrifying. You have so much to say but words never do you justice.

If you too wish you could express all your feelings when wishing a dear one to have a safe flight, then we have a collection of quotes, messages, and tips that will help you communicate and look out for your loved one better.

Have A Safe Flight Messages

Want to send a “have a safe flight” message or a wish to your loved one? Check out our selection below.

Have A Safe Flight Sayings In English

#1. I wish you the best flight and a safe landing.

#2. Have a safe flight and text me when you land!

#3. May your flight be boring and safe.

#4. May the sky be clear when you fly.

#5. Hope you have a smooth flight and landing.

#6. May the wind take care of your aircraft.

#7. Have a safe flight, my dear.

#8. Bon voyage, darling.

#9. Make a safe landing!

Have A Safe Flight Sayings In Other Languages


#1. Have a safe flight = Tener un vuelo seguro

#2. Wish you a safe flight = Te deseo un buen vuelo

#3. Fly safe = Volar seguro/segura


#1. Have a safe flight = Anjeonhan bihaeng-eul/ Anjeonhan bihaeng doeseyo

#2. I wish you a safe flight = Anjeonhan bihaeng-eul giwonhabnida

#3. Fly safely = Anjeonhage bihaeng


#1. May the plane arrive at its destination safely = Hikōki ga buji ni mokutekichi ni tsukimasu yō ni

#2. Wish you a safe flight = Anzen’na hikō o oinori shimasu

#3. Fly safely = Anzen ni tobu


#1. Have a safe flight = Avoir un vol en toute sécurité

#2. Wish you a safe flight = Vous souhaite un bon vol

#3. Fly safely = Voler en toute sécurité

#4. Have a good journey = Bon voyage!


#1. Have a safe flight = Avere un volo sicuro

#2. I wish you a safe flight = Ti auguro un volo sicuro

#3. Fly safe = Vola sicuro

#4. Have a good journey = Buon viaggio!


#1. Have a safe flight = Yīlù shùnfēng

#2. Wish you a safe flight = Zhù nǐ fēixíng ānquán

#3. Safe flight = Ānquán fēixíng

Most Common Ways to Wish Someone to Have A Safe Flight

most common ways

#1. Happy flight!

#2. Fly safe!

#3. Enjoy the flight.

#4. Wish you the safest journey.

#5. Have a smooth flight.

#6. May your journey be simple and free of adventures.

#7. Hope you have an easy flight.

#8. Get home safely!

Creative Ways to Say Have A Safe Flight

#1. May the skies protect you.

#2. Let the winds bring you back safely.

#3. May angels fly with you.

#4. Fly safe, land safe!

#5. I Hope the birds guide you back home safely.

Tips for A Safe Flight

tips safe flight

#1. Carry a few disposable face masks, and wear one at all times.

#2. Carry a cloth or hand wipes to clean surfaces you may touch often.

#3. Store frequently used items in plastic zip bags.

#4. Carry a hand sanitizer and tissues.

#5. Choose a window seat if possible, to minimize contact with people.

#6. Keep a safe distance from crowds or anyone you suspect to be ill.

#7. Do not touch your nose, face, or mouth when outside or before washing your hands.

#8. Wash your hands frequently when on a flight for at least 20 seconds.

#9. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing but do not touch your face with dirty hands.

#10. Avoid outside food as much as possible, or try to wash your hands before and after you eat.

#11. Carry a thermometer with you.

#12. Carry an e-copy of important documents.

#13. Wear light breathable, clothes you feel comfortable in.

#14. Do not drink on the flight, and stay alert of your surroundings.

#15. Keep your phone charged and secured with you wherever you go.

#16. Try to carry a small pouch or bag with all your important belongings that you can easily carry during an emergency. Make sure it is compact and portable.

Track Your Loved One in Real-Time

If you want to track the flight your loved one is taking, follow our steps below.

First, go to the website of the airline they are traveling with. Then, enter the details you know about the flight.

Details you will be asked about the flight:

• Flight number
• Date of flight
• City of departure and arrival
• Route

Some other applications/websites that provide you information about a flight:

Google Flight Alerts
App in the Air
Family Locator
The Flight Tracker Pro
ADSB Flight Tracker
FlightAware Flight Tracker
Flight Board
Plane Finder
Planes Live
Flight Arrivals

These will provide basic information about the flight. But it is best to go to the airline website to get accurate and detailed information.

Details that you can access with the website/tracking apps are:

• Status of flight
• Estimated time of departure and arrival
• Delays in flight schedule
• Arrival gates

An alternative is to call the customer care or service center of the airline to know about the flight status and other information.

Have A Safe Flight Quotes

have a safe flight quote

Have A Safe Flight Quotes For Family

#1. “May angels fly with you wherever you roam and guide you back safely to family and home.” – Traditional Irish blessing

#2. “Have a safe flight. Don’t worry about us.” – Wedding Crashers

#3. “Have a safe flight, okay?” – Serendipity

#4. “Au Revoir, sweetie Have a safe flight.” – Monsters vs. Aliens

#5. “Fly home safe, son. Our prayers are with you.” – Species II

#6. “I love you, can’t wait to see you. I love you too. Safe flying.” – Due Date

Have A Safe Flight Quotes For Friends

#7. “Listen, you have a safe flight home. Say hey to the wife and kids.” – Body of Lies

#8. “You have a safe flight, okay?” – Nothing Like the Holidays

#9. “Oh, haves a safe flights, pal!” – Metalocalypse: Prankklok

#10. “Have a safe flight. See you in the morning.” – Swimfan

#11. “Square deal. Fly safe.” – The Avengers

#12. “Fly safe, Highball.” – Green Lantern

#13. “Fly safe to landing.” – Robinson Crusoe

#8. “Flying safely through the air.” – The Simpsons: Deep Space Homer

#14. “Fly safely homeward, my friend.” – Roman Mysteries: The Slave Girl from Jerusalem

#15. “Fly safely home, my handsome navigator.” – The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello

#16. “Now, tell the pilot to fly safely.” – On the Nose

#17. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh


Are you inspired yet? Or you could just go with the range of options above. With some practice, you can get better at saying goodbye to your loved ones.

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