Custom Lightsabers: How to Find the Best Ones Out There

custom lightsabers

Let’s face it, lightsabers are just plain cool, and even if you’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies, it’s still a lot of fun to own one of these interesting “toys.” Today’s lightsaber manufacturers make them in all sizes and colors, and most of them even offer customized sabers for those who want something a little more unique than the usual lightsaber.


Lightsaber manufacturers are constantly coming out with newer and more interesting models of their products so that regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it. Most sabers are about three feet long and come with lights of various colors to allow you to get the most out of your playtime with these interesting devices.

When you’re looking for the perfect custom lightsabers, you’ll naturally want to do your due diligence to find out which company offers what. Looking for lightsabers is much easier when you have some information to go on first, and below is some of that information that might help.

1. The Custom Saber Shop

This shop doesn’t actually sell custom lightsabers but instead, they provide the parts for those sabers that you can purchase to build it yourself. All of the components you’ll need to make the perfect lightsaber are offered through this company, including empty hilts (handles) and their well-known modular hilt system (MHS) V1 pommels and other components.

The Custom Saber Shop offers supplies, lightsaber parts of all types, and various accessories that are usually compatible with some Ultrasabers and Sabertrio hilt styles. If you want the ultimate custom-made lightsaber, you have to make it yourself, and the Custom Saber Shop can provide everything you need to make that possible.

2. Electrum Sabercrafts

Based out of Canada, Electrum Sabercrafts is relatively new to the custom lightsaber business, but they are gaining in popularity because they sell smart sabers, which can actually be connected to your smartphone.

They also come out with new lightsaber models periodically, so their inventory is continually expanding. Still, they are mostly known for two things: their smart saber technology and their distinctive touch switches and hilt designs, which are slim in size.

3. Kyberlight

The customized lightsaber offered by Kyberlight has 20 built-in options for changing the blade color and costs around $200, which is a great price for a custom-made saber. In fact, Kyberlight is well-known to lightsaber enthusiasts on a budget, which is one of the biggest advantages to work with them.

Of course, the company doesn’t offer dozens of lightsabers for sale. Instead, they sell a variety of sleeves, top pieces, and pommels that allow the customer to mix and match the components so that the appearance of the hilt is different each time. For this reason, they are a very popular company with lightsaber fans.

4. The Pach Store

Based in Hong Kong, The Pach Store specializes in lightsabers in the low to medium price range, even though their sabers are very well-made. Budget YDD sabers can also be found, and one of the most popular ones is The Tiny Giant Kyojin lightsaber, as well as the Ultimate Works and the WonderForce sabers.

Their prices range from $60 to $200 and are, therefore, very reasonable, and if you’re interested in buying empty hilts or non-light saber prop replicas, this is the place to visit.

5. Saberforge

One thing that makes Saberforge unique is its selection of lightsabers, which is quite extensive. There’s the mystery box saber which is very popular, but usually sells out quickly, as well as lots of lightsaber hilts that are inspired by a number of movies.

To top it all off, Saberforge sells accessories and other light saber-related products that include wallets, blasters, holocrons, helmets, and much more.

6. Sabertrio

Sabertrio is a new but fast-growing company that specializes in hilts and puts a lot of emphasis on four main types: the Skylar, Aeryn, Arclyte, and Vahlken. The lightsabers themselves include three different types: FX sabers that have RGB sound, stunt sabers that come with no sound, and neopixel blade sabers, which they call simply neo sabers.

The company concentrates on providing high-quality lightsabers at reasonable prices, and even though they aren’t the least expensive sabers on the market, they are also not the most expensive.

7. Ultrasabers

Based in the United States, Ultrasabers is a well-established custom saber company and is also one of the largest of these companies. They make both sound and stunt (no sound) sabers in various designs and sizes, and some of their most popular items include their grab bag sabers and their mystery box sabers.

These are extremely popular with both beginning and long-time enthusiasts because there is always a surprise element to them.

8. Vader’s Vault

Another large and well-established lightsaber company, they are considered by many experts to be some of the highest-quality sabers when it comes to the customized lightsabers. The only thing you have to be aware of is that with some of their products, fast shipping is usually not accommodated.

Still, they occasionally release entire batches of their ready-to-ship (RTS) lightsabers that they ship out quickly because they do not have to design them first.

Other Saber Companies: Honorable Mentions

Other companies that are still excellent companies and are good enough to receive honorable mention include:

Genesis Custom Sabers – based out of Canada
JQ Sabers – based out of the United Kingdom
Korbanth Sabers – based out of the United States
SaberMach – based out of Hong Kong
The Saber Armory by KR Sabers – based out of the United Kingdom
WonderForce – based out of Hong Kong


Finding the best custom lightsabers is not a difficult task if you know how to get started, and now that you know a little about some of the most popular lightsaber companies in the world, you should be able to find the perfect saber for you in no time.

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