Great First Date Outfit Ideas To Relax Your Nerves

first date outfit ideas

Going on a first date can be pretty terrifying, especially for someone who hasn’t been on one before or has previously been in a longer relationship. There is a pressure to make an amazing first impression on someone, which can be something that induces stress. Although it may sound cliché and unhelpful, there is nothing better you can do than simply be yourself.

To help you along the way a bit and ensure your confidence levels are as high as possible, you should start with having a great outfit. Here are some ideas that will give a great first impression to the person you are going on your date with.

Wear One Statement Piece

If you really want to dress to impress and want to wear a designer piece, this can really show a bit of class as well as giving off the impression that you have really made an effort. However, you need to be conscious not to overdo this as it can be a put-off for some people if you are dressed from head to toe in designer clothing; it can appear as though you are showing off.

Try and strike a balance and wear one statement piece that will keep you looking cool without going too overboard. Burberry is a classic choice so it will be a safe bet. For some inspiration for your statement piece, check out Burberry’s stand-out menswear, which will certainly show style and class.

Focus on Color Coordination

Coordination with the colors you wear is something that people will instantly notice. It is also super flattering for someone to know that you have thought carefully about your outfit, as it shows a sense of consideration and that you want to make a great first impression.

For your first date, maybe stick with a style that you are comfortable with and this can get more and more outgoing the more often you see them. This will help you feel like yourself on the date.

Wear a Smart-Casual Pair of Shoes

Footwear can be a hard one, as you don’t want to overdress and wear anything too smart, but equally you don’t want to look scruffy. A great way to combat this issue is by finding a cool pair of trainers – if they are kept in good condition then this can look pretty smart and suave, but they are also more casual than wearing boots or leather shoes.

It is also important to consider where you are going and what would be appropriate to wear in that context.

Once you are on the date, all the small details will start to matter less as you get to know each other more. Of course, there is more to someone than their outward appearance, but by making a positive first impression you are certainly starting yourself off on the right foot!

Nicole Middleton
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