Dream of Getting Shot: 6 Possible Meanings

dream of getting shot

Do you ever dream of getting shot? If so, you’re not alone. People all around the world have these kinds of dreams. But what do they mean? Should you view dreams as a warning of danger ahead or as a reminder of something disturbing from your past? Do they have a positive or negative meaning?

This article will shed some light on your dream and what it could mean.

The Meaning of Your Dream


Dreaming about getting shot is one of the most common things people dream about. Mostly, people consider any dreams that involve getting hurt a bad omen. But, it may just be that you watched a movie that included a gunfight before bed or that you heard about a crime on the news that day.

But, in most cases, these dreams can have a more symbolic meaning and should not be taken literally.

#1. You’re Afraid of Something

Everyone has something they’re afraid of. Some people are scared of spiders. Others are afraid of riding a rollercoaster. These fears are perfectly rational and are not constant.

That means if you’re afraid of riding a rollercoaster, for example, you’ll only manifest this fear when you’re in a situation where you have to get on one. But, even then, no one can force you to do something you don’t want to do. It’s the same with spiders. You’re probably not sitting at home worrying about possibly seeing a spider. You’ll only start to be afraid when you actually see one.

However, when you live in constant fear of something, what happens is that it can start to weigh heavy on your mind and ruin your inner peace. Once it takes over every aspect of your waking life, the subject of your fear will move into your dreams.

But, as you probably know by now, dreams aren’t typically straightforward. If something is causing you to live in a constant state of perpetual fear, this can translate into your dream.

To better explain this, think about the bullet (or other weapons) as the subject of your fear. In your dream, it is causing you pain. What’s more, your dream self is probably feeling scared. This is the fear you feel throughout the day.

#2. A Warning of an Illness

When a person is dealing with an illness, it can consume their entire life. For example, if you’ve recently been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, you’re likely thinking about it 24/7. Ultimately, when your brain becomes oversaturated with thoughts about how sick you are, it can also transfer into your dreams.

This is an example of dreaming about something that you’re aware of in your waking life. So, you’re aware that you have an illness.

On the other hand, dreams can also have the power to help you through your subconscious self. To clarify, sometimes these dreams can be a warning that something is harming your health. Maybe you’re having back problems, or you’ve recently been dealing with a lot of headaches.

While you may not be 100% sure that something is seriously wrong, your subconscious self may be trying to get through to you in your dreams. Perhaps scheduling an appointment with your doctor isn’t such a bad idea.

#3. A Warning That Someone is Causing You Distress

Is someone causing you distress in your waking life? For example, is your boss being too hard on you? Perhaps you’re in the midst of a fight with a loved one?

Furthermore, it could be that you’ve started dating someone just recently and that your gut is telling you that something isn’t right.

When a person isn’t completely sure of something in their waking life, sometimes their dreams will indicate that there’s a problem with that specific subject. Take note of how often you have these dreams, as well as when you started having them. Was it right after you met this person?

Doing so will help you determine who you’re dreaming about. Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to actually see the person’s face in your dreams.

#4. A Sign of Emotional Turmoil

If you dream about watching yourself get shot and not being able to do anything about it, you’re probably facing emotional turmoil. When a person dreams about being helpless while something horrible is happening to them, this typically means that they also feel helpless in real life.

Perhaps something bad has happened to you in the past, and you’re emotionally distraught about not being able to prevent it.

Maybe you think you’ve moved on from the incident, but your subconsciousness is trying to get you to deal with your old wounds. It’s best to take your dream as a sign to face your inner turmoil. If it’s something that has truly traumatized you, perhaps you should consider going to a psychiatrist, as dealing with it on your own may not be feasible.

#5. A Fear of Being Attacked

In some cases, dreams can have a literal meaning. For example, you may have seen a lot of instances of people getting shot on TV. People that like to watch true crime often dream about cases they’ve heard about, except in their dreams, they are the victims.

Or, if you’re someone who watches the news before bed, your dreams may reflect what you’ve heard. Ultimately, all the tragedies happening in the world can create a deep psychological impact on your mind.

It’s also possible that you’re subconsciously afraid someone will attack you. This interpretation is probably accurate if you often dream about different people trying to shoot you.

#6. A Sign That You’ve Overcome a Struggle

Your dream may not be a warning or indication that something is wrong. In fact, it could be the complete opposite of something bad that is or was happening to you.

For example, you may have recently quit your job. Perhaps that job was causing you a lot of stress. Or maybe you cut ties with someone in your life.

The best way to determine whether this is the right interpretation of your dream is to pay attention to how you feel afterward. If you feel a sense of relief, then your dream is likely about overcoming a struggle in your waking life.

Dreams Where Someone Is Shooting You: Different Scenarios


Ultimately, before you can even begin to determine what your subconscious is trying to tell you, it’s important to understand that there are several different types of dreams that involve someone shooting you.

After all, there are more ways than one to get shot in real life, so it’s safe to assume that the same rule will apply to dreams as well. Moreover, take note of what the weapon is, as well as the target, location, and person who is shooting you.

1. The Weapon Is an Arrow or Multiple Arrows

Typically, if the weapon is an arrow, something may be happening in your love life. More specifically, it can mean that you’re having some difficulties in your relationship.

But if multiple arrows are shooting at you, this could be an indication of more serious problems with a loved one. This dream doesn’t have to refer only to someone you’re in a romantic relationship with, but rather anyone you’re close to.

Perhaps you’re arguing with your best friends, or your parents or other relatives are causing you emotional distress. Multiple arrows indicate that you’re tackling more than one emotionally draining issue.

2. The Weapon Is a Gun

If the weapon in your dream is a gun, it indicates that you’re having difficulties with basically anyone involved in your life. From your boss to your significant other, anyone can be the subject of your dream.

But, as mentioned, if you pay attention to what else is going on in your dream, you may be able to discern whether your subconscious is warning you about something, reliving past trauma, or signaling that you’ve overcome a struggle in your life.

3. The Target Is Your Back

As you may have guessed, if the target is your back, this indicates that someone has betrayed you in some way. Alternatively, it can also mean that you’re suspicious of someone hurting you either on an emotional or physical level.

If you constantly dream of a specific person shooting you, then you probably know who your dream is referring to. But if different people keep shooting you each time, then you’re likely suspicious of multiple people.

4. The Target Is Your Heart

Getting shot in the heart indicates that your life is full of sadness at the moment. You could be going through a breakup, or someone you love may be causing you emotional distress.

Alternately, you could be experiencing depression in your waking life.

5. The Location Is Your Home

Most people consider their home a safe haven where they can hide from anything that’s causing them any type of stress.

With that in mind, this dream can mean you don’t feel safe anywhere and that you’re experiencing feelings of hopelessness.

Perhaps something has recently happened in your home, and that’s what’s causing you to feel this way. Or, maybe someone is making you feel unsafe.

6. The Person Shooting You Is Your Significant Other

Finally, if your significant other is the one shooting you, that can mean you’re disappointed in them about something.

You may have expectations that they’re failing to meet, which means you feel let down a lot of the time.

Furthermore, if you often have dreams of getting shot in the heart, this could mean that the pain your significant other is causing you is constant and unbearable in your waking life.

Ultimately, it may be time to sit down with them and express your feelings. Only then will you be able to rid yourself of this recurring nightmare.

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