Emotional Affairs: Signs and Symptoms

Emotional Affairs

Affairs are nothing new in relationships. These have increased in implementation and popularity. Online dating apps are hosting married affair-seekers. These websites also promote themselves as discreet spaces for the same.

Emotional affairs may not be easy to detect. Most partners will dismiss such instances as their spouse being engrossed and busy on their phones. If they don’t suspect a physical affair, they never pursue the matter.

What is an Emotional Affair?

Your wife, hubby, or partner spends ample time talking to someone else. They never meet, and don’t sleep together. Their connections never leave the texting or messaging medium. They may be having an emotional affair. They may have an emotional affair on https://goldenbride.net/ unknown to you. Either way, it is an affair. Here are signs your partner is having an emotional affair.

1. Too much Face time

Your partner may be sending videos or having live conversations online. It may not seem affectionate, but they always communicate. If you are dating someone, and they have an overwhelming desire to communicate with someone else, it could be an emotional entanglement. Perhaps you desire to share what intimate relationship matters with somebody else. If most things shared should be between you and your partner, it could be an emotional affair.

2. Office relationships

Your partner’s ins and outs may be known to you. However, you don’t know what she confides in others. They may work at a professional place, where harassment of any kind is reported and office relationships are frowned upon. Your partner doesn’t rush for the phone or share much over it.

However, they share loads of info at the office. Perhaps you are offloading private information to someone at your office. Maybe they fill a void that cannot be filled at home. This is a sign of emotional affairs, particularly if your partner knows nothing of it.

3. Flirting

Flirting is harmless until it isn’t funny anymore. The first sign of an emotional affair is when the flirting is no longer random, with total strangers or a friend. If your partner is flirting more incessantly and with the same person, they are probably in an emotional fling. This is harder to prove or disprove based on personalities too.

However, if you never feel the need to flirt or tease your partner but are always ready to tease someone in particular, it is not a good thing. Emotional affairs never end well as long as you are committed to someone. They could end well for the person you are having an affair with.

4. Never Sharing

At times your partner may never share private issues with you. They may be quiet regardless. They keep feelings bottled up. However, they will appear relaxed after phone conversations or a stroll. This could be a sign of someone involved in an emotional fling. If they don’t share contentious issues with you and instead share them with another person, it could be construed as an emotional affair. 

5. Smiles

The simplest way to learn of an emotional affair is through smiles. Your partner may smile every time after talking to someone else on the phone. This happens when they step outside to use the phone, or after texting away as you sleep. It could be nothing serious, but they should focus on their partner while sleeping and not texting.

Bottom Line

Finding friends and companionship is great. Moving from chatting to talking and rendezvous is awesome. When partners stop communicating with each other it becomes stressful. There is added stress when they communicate with others. Many couples overcome such challenges and resume normal communication. Notice the possibility of emotional affairs early to fix the problem.

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