19 Funny Controversial Topics to Debate about with Your Crush

funny controversial topics to debate about

When you get an opportunity to talk to your crush, the only thing that should be on your mind is how to impress them and hope that they will find you funny and interesting. The easiest way to do this is to come up with funny and exciting topics to talk about. This article offers you some funny controversial topics to debate about with your crush.

How to Keep Your Crush Glued to You with Interesting Topics

Interesting Topics

Having some interesting topics to debate about with your crush will make both of you come closer to each other. It also gives them something to remember you for when you are not around. However, most people freeze and clam up when they are around their crush. They can’t find something interesting to talk about.

The truth is that this is completely normal. It happens even to the most talkative and poised people. But you can change that by learning about the funniest and most controversial topics that will keep the conversation with your crush going. Here are some tips on how to keep the conversation with your crush going.

1. Conquer That Fear

This is the most important thing you have to keep at the back of your mind when talking to your crush. Although it is normal to feel nervous around your crush, do not let that fear ruin your chance to impress them. The best way to conquer that fear is not to, continually, mull over what they think of you or if they like you.

Also, keep in mind the fact that having a conversation with your crush is not just about impressing them and getting them to like you, but making sure that you like them too. Remember that a crush doesn’t start with deep love and connection. It usually kicks off as a physical attraction and flirtation.

So instead of being too concerned about how they feel about you, just focus on getting to know them better. Paying too much attention to what you say only makes you come off as stiff and insecure.

2. Be Confident

The last thing you want when talking to your crush is to come off as unsure of yourself. This can easily turn someone off, especially if they are interested in having an open and honest conversation with you. So, try as much as possible to show confidence.

But this doesn’t mean that you fake your confidence, because it will take just a few seconds for your crush to notice that you are not being real. Also, listen to what they are saying and ask the right follow-up questions. You should also take time to answer their questions honestly and allow them to answer yours.

Also, try as much as possible to stay calm and collected throughout the conversation. That way, you will be able to talk about anything that matters. Just remember to keep the conversation as open and honest as possible, and do not be afraid to differ with their opinions, albeit politely.

3. Manage Your Expectations

When you are talking to your crush, bear in mind the fact that anything can happen. They will either like you and look forward to having another conversation with you, or they will be reluctant to talk to you again. So, do not expect them to develop an intimate connection with you straight away.

Also, don’t be too concerned about how they feel about you during and after the conversation. Just remember that this is just the start of the two of you getting to know each other. This will keep you relaxed and focused on the conversation.

19 Funny Controversial Topics to Debate about with Your Crush

Funny Controversial Topics

1. Hobbies

Talking about what each of you likes to do to relax will help you to get to know each other better and appreciate each other’s tastes. You will get an opportunity to discover interesting things about your crush. Who knows? Maybe you share some hobbies.

2. Favorite Movies and Actors

This is one of the safest topics you can discuss with your crush. Just make sure that you talk about the latest movies, TV shows, music videos, and actors. That way, you will get to know your crush’s taste.

For instance, ask your crush if they’ve ever watched Michaela Coel’s dramedy “I May Destroy You”. And if they have, what do they think of the ending, and Coel’s complicated depiction of consent? This is a funny and controversial topic to keep the conversation with your crush interesting.

3. Little Secrets

Everybody has a secret they want to guard closely. So, by discussing each other’s little secrets, you will be getting to know each other better. It will also strengthen your bond.

4. What They Like to Do on Dates

If you are planning to ask your crush out, this is a great topic to discuss. Ask them about what they love to do on dates. This will help you to plan the date. It will also help you understand them better.

5. Aliens

If your crush loves ghost stories, this is a perfect topic to discuss with them. Even if they are not a big fan of fiction, you could still ask what their opinion is on the idea that aliens are real. Also, ask them what they wish to know from the interstellar neighbors, or if they welcome the alien invasion.

6. Would You Rather Questions

Ask your crush if they would rather sweat milk or sneeze glitter. Or if they would rather have walrus tusks or baleen hair for teeth? These are very funny and controversial would-you-rather questions that will make your conversation more exciting.

7. Call or Text

Is your crush a texting-only, mainly through sharing of emojis, kind of communicator? Do they make passionate use of animated reactions? Or would they prefer a call or a frantic, surprise video call? Do they prefer Instagram and Twitter DMs, but hate messages in their text queues? Or do they just love emails?

8. Relationships

It’s important to discuss the most important elements of a relationship that your crush values. It is important to know these things, especially if you are planning to date them.

9. Superstition


Does your crush have an opinion on whether or not ghosts and witchcraft exist? Everybody seems to have one. This topic should include ghosts they may have met, or would like to meet; ghost sex, and babies whose bodies are supposedly occupied by old ghosts.

10. Pandemic Boundaries

This is a tricky and fluid topic that requires regular episodes. But it is also a necessary conversation to have with your crush. Nobody wants to pursue someone whose personal and public health precedence misaligns with theirs.

11. Space Exploration

Given a chance and the guarantee of a safe return, would they want to go to the moon? If yes, why? You might be surprised at how weird some of the reasons to go to the moon are.

12. Love Language

If your crush’s love language is through gifts, it means that they give and receive love through material things. That way, you will know how to show them that you are thinking about them.

13. Superhero or Villain?

If your crush could be a superhero or a villain for a week, which one would they choose? What would their power be, and how would they use it? This is a funny and controversial topic that almost everyone would love to talk about.

14. Chicken or Egg?

We’ve all heard about this topic at some point. The question is: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer they will give will immediately spark a debate about who’s right and who’s wrong.

15. Falling Trees and Sounds

Tease your crush with this question: If a tree fell in the woods and there was nobody around to hear it, would it make a sound?

16. Changing Sex

This is another funny and controversial way to spark a conversation with your crush. Ask them if they had a chance to change their sex for a month, would they do it and what is the first thing they would do?

17. Childhood Experiences

If your crush could go back to their childhood, what is the one thing they would change?

18. Reincarnation

If your crush was given a chance to be reincarnated into any animal of their choosing, which would it be, and what is the first thing they would do?

19. Instruments and Talents

If your crush woke up one morning able to play any instrument professionally, which one would it be and why? This topic will also help you to know your crush better and understand their desires.

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