Why Is It Important To Buy And Consume Organic And Bio Fruits And Vegetables?

consume organic fruits and vegetables

If you want to start eating a healthier diet, then the best thing to start with is organic produce. The main advantage to consuming a diet composed exclusively of organic produce is that you will no longer be consuming harmful chemicals, pesticides, and adulterants.

Unfortunately, farm produce that isn’t organic does tend to contain all of the aforementioned things. While in small quantities these things are harmless, if you eat lots of fruit and veg, then you can begin to face negative side effects and experience health problems over a long period of time.

This article will further delve into this topic, exploring why you need to exclusively buy organic fruit and veg:

What Is Organic Produce?

Some very dangerous pesticides and chemicals are used to treat crops in the United States. A single glance at the number of states that use paraquat the most demonstrates this. For context, paraquat is a chemical that can cause Parkinson’s disease, as well as a number of other harmful conditions. Exposure to this chemical often results in large compensation pay-outs being issued. If you want to eat food that hasn’t been exposed to harmful chemicals like paraquat, then you need to eat organic.

While it is sometimes possible to find minute amounts of chemicals in organic food, it is very rare. Organic food growers don’t use chemical pesticides to treat their crops, but sometimes these pesticides remain in the soil and contaminate the food that way.

Another downside to pesticide use (other than causing you physical harm) is that they also cause insect and pollinator decline. A large percentage of crops in the United States rely on pollinators.

Organic produce also has fewer additives and preservatives. The use of additives in organic produce is restricted. Organic farmers have to prove that they aren’t using these kinds of things before they can label their produce as organic. If they are found to be lying or misleading customers or authoritative boards, they can be punished.

Some of the additives found in non-organic food include artificial coloring and preservatives, chlorine from chlorine washes, and hydrogenated fats. Organic produce also doesn’t contain GM ingredients. Genetically modified ingredients can be very bad for one’s health. They are widespread in non-organic produce, however. Also, organic produce contains fewer antibiotics. Antibiotic overuse is rampant in non-organic farming.

All in all, it’s clear to say that organic produce is a much better option. It is entirely natural. If there are any chemicals, pesticides, or adulterants present, they are found in such small amounts that the effect they can have on one’s health is negligible.

Why Should You Eat Organic?

Now you know what organic produce is, this article will move on to the reasons that you should eat organic. Before beginning, it’s important to discuss costs. It’s no secret, that organic produce is much more expensive than non-organic food is. That’s why so many people, despite knowing that organic food is better, continue to purchase non-organic produce.

Many of the world’s grocery stores and supermarkets are realizing this, and as a consequence, are lowering the prices of the organic produce that they stock. If you can’t afford to shop organically at your local supermarket, then you might want to consider investing in home delivery boxes. These boxes are a cheap and easy way to gain access to organic produce without breaking the bank.

Organic Produce Is Better for the Environment

Global warming is something that we’ve all been hearing about recently. In order to reduce our global carbon footprints, governments have been introducing countermeasures, which include electric vehicles and advocating for organic produce.

If organic farming became the primary method by which our food was produced, agricultural emissions would drop by a staggering 50%. This is mainly due to the fact that in organic farming, no artificial fertilizers are used. Artificial fertilizers are often produced by burning fossil fuels.

Organic farming, instead of relying on artificial fertilizers, uses fertile soils, built naturally, with compost and manure. Compost and manure used in organic farming often come from local herds or from the farmer’s own farm. The healthier soil is, the lower carbon emissions are. This is because the world’s soil holds over 2,500 billion tons of carbon. By increasing the quality of soil all over the world, it is possible to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Organic Produce Is Better for Your Health

It’s no secret, that organic food is much better for your health. If you want to live to be old, healthy, and strong, then you need to begin consuming organic produce. The harm that non-organic food does to your body is immense. Organic food contains fewer pesticides, no genetically-modified ingredients, and fewer additives. It also comes from more resilient farms.

Organic food is also nutritionally different. Studies have found that organic food is significantly more nutritious than food that is grown through non-organic methods.

Consuming all of the nasty chemicals, adulterants, and pesticides that can be found in non-organic food can cause serious problems for your health over time. However, it isn’t just consumers that are impacted by these things.

As mentioned already, farmworkers can actually be exposed to these chemicals, like paraquat, for example. The people exposed to these chemicals long-term often go on to develop serious health problems and diseases. By eliminating them completely from farming, farmworkers don’t need to worry about dying young or developing degenerative diseases.

Organic Produce Is Better for Animals

Finally, organic produce is better for animals. This is because animals that come from organic farms tend to live much happier and healthier lives. Organic farming cares about the welfare of animals. The organic farm industry has the world’s highest welfare standards.

Animals that are bred organically forage, graze, and roam. They have lots of space, fresh air, and conditions that allow them to behave naturally. They aren’t forced into tiny cages, fed hormones, and they aren’t slaughtered inhumanely. If you care about the quality of the meat and animal products that you consume, then go organic.

Organic produce is quickly becoming the world’s go-to produce. More and more people are realizing that eating non-organic food is unsustainable. Businesses are now making it more affordable and easier for people to eat organically, by offering vegetable and fruit boxes for a fraction of the price of supermarket produce. They are definitely worth considering.

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