5 Magic: The Gathering Cards That You Need to Have in Your Deck

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Are you ready to delve into the enchanting world of Magic: The Gathering and discover some game-changing cards that you absolutely need in your deck?

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, building a powerful and strategic deck is essential for success in the game.

In this article, we’ll explore five magic cards that can elevate your gameplay and give you the upper hand in your next duel. Hence, shuffle up, draw seven cards, buy some mtg commander sets, and let’s get started on our magical journey!

1: Sol Ring

If there’s one card that’s an absolute must-have in any Magic deck, it’s the Sol Ring. This unassuming artifact may look simple, but its power is anything but. For a mere two colorless mana, the Sol Ring taps for an incredible two colorless mana! That’s right; it practically doubles your mana production for the cost of just one card. It’s like a little piece of pure mana acceleration in your deck.

The Sol Ring has been a staple in Magic since its early days, and its ubiquity speaks to its strength. Whether you’re casting big, game-changing creatures, unleashing devastating spells, or countering your opponent’s moves, having access to extra mana is always a game-changer. So, if you don’t already have a Sol Ring in your deck, I strongly recommend finding one ASAP.

2: Lightning Bolt

Next up, we have a classic red spell that packs a fiery punch: Lightning Bolt. This one-mana instant is the epitome of efficiency, dealing three damage to any target. Whether you’re zapping your opponent’s life total, eliminating a pesky creature, or even taking out a planeswalker, Lightning Bolt does it all in a flash.

What makes Lightning Bolt so amazing is its versatility and low cost. You can easily fit it into any red deck, and it’s a great way to keep your opponents on their toes. Plus, with its instant speed, you can cast it at any time, even in response to your opponent’s moves. So, make sure to include a set of Lightning Bolts in your deck to add some extra spark to your duels.

3: Counterspell

Moving on to a card that’s a favorite among blue mages, we have Counterspell. If you love control and the ability to thwart your opponent’s plans, this two-mana instant is your best friend. Counterspell does exactly what its name suggests: it counters any target spell with ease, as long as you have the mana to cast it.

Counterspell is a true game-changer because it can put a halt to your opponent’s most devastating spells. Whether they’re trying to summon a game-winning creature, cast a game-altering enchantment, or activate a devastating instant, Counterspell can shut it down in an instant. It’s the ultimate way to say, “Not today!” to your opponent’s plans. So, if you’re a blue mage or just enjoy controlling the flow of the game, Counterspell is a must-have.

4: Path to Exile

Now, let’s switch gears and talk about a card that’s a staple in white decks: Path to Exile. This one-mana instant offers a unique form of removal by exiling any target creature and giving its controller a land. While giving your opponent an extra land might seem like a drawback, the removal is so efficient and versatile that it’s well worth it.

Path to Exile excels at dealing with troublesome creatures, whether they’re massive threats or pesky creatures with problematic abilities. The fact that it can exile rather than destroy means it can bypass indestructibility and graveyard shenanigans. Plus, in many cases, giving your opponent extra land isn’t as detrimental as it might seem, especially if you’re controlling the tempo of the game.

5: Tarmogoyf

Last but not least, let’s talk about a creature that’s become an iconic figure in the world of Magic: The Gathering – Tarmogoyf.

This two-mana green creature starts as a modest 0/1, but it quickly grows in power and toughness as cards go to the graveyard. Tarmogoyf’s power and toughness are determined by the number of card types in all graveyards, making it a potential behemoth for just two mana.

Tarmogoyf has been a game-changer in countless decks, from aggro to midrange and even control. Its ability to scale with the game’s progress makes it an incredibly versatile creature.

Plus, the fact that it’s green means you can easily splash it into multi-color decks without much trouble. If you’re looking for a creature that can dominate the battlefield, Tarmogoyf should be on your radar.


There you have it, fellow Planeswalkers, five Magic: The Gathering cards that you absolutely need to have in your deck. Whether you’re a fan of artifacts, instants, or creatures, these cards cover a range of strategies and playstyles.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your magical journey, consider adding these game-changing cards to your deck and watch your gameplay reach new heights.

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