Escape Reality with These 2 Incredible Book Series

Book Series

As Ernest Hemingway said, there is no friend as loyal as a book. And none quite as fun, although don’t quote us on that as some books can be truly devastating. But isn’t that what makes them so thrilling?

From spies to fae, from regular locations we’re all familiar with to fantastical worlds that make our heads spin – books can transport you to any place you want. While standalone books are great, today, we’ll explore the top series that will entice anyone. Let’s hop into the worlds of the below literary masterpieces.

James Bond Series

The James Bond series is one of the most iconic franchises in the world. Created by Ian Fleming, it has spawned countless movies, that wouldn’t exist with the books themselves. Filled with espionage, mystery, and action, while still having the time to add some romance – everyone should take a gander at this franchise.

Starting off with the first book Casino Royale, where Bond popularized baccarat and suave moves. We can still feel the effects of this to this day, with users playing live baccarat trying to elicit a similar feeling through the immersive experience at home. So, thanks to platforms like CafeCasino with their 24/7 accessible casino games, everyone can try out their hand at playing the same games as James Bond.

Then ending with Octopussy and The Living Daylights, which was actually released after Fleming’s death. Filled with intrigue, KGB, and probably the funniest name pet Octopus, the series definitely ended with a bang with this one. Especially when you take in account the return of Solange, one of the most epic of Bond’s loves.

Every installment is a winner thanks to the most charismatic and debonair spies known to man, the one and only James Bond, a.k.a Agent 007. If you’re ready to follow someone around the globe, treacherous mission after mission, who else could it be but him?

What also sets this series apart is the marvelously elaborate writing of Fleming, he has an uncanny ability to make readers fully immersed into the world he has crafted. The only downside to his writing is the disposability of the women, a fault that can be attributed more to him being a product of his time. Regardless of this, from high-stakes baccarat games to explosive car chases, his adventures are filled with unexpected twists, making it a must-read for spy fiction lovers.

Throne of Glass Series

There are few series as gut-wrenching as the Throne of Glass series by the formidable Sarah J. Maas. While considered to be YA, which is a common issue with fantasy books created by women, this book should be taken as seriously as any other fantasy written by the likes of George R.R. Martin. Maas manages to weave one of the most intricate and complex plots ever seen, filled with fully-fleshed-out flawed characters, political intrigue, and phenomenally epic battles – this is not your typical friends-to-lovers YA.

In this specific series we enter the world of Erilea, a world that used to be covered by magic which mysteriously disappeared. Our main character is Celaena Sardothien, the deadliest assassin whose freedom is offered in exchange for entering a tournament to become the King’s Champion.

While she might be the most skillful, nothing is as easy as it seems, and she is further embroiled by higher powers in a larger battle that could determine the fate of not only the kingdom but the entire world.

The story is honestly captivating from start to finish, with vivid descriptions that bring Erilea to life, making it easy to immerse yourself in this richly imagined world. But it is the characters more than anything else that truly make you push through the gore and pain you’ll feel, especially when you lose them. Unfortunately, Maas does not shy away from major character deaths, making those brief peaceful, and happy moments all the sweeter.

Most of all, it is Celaena’s strength to persevere through all of the horrid events that really sets this apart, she is easily one of the best female characters ever written. Rather than become this perfect angelic individual that rises to become good in the face of evil, which women are so often portrayed to do in books after traumatic events, she is ruthless and ready to do what must be done. A refreshing change of pace for many readers out there.

To avoid spoiling too much, we’ll simply say that if you’re ready to commit yourself to an eight-book series mainly featuring a cunning and vindictive female main character with a captivating plot, with plenty of morally gray and flawed characters set in a high-fantasy world – then this series is the one for you. With a perfect balance of action, emotional scenes, love and death, it will be hard to stop once you start.


While these two series are vastly different, they both offer an epic escape from reality, which is exactly why we consider them to be the best book series. When everyday life gets boring and stressful, immersing yourself in a lengthy book series is the perfect fix to solve this. So let yourself be swept by the imagination of two amazing writers, you won’t regret it.

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