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Despite the fact that WoW is considered an MMO with a developed system of education and training for newbies who have just joined the project, it has a number of disadvantages that lead to an outflow of players after level 40.

World of Warcraft will start your training from the first level – what will be told:

  1. The mechanics of moving and attacking monsters and enemies.
  2. The first quests – marks where to take, how to track the list of tasks and the overall reward.
  3. Initial class skills and application, first talents.

The disadvantage of the training system can be called the lack of long-term development – you will be taught the basics, but gradually there will be less experience, you will select class skills yourself, equipment and weapons will no longer be issued. All this will affect the reduction in overall damage and pumping efficiency, and if the wrong build is chosen, then losses in PVP will be much more frequent. All these factors lead to a loss of interest in the World of Warcraft and leaving the project.

This can be avoided if you read manuals and useful information in advance, contact professional services.


Skycoach refers to services that close player requests and guarantee the absence of attention and sanctions from the gaming administration.

Gold supplies for players

Let’s start with gold – this is the most important and useful material and the main currency on the servers of Azeroth. Having the right amount of gold, you can literally buy everything in the World of Warcraft from more successful and enterprising players – from legendary equipment and weapons to high quality materials.

Skycoach conducts all transactions in compliance with security measures – this may not always be convenient in terms of ergonomics, but then the client does not risk his investments and personal data.

During the transfer of the order, several types of disguise are used to simulate the standard exchange between players and the lack of attention from the game administration.

Character leveling

To get the opportunity to study the content of the Dragonflight update as quickly as possible, the player needs to reach level 60 to receive the task to cross to the Dragon Islands.

A higher level will allow you to get relevant materials and resources, farm new raids to strengthen your character with legendary equipment and weapons.

To perform the service, you need to transfer the account to a professional Skycoach player. The booster will log into the account and begin the process of absorbing levels.

The advantage of this service is not only a quick upgrade and the transition to a new update in order to start closing the distance with other players who have leveled up before you, but all the materials and gold that a professional Skycoach player will get will remain for you as a nice bonus.

Learning to play with a coach

If you order a game training service, you close several important tasks at once.

Firstly, you get a similar pumping with your own hands with full baggage of knowledge and a conscious approach to the process.

Secondly, you will be taught all the features of the World of Warcraft and the MMO RPG world in general – most of the skills and knowledge will be applicable to other projects.

The trainer will teach you how to farm and gain experience, the correct selection of skills, taking into account the current meta and class efficiency, tell you about the most useful equipment and weapons and how to get them, teach you how to use professions, and guide you through the old and new content of the World of Warcraft universe.

Forum Blizzard

The main, official forum is a guarantee of a large number of players who will exchange knowledge among themselves and participate in discussions and questions asked by newcomers.

You can ask questions that interest you and wait for answers with appropriate notifications – for example, what parameter besides health would be useful to strengthen the tank in the first place – players will leave answers and evaluate each other’s advice, filtering out negative and useless information

It is important for a tank to develop the versatility parameter – this is a characteristic that evenly enhances attack and defense indicators, making the class not only effective in defending itself and allies, but also having a high attack potential in case of solo pumping without a group and causing its part of the damage to enemies in PVP and raids .

The forum itself views all of its messages with the help of other players and moderation, who rate posts and remove everything that is contrary to community policy and simply does not contain useful information.

Often, the players themselves are quick to ridicule or condemn the incorrect presentation of information, which can burn newcomers and harm their character.


Wowhead should be considered as a huge database of guides and useful articles on all versions of World of Warcraft.

Players will find complete guides for every character from level 1 to level 70.

Read about the main quests and the system of professions selected for your hero.

For example, if you decide to play as a hunter – archer or master of beasts, you will write that you need the professions of skinning and leatherworking, that you will need a bow and the development of parameters for the chance and critical attack power.

The hero in any case will be mobile and have a strong side – the attack distance. If you are not too lazy to hold it, then not a single enemy will be able to approach you without losing half of your health.

The archer is effective in raids, as it deals heavy physical damage and applies health-removing effects to the boss and strong minions.

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