What Not to Eat: 5 Foods Your Dogs Can’t And Shouldn’t Eat

foods your dogs shouldnt eat

Having a dog in your home can be great, but you may sometimes feel tempted to give them some human food. Before you do that, ensure you research the food in question and see if dogs can safely eat it since certain foods can be dangerous to your canine companion.

While some human foods can be good for your dog, others can cause health problems, so review the effects.

1. Chocolate

You always dreamed about having a retriever, so you searched for golden retrievers for sale, and now you have the perfect companion by your side. Except it is now begging for the chocolate, you are eating. 

Chocolate is one of the most dangerous foods a dog can eat, so never let your dog get near it.

If your dog accidentally comes across chocolate, you may need to take them to the vet. Doing so could save your dog from death or illness since their bodies can’t correctly process chocolate the same way humans can.

2. Grapes and raisins

While your dog can enjoy most fruit and vegetable snacks like zucchini or apples, you shouldn’t let them have grapes or raisins. Most people know about the dangers of chocolate, but they don’t realize dogs can’t eat grapes and raisins since they think dogs can eat any fruit or vegetable.

These fruits cause dogs to react similarly to chocolate, meaning your dog could face severe health problems if they eat any. So always keep dogs clear of the area when you are eating raisins or grapes, pick them up immediately if they fall on the floor, and take your dog to the vet if they accidentally eat some.

3. Macadamia nuts

On top of other dangerous items, you shouldn’t let your dog eat macadamia nuts. They can cause your dog to develop an upset stomach, make them vomit, and even cause diarrhea. Macadamia nuts could even cause your dog to become so sick it impacts its nervous system, causing permanent damage.

Make sure to keep them away from your dog. Doing so will minimize risks, especially since you can give your dog better treats.

4. Red meat

Dogs can technically eat red meat, but you shouldn’t let them have it. Red meat has a lot of fat, meaning your dog could gain weight and face uncomfortable bowel movements. Your dog could even face illness or diarrhea based on their stomach problems.

You have healthier meat and protein alternatives for dogs, such as chicken or eggs. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with meat since you don’t want your dog to build too much cholesterol.

5. Processed foods

Dogs can’t have as many calories as humans, so you don’t want to give them unhealthy food. For example, instead of giving them corn from a can, you should purchase fresh corn. The same applies to fresh fruit and other vegetables to limit any issues.

Keep in mind dogs were originally wild creatures, so their bodies can’t handle processed food. Do your best to stick with organic options or anything fresh as opposed to those created by people, except food designed for dogs.

Parting shot

Dogs can’t eat everything humans can, so you must remain cautious while giving your dog food. Ensure you look into the food, see if your dog can eat it, and make a choice. You should stick to buying and feeding your dog food made for dogs to avoid these issues.

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