The True Evil Eye Color Meaning and Myths

evil eye color meaning

The evil eye is one of the most popular and strongest symbolic imageries in the world. This symbol appears in various illustrations including paintings, jewelry, stories, films, and cultural articles.

However, the legend of the evil eye is surrounded by many myths and beliefs, many of which aren’t the true representation of the symbol. This article offers you the true evil eye color meaning to help you dispel the common myths associated with it.

What’s the Evil Eye?

Evil Eye

The use of the evil eye dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, around the 6th century BC. In Greek culture, the evil eye is believed to be a curse. This belief has been passed through many centuries and still exists. Many people believe that someone envious of you can send bad luck to you through the “evil eye” glare.

Although the belief in the evil eye originated in Greece, it has spread to other parts of the world. But despite the differences in culture and tradition, the evil eye largely retains the same meaning in many cultures.

Many people across the world believe the evil eye to be the look meant to inflict harm, suffering, or bad luck on whoever it’s cast upon. The look means that the person sending the evil glare wants you to suffer pain and misery mainly out of jealousy and malice.

There is a lot of evidence to prove that the superstition of this symbol is powerful enough to bring bad luck and pain to the people it’s cast upon.

The earliest belief in the evil eye dates back to ancient Greece and Rome where people believed that the evil eye posed a big threat to people who received a lot of praises and admiration beyond what they deserved.

If someone became too swollen with pride, they would bring about their own doom through the evil eye, thus suffering physical and mental harm.

Many people believed that any illness that didn’t have an obvious cause was caused by the evil eye. They believed that it was a punishment exacted by the gods and goddesses upon people who boasted about their achievements. The punishment was also believed to be a divine way to restore the proud members of society to the level of mere mortals.

The evil eye is now feared in many societies, including the Middle East, Asia, Central America, and Europe. It’s also talked about in various religions. For instance, the prophet Muhammad warns Muslims about the threats of the evil eye in the Sahih Muslim Book 26. The prophet urges Muslims to always take a bath to thwart the dangers of the evil eye.

In addition, the Islamic religion believes that excessive praise brings about the dangers of the evil eye. That’s why Muslims don’t praise adorable children to avoid endangering them. Instead, they say that God has wished the children good luck.

In Hinduism, the evil eye is believed to be a powerful superstition. Indians believe that the eye is the strongest point at which the body gives off energy.

In South America, particularly in Brazil, the people hold a superstition that’s similar to the evil eye known as the “fat eye.” But in this case, the eye is believed to bring pain and misery to people who get insincere compliments.

Many societies across the world have different names for the evil eye. Here are some of the common names given to the evil eye:

• Germany – Böser Blick
• Hebrew Evil Eye – Ayin Ha’ra
• Turkish Evil Eye – Nazar Boncugu
• Italian Evil Eye – Mal Occhio
• Arabic – Ayin Harsha
• Scotland – Droch Shuil
• Spanish – Mal Ojo or El Oja
• France – Mauvais Oeil
• Romans – Oculus Malus
• Farsi – Bla Band

Different Evil Eye Color Meanings

Color Meanings  

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Today, many pieces of evil eye jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories, have been created. These pieces come in different colors, with each color carrying a particular message. Here are some of the common evil eye color meanings.

• Orange evil eye: The orange color represents cheerfulness and safety. It is supposed to motivate you for commitment and increase your creativity and playfulness.

• Dark blue evil eye: This color represents karma and fate protection. It also motivates you to be calm and relaxed. The dark blue evil eye is a sign of an open flow of communication.

• Light blue evil eye: This color means general protection, expanding your perspective, and seclusion and peace.

• Light green evil eye: This color is a sign of success with your dreams, pleasure and contentment, and good health.

• Dark green evil eye: It means garnering happiness, bringing balance in your life, and the freedom to chase new ideas.

• Purple evil eye: This means a boost of your imagination, re-balancing your life, and removal of obstacles.

• Red evil eye: This color shows courage, more eagerness and energy, protection against fears, and anxieties.

• Brown evil eye: The brown color means protection from the elements, connection with nature, orderliness, and convention.

• Yellow or gold evil eye: It shows protection of your health, relief from tiredness, sharper mind, and attention.

• Gray evil eye: The gray evil eye shows protection against sorrow, welcomes new situations and reduces the force of another color.

• Pink evil eye: The pink color shows protection of your friendships, calming your feeling, and keeping you content and relaxed.

• White evil eye: It means purity with focus, clearing clutter and hindrances, and a fresh start.

What Are the Evilest Eyes?

Evilest Eyes

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There are three main types of evil eyes, and each of them causes a specific degree of harm. Unfortunately, some of these colored evil eyes will cause harm even when the person who exacts them doesn’t intend to harm you. The first evil eye is an unconscious evil eye. It harms people and things without the intention of doing so.

The second type intends to harm. So, someone who wants to cause you pain and agony will give you this glare and enjoy as they watch you suffer. The third evil eye is unseen. It’s a hidden evil eye which is the scariest.

When someone sends you an unintended evil glare, their thoughts and actions send out negative energy toward you without their knowledge. But when the evil eye is intentional, the person is usually full of rage toward you and will even curse you.

What Color Is the Original Evil Eye?

Original Evil Eye

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The evil eye is a talisman or amulet that resembles an eye. Traditionally, this eye was designed in blue or green to represent spiritual protection.  In fact, the traditional evil eye was also commonly referred to as the “blue Turkish eye.” Today, these talismans come in numerous colors, shapes, and designs as ornaments, bracelets, studs, and rings.

It’s also important to mention that in Mediterranean cultures color blue is believed to protect people against the dangers of the evil eye. Many stories have been written about the role of the Kabbalistic divinity, symbolism, and myth in the development of the color blue as a protective color for Jews.

There is also the traditional Kabbalistic legend of the dazzling blue garment of the female part of the godhead, shielding her from connection with evil forces. This myth was the basis for many practices against the evil eye among the Jews today.

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